Exploring the Depths of 8B, 8NGV, and 8NV Hair Colors: A Comprehensive Guide to Level 8 Hair Shades

January 1, 2024by admin

8b Hair Color

8b hair color
8b Hair Color

Welcome, dear readers! Today, we are diving deep into the captivating world of Level 8b hair color. It’s like Narnia, but for your hair. Are you feeling adventurous? Ready to chuck that dull hair color and launch yourself into the juicy depths of hair fashion? Oh, you are. I can see that glint in your eyes.

Now buckle up, darling, as we explore this wild ride’s Level 8 hair color matrix. It’s not just inherent hair color anymore – it’s a lifestyle, a personality modifier; it’s Tuesday’s excuse to avoid washing your hair. But most importantly, it’s an adventure. And who doesn’t love a good old hair adventure, right?

As we’re about to embark on a journey, get ready to explore the fascinating shades of 8B Brown/Beige, 8NGV Gold/Violet, and 8NV Silver. By the end of this exhilarating sojourn, we will have some exciting color confessions to make. Let the adventure commence!”

8B Brown/Beige: The Sensational Sombre

Have you ever wondered about the buzz around 8B Brown/Beige hair color and why everyone seems to dive into this sensational somber? Well, buckle up your seatbelts, folks; we are about to take a thrilling ride into the realm of 8B, the tastiest hair color blend since peanut butter met jelly.

Riding down the hair color highway, you might ask, “What is 8B Brown/Beige?” Well, it’s like the perfect cup of latte on a cold day or your favorite brand of chocolate – smooth, rich, indulging, and oh-so-satisfying. It’s a heady mix of earthy brown and cool beige, artistically blended to bless your locks with unbelievable depth and the kind of sophistication you usually find at a high-end art exhibit.

Sassiness Rubik’s cube solved! Now, why on Earth should you choose 8B?

Here’s a wacky thought: because it’s enchantingly beautiful! Unlike the ever-fluctuating stock market, 8B’s popularity just shoots up, proving a timeless hair color trend that refuses to bow out. Regardless of your skin tone, 8B flatters everyone, making it the embodiment of the golden rule of hair dye comics – inclusivity!

Now we have piqued your interest, let’s turn you into the 8B wizard. How do you achieve 8B perfection? Simple! Step one: Drop your fears. Step two: Pick Kenra’s 8B Brown/Beige Coloring .and  Step three: Mix in a non-metallic bowl or applicator bottle one part Coloring  with two parts Activator 9 Volume. finally Step four: Stir or shake vigorously – like you do when you can’t open a pickle jar. Remember to spray your hair with Kenra’s Color Porosity Equalizing Spray before applying, and voila – you are now an 8B diva! From a USD 1 tip to a coffee barista to a priceless hair transformation, Kendra’s got you completely covered.

Tag along as we continue our journey into level 8 hair colors. My next stop is 8NGV, the Gold/Violet Wonderland. Sit tight, cover your valuables, and keep your hands inside the ride. This electrifying journey has just begun!

8b hair color
8b hair color

8NGV: The Grand Gold/Violet Trip

So, here we are, descending into the realm of 8NGV – the fancy-schmancy Gold/Violet wonderland of Level 8 hair colors. Adorned at the intersection of gold-dipped sunsets and heart-throb violet hues, 8NGV hair color is no less than a fantastical work of art that Salvador Dali might have laughed his head off at. Quite literally, it is a purple-gold masterpiece on your head. You have to agree, folks.

Now, you might ask: ‘Why should I turn my humble head into a walking, talking canvas flaunting an 8NGV?’ Hold your horses, my friend. Everything here comes with perks. 8NGV boasts a strange dual personality: feisty as a chili pepper and sweet as a bowl of lavender-honey ice cream. How about that for a thought-provoking contrast? It color-chameleons under different lighting and angles, hitting both extremes from subtly elegant to fiercely bold. Now, isn’t that like hitting two birds with one hair color? You feel like Rihanna at a concert and Grace Kelly at a diplomatic function, all in a day’s work.

Embracing the 8NGV madness isn’t just about sporting it but crafting it perfectly.

We’re about to get our hands messy in DIY hair coloring. Aren’t we a brave soul? Alright then, prepare for some unparalleled tips since your hair color DIY-ers are as fearless as a cat on a hot tin roof.

Firstly, if you thought you could get this stunning hair color with leftover tins of violet wall paint and golden food coloring, I wish you good luck with that courage. But let’s be real here. If you’re choosing a DIY path, visit a trusted salon and pick a branded hair color because your crowning glory deserves nothing less than the best.

Secondly, patience, young Padawan; good things come to those who wait. Don’t rush the process. And finally, for maintaining the grandeur of your violet-gold mine, it’s essential to use sulfate-free shampoo and hair masks to keep your hair healthy and the color vibrant and persistent, like your nosy neighbor who doesn’t seem to get the hint.

So, there you have it, dear reader. It’s a crash course in achieving that magnificent 8NGV look. Get ready to drop some hair-color bombs on your squad! Be bold; be 8NGV.

8NV: Exploring the Great Silver Frontier

The hair color shade poised to blur the line between enchanting reality and bewitching fantasy has made its grand entrance: 8NV, the mystical fan-favorite silver hair tone. With a silver charm that’s vanished from your grandmother’s jewelry box and taken up residence on your lustrous locks, it’s time to explore all there is to know about this fantastic silvery wonderland.

Many might have prematurely misinterpreted silver hair as a sign of aging (gasp!), but let’s face it – it’s now the haute couture of hair colors! Some might even call it the last hair frontier. So, why choose 8NV, you ask? First and foremost, there’s nothing quite like the ethereal beauty of a silver-haired nymph to make heads turn. Embrace the trend, and you’ll be elevated to hair color royalty in no time. Secondly, 8NV is versatile – it complements various skin tones and can be customized with its intensity and undertone. You’re now the proud owner of a hair color passport with ‘universal appeal’ written all over it!

Turning your hair into a mesmerizing silvery masterpiece isn’t magic (although we wish it were).

Unlocking that silver potential requires some know-how. Before diving headfirst into a pool of silver dye, chat with your stylist about how to best adapt the color to your current hair and desired undertone. It’s all about technique, and a skilled stylist will know the way – trust them to lead you to silver-haired bliss, one strand at a time.

When embracing the glimmering power of 8NV, it’s essential to remember that each silver strand has a personality of its own. And those little personality quirks can make your silvery adventure an absolute delight! So, don’t hesitate any longer – it’s high time to dive into the alluring world of 8NV silver hair color, explore its mysteries, and relish every shimmering step of the journey. Soon enough, you’ll be the monarch of the Silver Frontier, sitting atop a throne of gleaming, glorious hair, basking in the warm rays of adoration from your envious subjects below. Need we say more?

8b hair color
8b hair color

Comparing and Contrasting the Level 8 Hair Color Troika

In a world where hair color trends are equivalent to kickboxing championships, I present to you, dear hair fanatics—the Battle Royale of Level 8 Hair Color: 8B, 8NGV, and 8NV! Who will emerge as the ultimate champion? Will it be the summery warmth of 8B, the lustrous glitters of the violet gold 8NGV, or the mythic silver dream 8NV? Worry not; we’ll compare their strengths, weaknesses, and unique powers to help you choose the best contender for your hair’s happily ever after.

Picture this: three hair warriors, each with their unique hair tale, Strengths, and mystical glow. It’s like having a hair color Avengers on your hands! But much like our beloved superheroes, not everyone has the same strengths. So, let’s put these Level 8 Hair insignias to the test, shall we?

8B, the Beige Brawler, packs a sophisticated punch with minimalist browns and beige, perfect for those seeking a gentle, low-maintenance transformation. Moving on to 8NGV, the Violet Gold Valkyrie is an enchanting mix of gold and violet hues for a delightful and vivid overhaul. Lastly, 8NV, the Silver Siren, is a modern, trending sentry with a captivating gleam.

Now that we’ve met our fearless hair contenders, how do you choose the one for you? Ask yourself, what hair story do you want to tell the world? Are you the ultimate beach babe, a lover of luxury and fantasy, or a sleek and modern Valkyrie? Do you have a secret superhero identity? Are you prepared for a high-maintenance relationship with your hair?

Be mindful, dear hair voyagers, and choose wisely. Your ultimate hair adventure awaits you!

Maintaining Your Chosen Level 8 Hair Shade

Alright, color fanatics and hair dye adventurers, buckle up! You’ve just chosen your dreamy Level 8 hair shade, and it’s like you’ve unlocked a new character in the game of hair aesthetics. You’re now part of the elite squad, the Level 8 Hair Color Enthusiasts. Welcome aboard – your next mission? Maintain that stunning hue with the fervor of a dragon guarding its gold.

First, let’s talk about the Dos and Don’ts in the delicate dance of hair care post-dye. Moisturize, moisturize, and then when you think you’re done, moisturize some more! Your freshly colored tresses crave hydration like a social media influencer craves validation. Use color-safe shampoos and conditioners as gentle as a butterfly’s whisper. They should promise not to strip your color or your hair’s dignity.

Now, because I care about your hair more than I care about my imaginary pet unicorn, I must warn you – heat styling is the Voldemort to your heroic hair color.

Embrace air-drying or, at most, use heat tools with the enthusiasm of someone who’s been dieting at a donut convention – sparingly and with lots of protective spells… I mean, heat protectant sprays.

But what about the sun, you ask? Well, sunshine is lovely, but much like binge-watching your favorite show till 3 AM, it’s a guilty pleasure with consequences. Invest in leave-in products with UV protection unless you want your chic 8B, 8NGV, or 8NV to fade faster than your resolution to hit the gym every morning.

Avoid committing the cardinal sin of hair care – over-washing. You might as well send out invites for your color-fade party if you shampoo too often. Embrace the ‘second-day hair’ and consider dry shampoo your new BFF – just not the clingy kind.

In the realm of hair coloring, mistakes like using the wrong products or globetrotting without UV hair protection are like tripping on stage at a beauty pageant – embarrassing and avoidable. So, my fellow Level 8 aficionados, love your hair, treat it like the crown jewel it is, and it will shine bright like a diamond in a sea of glass.


And there you have it, folks! We’ve dived head-first into the enchanting world of Level 8 hair colors and resurfaced with glamorous tales to tell. As this hair-raising journey draws to a close, remember that the future of your locks is now in your capable (and possibly dye-stained) hands.

So, whether you’re enticed by the sophistication of 8B Brown/Beige, lured by the glitz and glamour of 8NGV Gold/Violet, or captivated by the otherworldly charm of 8NV Silver – there’s a perfect hair color tale waiting to be written for you. Great hair, sarcastic terminology, and plausible pseudoscience – who said hair color couldn’t be entertaining?

As you saunter off into the proverbial sunset, sporting your chosen Level 8 hue, let us leave you with a nugget of wisdom: stay fabulous, stay true to your hair color cravings, and, most importantly, remain committed to maintaining your newfound hair glory. After all, a good hair day is worth a thousand boring ones. Happy hair adventures, you beautiful creatures!