Unleashing Volume and Definition: A Comprehensive Guide to AirTouch for Textured Hair

June 6, 2024by admin

AirTouch For Textured Hair

AirTouch for textured hair
AirTouch For Textured Hair

Hello there, AirTouch for textured hair, wild manes, and untamed curls! Let’s talk all things knotty, gnarly, and oh-so-nice; in other words, textured hair! You see, the hair world is a wild and beautiful arena, a sort of fashion jungle where, surprisingly, ‘the wilder, the better’ is the new motto. And that’s where textured hair comes into play. It’s the sassy new showstopper on the ramp of life, flaunting the joie de vivre in every bounce and wave. Life with textured hair isn’t always rainbows and unicorns, right? The struggle is accurate, and let’s not get started on the Volume Repentance Club, where most of the members are our curly friends. “How’s that?” you ask. Picture this: you spend hours achieving that perfect, voluminous look, only for your hair to fall flat (literally and figuratively).

As we jump into this topsy-turvy world of volume and definition, we’ll unravel some secrets to boost your hair game like never before. Like that comic villain from your favorite childhood show, we are about to steal volume – no remorse, no guilt, just pure, unadulterated, fluffy, textured volume! And the superhero to our rescue, you ask? Drum roll, please… It’s AirTouch! Your new aerobic exercise in transcending the hair badlands to reach La La Land! So hold on to your hairbrushes, girls, and boys, because this is expected to be an edgy, air-filled, explosive trip! And the best part is that we’ll keep it friendly no matter how knotty things get!


Revealing The AirTouch Technique: Your New Aerobic Exercise

Get ready, hair enthusiasts, for we’re about to turn your world upside down or, shall we say, give it a good blow-dry. Are you prepared to leap from Frizzville to Glamtown? Let’s start our journey toward hair nirvana with our superstar performer: The AirTouch technique.

So put on your lab coats; we’re diving deep into the science of it all. Picture it: Your hairspray-wielding arm is tired from brushing out roots, and your soul begs for salvation—enter AirTouch. It’s a genius technique invented by Aleksey Oreshkin, where a brush and hairdryer team up to perform magic. The thick strands are systematically blow-dried away while the precious fine hair is left for coloring.

AirTouch for textured hair
AirTouch for textured hair

Suppose you’re visualizing bits of hair flying all over the salon, ladles of apologies for the horrible imagery instead. In that case, the brush-off is instead a majestic hair ballet, where the unwanted hair decides to take a voluntary walk, leaving the stage open for the worthy strands. It’s like a highly picky casting director for your next hair production.

And hold onto your hairpins because AirTouch isn’t just reserved for Rapunzel-like tresses. Bob cut enthusiasts can join in the fun, too. We didn’t want to add to the parade of biased bobs already facing. So, fashion your chin-hugging bobs or shoulder-kissing lobs with volume and definition that will give the Kardashians a run for their money.

Are you starting to believe that miracles come dressed in salon capes? Hang tight! We haven’t done it yet. You see, the beauty of AirTouch is just getting warmed up. And boy, are you in for a wild ride!

Comparison Crusade: AirTouch vs Traditional Methods

Ah, you’ve just danced through the witty introduction of our hair-raising saga and breezed past the AirTouch technique, likened to your new favorite workout (because arm day was getting old). Let’s grab our devil’s horns and advocate why AirTouch blonde highlights might be your mane’s new BFF, unlike the other techniques lounging in your hair history.

Picture this: You, flaunting a voluminous crown of perfectly highlighted locks, thanks to AirTouch. Why does it knock the hairstyling socks off the traditional methods? Here’s the scoop — it’s like comparing a fine wine to boxed juice. AirTouch uses air, yes, the stuff you’re breathing right now, to weave its magic, leaving you with a look so natural that even Mother Nature might take notes. Or think about it as auditioning actors for your hair’s love interest; AirTouch is the one that gets a callback every time.

Now, pour some tea, and let’s gossip about the exes:

Balayage is like that laid-back fling, super casual with natural-looking sun-kissed vibes. But, heaven forbid, sometimes it can be a bit too low-maintenance, and that’s where AirTouch flies in with its precision and subtlety, an upgrade. Foilayage, the more structured sibling suited for those wanting bolder, striped statements, often ends up being the loud party guest compared to AirTouch’s sophisticated mingle.

While having their charm, these old flames can’t rock the boat like AirTouch, which offers you depth and dimension and the kind of volume that usually requires a symphony orchestra to achieve. So, as you ponder whether to swipe right on this technique, remember it’s all about the harmonious blend it offers. AirTouch is less of a phase and more of a soulmate in the world of bespoke hair color.

Moving on from this follicle love fest, let’s set our sights on the specific quirks of introducing AirTouch to textured hair — because diversity matters, even on your head. Stay tuned, folks.

Hair Today, Air Tomorrow: The AirTouch technique for textured hair

So, you have textured hair with more bends than a Picasso painting, and you’re considering the AirTouch technique. It’s normal to ponder, “Pourquoi moi?” (that’s snappy French for ‘why me’). But don’t fret love. Your hair isn’t just a bowl of tangled spaghetti, it’s a canvas ready for an airobic masterpiece!

Choosing the right hair for AirTouch is like picking the perfect avocado from the grocery pile. And guess what? With all its kinks and coils, textured hair is the ripe avocado in this context! Right from loose waves to tight coils, this technique is the democratic solution we’ve needed since forever in the hair world! The trick is in the trainer-fan the blow dryer, deftly maneuvered to separate fine sections. So, your hair type won’t exclude you from the AirTouch club, darling! With AirTouch, it’s not about “smooth is superior.” Your knots and curls are celebrated, not simply tolerated.

AirTouch for textured hair
AirTouch for textured hair

Now, let’s get real for a moment – managing expectations. Just like you wouldn’t go to the gym and expect a six-pack the next day (unless you’re buying beer), don’t expect miracles with just one session of AirTouch. It’s all about a progressive journey towards glorious volume and definition. More sessions, more ‘oomph!’ Think of it as a transformation episode from one of those reality TV series. It doesn’t happen overnight, and it’s always worth the wait, the anticipation…the suspense!

So, if your heart is set on flirting with that sassy volume and knockout definition, AirTouch could be your secret weapon. Hang tight, beloved, because we’re diving into the do-it-yourself side of things in the next chapter of this hair-raising (pun intended) guide. DIY Divas, assemble!

Do It Yourself, Diva: At Home AirTouch Technique

Rise and shine, my DIY queens! It’s time to avoid tedious salon appointments and steep bills. I welcome you all to the beautiful world of AirTouch in the comfort of your home. No capes, swirling chairs, or side-eyeing the haircut next to you. Just you, your fluffy hair, and some essential tools (no magic wands, by the way). Warning: Don’t attempt this without the proper artillery. You’ll need a quality round brush, a hair dryer, clips, and a fine-tooth comb. And oh, don’t forget the taming cream!

All right, before you start, get a head start… literally. Begin with clean, dry, and detangled hair. Divide your lush locks into sections with a fine-tooth comb, preferably 3 to 4, for effective management. Yes, taming those wild curls can be a real mind-bender! Use the clips to hold these sections. Pick a section and brush with the round brush, holding the hairdryer about 5 inches away. Another pro tip is to keep the airflow direction down the hair strand. We want Volume and Definition on our CV, not a frizz fair. Repeat this with each section. This is not a ‘one size fits all’ technique, so determine what works best for your Textureville and be patient. Rome wasn’t built in a day!

The good news is that this technique is as low-key as your most chill acquaintance. It’s just you and your hair having a peaceful Sunday chat. The lowlights and highlights you’ll achieve will be as natural as the cuss words when you stub your toe. So Diva, summon your inner hairstylist and command that home salon like a boss because we’re going to Volume Town, one AirTouch at a time!

FAQing it all: Answers to some of your burning questions

You may have pondered – turning the volume up for a change! But what about our previously pampered, colored/dyed hair? Rejoice, fellow kaleidoscopic-heads! AirTouch is suitable for colored/dyed hair as well, just like it works with the latest 50 shades of natural hair. You can officially stop playing Russian roulette with your hair-painting escapades. Bravo!

With great power comes great responsibility (or some cliché like that). You’re probably thinking, “How frequently should I partake in these voluminous adventures?” Hold your horses, Rapunzel 2.0! As marvelous as this technique may be, moderation is the key here. Let your roots play catch-up for around 8-10 weeks before you bounce back into the magical world of AirTouch. Bleeding-edge technology for hair sounds like a fairy tale, huh?

Remember, folks, your hair deserves to strum that high note without a care for being too “out there.” Puff up the chest and flaunt those magnificent locks unapologetically!

What’s that song, “All you need is love…and AirTouch”? Sounds about right to me, anyway.


Every good show deserves a standing ovation, so stand up and applaud for the wireless marvel known as the AirTouch technique. Playing the volume synthesizer and definition orchestrator role, this maestro has honestly conducted a hair symphony. As our journey unravels from ‘knotty’ torments to touchable textures, we’re left smitten by the rise and shine of our tresses, curtsy to AirTouch. There you have it, giving hair the crucial ‘Volume’, ‘Definition’ and ‘Curtsy’ it needs – Jetsons style!