Unlocking the Secrets of 7 Hair Color: The Power of the 7.0, 7N, and 7A Shades

November 3, 2023by admin

7 Hair Color

7 hair color
7 Hair Color

Well, ladies and gents, fasten your seatbelts because we’re about to embark on a riveting journey to uncover the illustrious mysteries of… hair color. Yes, you read that right! We’re dusting off the legend of the enigmatic numero seven 7 hair color, the vibrant world of hair hues.

Now, you must wonder what part of the color spectrum deserves an entire blog post. Is it the sassy red or the enigmatic black? No, it’s too obvious. We’re diving into the twilight zone of the hair color palette with the unsung hero of hair dyes: the number 7. Oh yes, my hair-coloring mavens, the shade 7 is your unexpected hottie standing in the lonesome corner, subtly turning heads, one at a time.

Before you roll your eyes or let your yawns free (I know how riveting hair theory can be, especially when your hair’s current shade would make a grizzled raccoon jealous), know this: When you’ve been throwing yourself at bleach and toxic chemicals to belong to the platinum blonde club (authentic original there, Smurfette), shade 7 emerges as a knight in shining armor (literally and figuratively).

So, whether you’re looking for a makeover, touch-up, or want to switch up your Friday night dull hair routine (moving from ‘Pouring-acid-on-scalp-art-project’ to ‘Embracing-innate-gorgeousness’), get acquainted with hair color code 7. Get ready to step into a world where you’re the artiste and your hair is the canvas. Hold tight, Peeps! It’s going to be a wildly dazzling ride!

Oh, and one more thing. If your hair could talk, it would probably give you a high-five for choosing 7; just saying!

Understanding the Hair Colouring Palette

So, here’s a question for you – have you ever wondered how hairstylists manage to figure out the right shade for you every time you step into their magical lair? Well, hold on to your hairbands because we’re about to dive into the world of the International Colour Code (or ICC, as the cool kids call it). You see, the ICC is a numbering system that runs from 1.0 to 10.0, where each number represents a different depth of hair color. Remember that – it’s essential. Have you got it? Fab. You are moving on!

Now, let’s take a quick tour through the shade numbers, shall we? Starting with numero uno, we have Black at 1.0, and at the end of this colorful journey, we reach 10.0 – the ever-so-glorious Pale Blonde. And then there’s our fave; the real MVP of hair colour bases – 7.0, Medium Blonde. An odd choice, you say? Hmph, that’s what you think!

You see, there’s a reason this number has a cult following in the world of follicles. It’s because 7.0 is not just any other hair shade – it’s like the magical unicorn of hair colors. Yup, we said it! This spectacular base shade can rescue those who fall into the traps of hair coloring mishaps. Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself, and let us know how that works out for you.

But, the 7.0 hair color code, as average-sounding as it may be, is, in fact, a lifesaver for many. With its versatile nature, your hair can become a natural playground for switching up styles and colors like never before. And that, my dear readers, is why the 7.0 hair color is the magician of the tress world. You’re welcome.

7 hair color
7 hair color

The 7.0 – The Universal Hair Colour

Alright, so you’re scratching your heads and thinking, “What on the not-so-colourful earth is 7.0?” Allow me to enlighten you, folks! Imagine standing between blonde and brunette, balancing precariously on the hair color spectrum. That’s 7.0 for you: a shade global stylists have hailed as “Medium Blonde.” The universally celebrated sweet spot of hair hues, if you will.

Now here’s a funny story. A few years back, the big guns in the colorant industry tried to jazz up our superhero 7.0 with a new name- ‘Bronde.’ Yes, you read right. Bronde. It’s a weird tribute to being in the blonde-brunette limbo. Cringe-worthy. Thankfully, that crash landed faster than a UFO with engine failure.

And get this, the same prodigious minds played around with renaming Auburn as ‘Bred,’ failing spectacularly, of course. But the besmirchment did not stop there; they tried labeling that awful, oh-so-unwanted brassy-blonde hair fiasco (which happens when the bleach decides to clock out early) as ‘Blorange.’ Thank goodness humans have a knack for resisting unnecessary change. Or else, we’d have all been running around looking like a fruit salad. ‘Blorange,’ seriously? But amidst all this renaming debacle, our dear ole 7.0 continued to rule. After all, not all heroes wear capes, and some sparkle shiny and bright on the hair spectrum!

Unique Perks of Being a Natural 7.0

Ah, the natural 7.0 hair color kids, aren’t they the magical unicorns in the world of hair? I promised myself not to be jealous, but seriously – these guys have got it all!

Are they switching your look for a Monday morning office meeting or a Friday night out? No problemo! You 7.0 folks can do it effortlessly, leaving the rest of us mere mortals green with envy. The possibilities are endless – platinum blonde, rich red, or chocolate brown – without the fuss of bleach, mind you! Talk about versatility.

Speaking of the bleach-free life, 7.0s can naturally go blonde without wreaking havoc on their scalps. I mean, you guys can practically stroll into the sunset smothered in a little lemon juice, and boom! You become the Jennifer Aniston doppelganger we can only dream of being. Life’s just not fair.

And don’t even get me started on graying! When the white-haired army starts to invade, you 7.0s hardly bat an eye. While the rest of us scramble to hide the evidence, you guys just sport an effortlessly cool and A-list-approved ash-blonde look. And when the graying gets more obvious? Voilà, you’re magically transformed into silver foxes without even trying.

In short, being a natural 7.0 is basically like winning the hair color lottery. We common hair folk can only sit back in awe and ponder what we did to deserve such injustice. Bravo, you 7.0 wizards… bravo!

Unlocking the Power of Shades 7.0, 7N and 7A

Fret not, as I unveil the secrets behind the synonymous hair coloring conundrums of 7.0, 7N, and 7A. All these nuanced shadings, eerily sounding like SpaceX missions, add diverse versatility to our hero – the 7.0, huh! Believe it or not, each additional letter or decimal introduces a new world of possibilities.

The second number in the name is not just for grandeur, mind you! It refers to a tone that can drastically influence the color outcome. Think of it as accessorizing your primary outfit; A simple white dress (a.k.a our 7.0) could be glammed up with bling jewelry or toned down with a demure scarf, transforming the entire appearance. Hence, a 7.0 (or just a 7 for casual conversation, darling) is a neutral shade, while 7.1, 7.3, and 7.6… indicate the inclusion of particular tones. It’s okay to get excited; our dear 7.0 isn’t just a plain Jane!

Speaking of Grey (not in a Fifty Shades way, naughty you!), the 7.0 magic again swoops in to save your aging locks from mediocrity. It retains a soft diversity for hair colors ranging from light brown to dark brunette. For brownie points, you can call it a natural ombré of coffee and milk chocolate. Caffeine and colors are my favorite!

Congratulations! Now, you can finally make your friends jealous by casually dropping hairdressing terminologies like a pro and leaving them gawking and googling. Unleashing the power of shades 7.0, 7N, and 7A is like harnessing The Force for your dazzling hair. Move over, Yoda, the 7.0 Jedi is here!

7 hair color
7 hair color

Maximizing Hair Shade with Secondary Tones

After deep-diving into the world of 7.0, let me introduce you to its cool cousin, Medium Ash Blonde (7.1), and happy-go-lucky sibling, Medium Golden Blonde (7.3). Now, when life gives you oranges (aka when bleach turns your hair into a fruit salad), 7.1 comes to the rescue by swatting away all warm tones. Like a well-crafted insult, it brings out a more neutral, biscuit brunette, coolly suppressing the deep honey; and voila, you’re a head-turning smoky blonde. So for all the ‘I prefer my phone on night mode’ squad, hello, Ash blonde!

Now, if you are team ‘mornings and all things bright,’ hail the 7.3! It infuses a ‘just came back from a beach holiday’ sun-kissed hue to your flat, mousy hair. So if you find Silvia from accounting stealing glances at your head during the conference meeting, know you, and your warm-toned hair, did that!

After reading this, I bet you’ll start seeing sevens in your dreams. But remember, like all good things in life (triple-choc ice cream, anyone?), don’t get carried away—quantity can often overshadow quality. The secret is to balance their cool and warm act in your hair.


Embracing the power ranger of hair colors, the 7-series is like the little black dress of hair – it fits all occasions and moods. Did you read that right? Yes, honey! So, your days of indecisiveness are over. Whether you want to flirt with blonde or play safe with brunette, the magic 7’s got you covered. So, stop pulling your hair out in the hair aisle – grab those lucky 7s. Friendlier than your neighbor’s golden retriever and way easier to handle!