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Our Mission

The Salon Project

Our Promise

We are committed to the happiness of our clients and will ensure their satisfaction by providing top of the line products, well-trained professionals, and bespoke services.

We promise to not only give you head-to-toe results you’re crazy about, but we also promise to send you off with the quality products you need to maintain your look along with the tips and tricks necessary to make the most your new goods.

Lastly, we guarantee that this a luxury salon unlike any you’ve experienced before. But don’t take our word for it; come on in and see for yourself.

Our Purpose

The Salon Project by Joel Warren is redefining the beauty experience by creating a far more personal and seamless environment for its clients.

Our stylists are artists and we feel they should be treated as such. Each expert stylist works with an individual client from the beginning of their visit to the end, fostering a relationship which allows them to firmly grasp the client’s vision. It is the development of these special relationships that separate us from the others and help us deliver the results you desire and deserve: a carefully crafted masterpiece.

In addition to our clients' satisfaction, we want to provide them with the knowledge and tools they need to maintain their look. All of the products we use are hand-picked by our curator, Joel Warren, and available for easy on-site purchase. Before the purchase any of our products, we will properly educate our clients on how to use them in order to achieve a salon quality look in the comfort of their own home.


Meet Joel Warren

The brains behind the beauty

With over thirty years of professional beauty and hair care experience, Joel Warren is taking the next step in his career with the launch of The Salon Project, which sits inside the world renowned Saks Fifth Avenue. Not only does The Salon Project have a luring list of services for clients to indulge in, it also has all of its haircare, skincare, and makeup products available for effortless on-site purchase.

The New York native began his career as a hair colorist more than three decades ago but ultimately secured himself as an established hair aficionado through his mastery of the trade.

Joel has been a spokesperson for numerous well-known hair color companies, overseen a multitude of photo shoots and fashion shows alike, and garnered himself an A-list clientele, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. He has also been featured in dozens of magazines, appeared on all the hottest talk shows, and designed and developed a handful of quality beauty products.

No stranger to the world of retail, it is this success paired with his impressive resume that adequately prepared Joel Warren for his latest endeavor, The Salon Project. Joel's brilliant concept behind the salon revolutionizes the traditional experience as we know it. Warren’s vision is to elevate the hairdresser's role to that of an artist.

Serving as the in-house curator, Joel cherry-picks the finest and most innovative products, which stock the shelves of the luxury salon. Clients can choose to further their experience by receiving one-on-one information sessions from their personal stylist on any of the products or opt for a more cutting-edge augmented reality experience. The first in its class, clients will receive careful and accurate insight on which brands, products, and colors suit them best by simply gazing into one of our custom mirrors. It is at this point that they can check out with their specialized recommendations at the swipe of a finger.

And just like that, Joel Warren changed the luxury salon game. Now it’s your turn to sit back, relax, and let us do the rest.