Master the Art of AirTouch Hair Coloring: A Step-by-Step Guide to Achieve a Seamless Blend

May 22, 2024by admin

Step-by-Step Guide to AirTouch Hair Coloring

AirTouch Hair Coloring
AirTouch Hair Coloring

Ladies and gents, buckle up for an exciting adventure into the dazzling world of hair coloring as we unravel the mystery behind the magical AirTouch Hair Coloring technique. Have you ever gazed at those jaw-dropping, perfectly blended locks on Instagram models and wondered, “How on earth did they achieve that wizardry?” Well, wonder no more, my friend, for today we’re going to address that burning question like the hair-coloring pros we are! *winks*

Step into the realm of AirTouch Hair Coloring—a trendy, salon-worthy technique sweeping the mane-stream world off its feet, like that love interest in a rom-com with perfect hair. What makes it so popular, you ask? The secret lies in using (yes, you guessed it) AIR to create a seamless blend for your client like never before. Outrageous, I know! Say goodbye to the traditional backcombing methods and hello to the power of air! Who knew mere air could do so much for your hair? (All this without even demanding a salon fee! How thoughtful!)

So stick around as we dive deep into this enchanting world of air-induced hair art and discover how you, too, can become a blend-national AirTouch magician! Lights, hairdryers, action!


Understanding the Basics

Alright, brace yourselves, color fanatics, because I’m about to unleash the toolbox of AirTouch wizardry—no magic wand or pointy hat necessary, but a high-quality hairdryer is a non-negotiable sidekick here. It’s all about blowing away the weaklings—those teeny, weeny, baby hairs—as you aim for that supermodel seamless blend.

And are you choosing the perfect hair potion for your clients? It’s like matchmaking without the awkward first dates. You’ve got to feel the vibe of their natural mane and envision their destined shade. There is no pressure, just the fate of their hair resting in your color-stained hands.

AirTouch Hair Coloring
AirTouch Hair Coloring

Remember, like every superhero needs trusty gadgets, your AirTouch technique won’t lift off without the right gear. Think foil, balayage board, and a tint brush that could paint the Sistine Chapel of hair! It’s time to gear up and create those silky smooth transitions that’ll have your clients selfie-ready faster than you can say “Hashtag Hair Goals!”

Going from Brown to Blond: AirTouch Step-by-Step Guide

Alright, sweet-cotton-candy-coloured dreams, let’s dive into the rainbow of hair magic. Be warned, we aren’t taking any pitstops or using Google Maps here. Buckle up because we’re flying directly into the Wonderland of Locks. And by Wonderland, I mean your salon chair.

Let’s play a little game of Tetris with your client’s hair. Divide it into three layers: top, middle, and bottom. Now, hold your witchy laugh. Yes, it’s a hair sandwich. Now get severe and carefully fold the top third into a salon-approved topknot. Split the middle third down the center and let the bottom third feel the breeze. Diagonally partition a section at the bottom; voila, you’ve got a Picasso in progress!

Still with me?

Fantastic. Get your Harry Potter potion-making skills out. We’re stirring up a concoction of 30g powder, 20 vol developer, and a dash of Olaplex for the magic touch. We’re going straight-on Harry Potter style, starting at the back of the head. Let the magic wand, oops, I meant the AirTouch technique, do its job, beginning at the misunderstood nape.

Take a moment to appreciate the baby hairs.

They’re like the punctuation in a sentence. You don’t understand their importance until they’re not there! Gather those tiny rebellious sprouts from the section as if they’re free candy and pull them downwards. Are you still holding on? Great.

Now, it’s time for the star of the show!

Ready your foil and a balayage board for their moment in the spotlight. Introduce the bleach to the top layer of sibling-longer hairs like they’re meeting their grandparents. Cover the entire section like a warm, cozy winter blanket. Keep repeating this little gathering and coverage ritual throughout that section before taking your show to the other side of your canvas of diagonal dreams.

I thought we were done. Oh, my beloved innocent soul, there’s much more. When the bottom section basks in its post-session glory, you move on to the middle section. And folks, we’re not going in a straight line. We’re riding a diagonal wave here. From the face, keep at it until you reach the center, then swoop over to the other side of the candy floss field like a bird switching branches.

What follows this? It’s the same old formula on the top section, but hey, switch that formula to 10 vol. Yeah, it sounds like a TV channel-changing task, but trust me, the tone will thank you!

As you walk through the red carpet of foils running over the crown, keep an eye on the back foils – cheetah-speed lifters they are! If they’ve already taken off faster than a Tesla on steroids, draw them out of the foil to slow down the Vegas-style neon development. When you’re done with the top, it’s time for the back section to meet the basin for a fun rinse!

For all my layers-obsessed friends, remember it’s like a lasagne – repeated but not monotonous!

One last thing before I call it a wrap: Don’t forget, your foils are like children at a park; keep track of all of them! They might look like innocent pieces of metal, but trust me, you want to catch them in the proper rebellion phase! Keep your hawk’s eye on them and usher them to the rinse station once they emit their whole shine.

And THERE – You’ve earned your place as the maestro of AirTouch dyeing…. or at least, halfway there.

That was a whirlwind. You survived! Welcome to the ‘sur-thrivers club,’ which smells suspiciously like hair dye and victory! Now breathe, and let’s move Stepford-wife-like to the next phase under the colorful umbrella of hair dye wizardry. Mission AirTouch moves on!

AirTouch Hair Coloring
AirTouch Hair Coloring

Perfecting the Money Piece

Whoever coined the phrase “money can’t buy happiness” clearly never had their ‘money piece’ colored using the AirTouch technique! Confused? A ‘money piece’ is not a currency but a fancy term used in the hairstyling world for the face-framing highlights that give your face that certain “je ne sais quoi.” Picture that classic ‘Rachel’ haircut from Friends, but with a sassier edge.

Now, hold onto your hair color brush because we’re about to embark on a hair-raising journey as we master the art of AirTouch for your coveted money piece. Exciting, isn’t it?

Ready your hairdryer, folks, because we’re blowing away the competition (and the shorter hair strands) – no armies of tiny hair straighteners required. Just your professional-quality hairdryer, a balayage board, a handful of foils, and you’re armed and ready to create that Instagrammable ‘money piece.’ Aim your hairdryer at a 45-degree angle and watch those baby hairs whirl away like leaves in the wind. The result? A beautifully defined ‘money piece’ that’s more seamless than your transition into being a cat person during lockdown.

And voila! You’ve transformed your client into the living embodiment of the ‘good hair day’ hashtag. After all, who said air couldn’t buy happiness? Pin that on your Pinterest board, folks!

(Note: No baby hairs were harmed while writing this sarcastic snippet. All baby hairs were professionally cared for and summarily pampered afterward.)

Shampooing, Conditioning and Toning

Alright, pals! It’s time for some post-messy coloring shenanigans! The aftermath of a hair war demands a cleanse worthy of a spa. Get those gloves on and work your shampoo into a frothy lather. Indeed, the journey getting here was fun, but it’s rinse time! And for heaven’s sake, cushion those cuticles with a healing conditioner. Consider this your ‘Namaste’ moment in the entire procedure.

Now, onto the mystical potion concoction…toner! If you thought the battle was over, think again, my friend! Getting that seamless ombre look isn’t a walk in the park or some lucky stroke. It’s an art!

Applying toner is like convincing your rowdy neighbor to turn down the music at 3 am. It would help if you had tact and diplomacy. Start roots-happy, and then, like a gossiping aunt, subtly drag that toner down until it kisses the mid-lengths. A melt as sweet as caramel!

The tricky part here, rookies, is letting this toner sit and develop like a stubborn child refusing to leave the toy store. Patience! Ultimately, you’ll have a smoother color blend than your last pick-up line!

And remember, never trust a stylist who doesn’t use toner. That spells more disaster than a blind date arranged by a well-meaning but clueless aunt. Trust me!

Styling and Post-Color Care

Styling after AirTouch coloring, ah, the moment of truth! It’s like opening a Christmas present, exciting yet nerve-wracking. Here’s a handy tip – blow dry the hair straight for the big reveal. The color strands will gleam like a new penny under the spotlight. And remember, a touch of hairspray goes a long way in holding that style.

Now, let’s chat post-color care, darling! It’s like babysitting, except your client’s hair is the baby. Advise them to use color-safe shampoo and conditioner. Like a fierce mama bear protecting her cub, they need to shield those precious locks from the harsh sun of daily life.

And for Pete’s sake, tell them to avoid hot tools as if they were an ex. They can cause more drama than a reality TV show reunion. Invent some hair-related superstition if you have to. “Did you know using hot tools after coloring can lead to rainbow-colored hair?” Their fear of looking like a human unicorn might do the trick.

So, in a nutshell, handling post-AirTouch care is not rocket science, but it’s up there in importance.


In the dazzling circus, we call hairstyling, mastering the AirTouch technique is like learning a trapeze act. It’s hair-raising. Yet, it’s a jolly good ride! So, caps off to you for performing magic with a hairdryer and foil! Who knew you could go from a Muggle to a Wizard in your salon? Just think of the heads you’ll turn like a fabulous peacock strutting down the runway! Remember, darling, in this world of constant roots and grays, your clients’ fabulous hair color is the only constant.