Best Hair Color for Relaxed Hair: Maintain Vibrancy and Health in Your Tresses

January 5, 2024by admin

Best Hair Color For Relaxed Hair

best hair color for relaxed hair
Best Hair Color For Relaxed Hair

Ah, the siren call of the best hair color for relaxed hair, whispering sweet nothings of mahogany tones and purple hazes into your oh-so-ticklish earlobes. Because, let’s face it, life’s too short for dull hair, right? And there you are, sitting pretty with relaxed locks, thinking, “Can I jazz up this sleek mane without summoning the hair gods’ wrath?” Here’s the skinny: Picking the suitable dye for your chemically smoothed canvas is like choosing a dance partner who won’t step on your toes—vital unless you fancy a tango with breakage and dryness.

Your relaxed tresses have already been through their epic saga—don’t they deserve a happily ever after with a color that understands their needs? So, before you dive into the dye pot, pause and ponder the perfect pigment partner. Semi-permanent flirt or long-term relationship with a permanent dye? Choose wisely, my follicle friends, for not all hair dyes are created equal for your delicate hair.

How Hair Color Affects Relaxed Hair

Okay, folks, brace yourselves. We’re about to take a not-so-scenic detour into the heart of the chemical country. So, you’ve relaxed your hair. That means you threw in some pretty severe chemicals – think about it as your hair’s initiation into the scientific method.

Now, shoot a glance at your hair. It looks sleek and straight hair, but underneath your scalp, it’s throwing a party that only chem majors would appreciate.

Hold on to your hair roots because we’re not nearly finished. Dyeing your hair throws another chemical war into the mix: Hair dye, the wild cousin of relaxants, turns up unannounced and changes the atmosphere.

Drum roll, please… because we’ve hit our first stop: dryness and brittleness.

Yay! Your hair has had a visit from the drought fairy. The once-hydrated strands are now more brittle than your grandma’s favorite china. Easy to snap – and that’s not a reference to your stellar selfie game.

But wait, there’s more! It’s time to pop the porosity question – no, not that one. When you relax your hair, it becomes as porous as a sponge, giving your strands a drinking problem. And lo and behold, hair dye and hair relaxing together is like hosting a frat party in your studio apartment – it’s just not big enough to handle both. With an increased porosity and more absorption, the dye and relaxer become roommates in your hair, not exactly leading to sunshine and rainbows, my friends.

Let’s just say, in the hair crime dynamic duo, relaxed hair and dye are Thelma and Louise, barreling towards the cliff edge at breakneck speed. The thrill of the ride… am I right? So buckle up! It’s going to be a bumpy, albeit beautiful, ride!

Remember, don’t try this hair-altering cocktail at home, kiddos. The chemical hangover is a real thing.

best hair color for relaxed hair
best hair color for relaxed hair

Consulting a Professional Stylist

Consulting a Professional Stylist

Ah, the sweet smell of hair dye. It brings back memories. Like when you turned your hair green instead of that ravishing mahogany you aimed for. Well, fear not, my folliclely-challenged friends. Let’s dive into the importance of consulting a professional stylist to avoid reliving that horror.

Finding an experienced colorist should be your top priority, just like finding that perfect pair of jeans or getting that stubborn ketchup stain out. Trust me; your hair will thank you for it! You need someone who knows how to work with relaxed hair like Taylor Swift, who knows how to shake it off. So, when hunting for a color guru, ensure their portfolio includes clients with chemically treated hair.

As for adjusting your hair regimen, think of it as a much-needed adventure. Your professional stylist will happily play Sherlock, uncovering the mysteries within your hair to concoct a personalized action plan. With their expert guidance, say hello to healthier hair and a more effective routine—elementary, my dear Watson!

Now, I know you might feel like a true hair scientist after marathoning all those YouTube tutorials, but please, for your hair’s sake, let a professional assess your hair’s health. They’ll decide whether your locks can withstand the dyeing process, taking the reins and saving you from an unwanted mane meltdown.

In short, never underestimate the value of a seasoned colorist to help you achieve that Pinterest-worthy shade while protecting your hair’s health and integrity. After all, your hair deserves the best of the best. So go forth and conquer those vibrant tresses!

Top Hair Color Brands for Relaxed Hair

Let’s talk about a few sassy and stylin’ color brands for your chemically relaxed hair. Because, let’s face it, not every hair dye brand deserves the honor of adorning your glorious mane, right?

First up on the ‘red carpet,’ we have *drum-roll please* – The Clairol Natural Instincts! This little magic-in-a-bottle has a semi-permanent color feature that doubles as a moisturizer. Yes, you heard right! It’s perfect for those who love to change their hair color as often as they change their minds. Grab it, dab it, and Voila! – Your relaxed hair is ‘relaxed and rejuvenated’.

Next on our esteemed list is the Clairol Beautiful Moisturizing Color. Now, if you want your hair to rock that mahogany tone without praying to the hair gods, this one’s your best bet. Specially designed for relaxed hair, it takes the cake, the candles, and the party favors when rocking colorful, simple locks!

Meet the Clairol Pro, possibly the most straightforward yet punch-packed color solution.

Just because you’ve relaxed your hair doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun. Things will be peachy if you aren’t mixing it with permanent color or dyed black hair.

And last but not least, we come to the ‘underdog’ of hair color – Vegetable dye. Yep, you read that right. Not all heroes wear capes; some come in a bottle labeled ‘veggie dye.’ Just a heads up for the adventurous souls: it might leave your hair a bit dry, like how the desert feels in mid-July. However, you might want to try it in case you’re into the ‘dry and natural’ vibe.

Considering all these options, it’s safe to say that ‘Hair Dye’ isn’t a horror movie anymore. It’s more like a romantic comedy. It’s a match-making quest to find the “One.” The ‘One’ hair dye lets your relaxed mane glow and flow like a dazzling waterfall, but without the water…because of frizz.

Semi-permanent vs. Permanent Hair Dye

Ah, the age-old debate: semi-permanent vs. permanent hair dye. Let’s have a quick, brutally honest smackdown on the pros and cons, shall we?

Semi-permanent dye, the world’s sweetheart, merely coats the hair shaft with color, lasting about 8 to 12 washes. The pros? No commitment, ammonia, and (usually) gentle on relaxed hair. The cons? Short-lived color, limited lighting abilities, and regular touch-ups are required.

On the other hand, permanent hair dye, the rebellious cousin, penetrates the hair shaft and changes the hair structure to create a long-lasting color. It’s audacious, flashy, and requires decent head-patting to keep things calm. The pros? Bold, long-lasting color with excellent gray coverage. The cons? Potential to wreak havoc on already chemically-treated hair and a “break-up-with-your-hair” attitude if you ever try to remove it.

Now, choosing what’s best for your hair is like choosing candy at the store: it all comes down to your taste (and hair condition, you know). For relaxed hair, semi-permanent dye often plays nicer, but if you’re feeling daring and confident in your haircare regimen, don’t let us stop you from going all-in with permanent dye. Just remember, like any rebellious cousin, things might get a little wild in the hair department.

best hair color for relaxed hair
best hair color for relaxed hair

Proper Application of Hair Dye

Oh boy, isn’t coloring already relaxed hair the equivalent of playing Russian roulette with your tresses? Well, not entirely, but it’s essential to steer clear of over-processing because, my darling reader, a relaxed hair strand loaded with dye is about as stable as a pogo-sticking elephant.

You are pretending not to care about breakage, aren’t you? Oh, stop! That tug of war with your comb isn’t a hair-strengthening exercise. Hair breakage and relaxed tresses are in a toxic relationship, and adding hair dye into the mix is like fueling a dumpster fire. So, remember to moisturize, condition, and treat your hair kindly.

Ah, you are moving on to the exciting part: achieving the desired color. Expecting the color on the box to be the color of your hair is as logical as hoping your cat to make you a cup of tea. And let me tell you, my cat’s barista skills aren’t exactly up to par. Yes, hair dye is unpredictable, like your ex – it could be astonishingly good or horrendously bad. Best advice: slap on a strand test like a responsible adult.

Remember, with relaxed hair filled with chemical shenanigans, adding color to your mane should be like adding vodka to your orange juice – do it, but go easy. Stride with caution, pep up the care, and your vibrant, envy-inducing colored tresses will thank you for it. Now, onto the thrill and the spills of post-coloring hair care. Buckle up, buttercup!

Post-coloring Hair Care

Post-coloring Hair Care

So you’ve finally taken the plunge and colored your stunning, relaxed hair. Congratulations! But, hold your applause. The real challenge starts now – post-coloring hair care. You didn’t think you were off the hook just because you survived the coloring process, did you?

First up, recovery treatments. After that grueling session of chemical warfare on your tresses, it’s important to remind your hair that you still love it. Invest in deep conditioning treatments, preferably with a hydrating and protein-rich formula, to help your hair heal from any damage caused. You might even want to treat your hair to a spa day – it deserves it!

Now, let’s talk about maintaining that vibrancy and shine. Dull hair was so yesterday, darling. Use color-safe shampoos and conditioners to preserve your fresh and fabulous hue. Frequent hair masks will keep you looking like a million bucks.

Lastly, hair care routine changes are essential. Previously, your relaxed hair routine involved long walks on the beach and deep conversations – okay, maybe not, but it’s time to switch things up! Avoid heat styling like it’s the plague (your hair has been through enough), and practice gentle detangling. Oh, and don’t forget to stay patient – Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will perfect hair maintenance.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to be diligent with your post-color hair care routine. Remember – healthy, vibrant hair is a lifestyle, not just an Instagram filter.


Well, my fabulous fellow hair enthusiasts, we’ve journeyed down the rabbit hole of hair relaxation and dyeing, and what a colorful trip it’s been! I bet you never thought you’d become such an expert on relaxed hair and its kaleidoscope of coloring quirks. No more stumbling around the hair aisle, clueless about what dye works best for your chemically relaxed tresses. You’re now well-armed with information about choosing the suitable dye, consulting professionals, comparing top brands, and best practices for dye application (without turning your bathroom into a crime scene). Let’s not forget that having fabulous colored hair is not the end; it’s a journey. Your hair care routine afterward is vital, just like the importance of wearing pants outside. Here’s to sporting a head of hair as vibrant and healthy as a rainbow unicorn and caring for it like the priceless masterpiece it is! Stay fabulous, my friends!