Discover the Spectrum: The Most Incredible Shades of Black Hair Color, Including the Exquisite Violet Black

November 9, 2023by admin

Black Hair Color Shades

black hair color shades
Black Hair Color Shades

Welcome, fellow hair enthusiasts! Pull your swivel chair closer and slap on those reading glasses because today, we’re about to dip our digital toes into the broad sea that is black hair color shades. Now, for those of you thinking, “Black hair? Isn’t that pretty straightforward?”—buckle up!

Describing black hair color as just “black” is like calling a Picasso a doodle; it grossly simplifies a world of striking intricacies! From natural whispers of black to the daring shouts of the blue-black spectrum, there’s more here than meets the untrained eye.

So, how does one navigate this vast expanse of raven glory? Fear not; we have a trusty map in the form of skin tones, eye color, and personal style. But remember, coloring your hair is like using that one wildcard in Uno—you can change the game, but, boy, you’ve got to play it right! Stay with me as we descend into the brilliant abyss of black hair color magic, and trust me, it’s more exciting than any rabbit hole Alice ever fell into!

Natural and Soft Black Hair Colors

When it comes to black hair color, the darkest of the dark, the night sky might be your biggest competition. After all, black is not merely a color. In the aesthetics game, it’s the Duchess of Elegance herself.

Naturally, the most aristocratic of all colors requires a canvas just as epic. And, darling, your fair skin is the canvas Van Gogh would have killed for (Alright, or at least cut his other ear off!). Here, a natural black hair color plays with an artist’s panache, transforming you into a walking-talking piece of art.

But this is not everyone’s kapow! And don’t worry because we have a perfect silent hero for all of you. Yes, I am talking about Soft Black! This fellow here doesn’t scream for attention and chooses to charm its way into hearts subtly. It’s like that introverted poem that doesn’t perform on a stage but silently slips into the rhythm. Who knew subtlety had a color until they met soft black, huh?

Oh, and for DIY enthusiasts, there are some handy tips and tricks for natural coloring. How about painting your hair at home with the glamourous Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Color Crème Soft Black 20? Meanwhile, don’t be surprised if the neighborhood peacock gets jealous of your new look! Now sit back, let it sink in, and get many compliments. You are welcome!

black hair color shades
black hair color shades

Reflective and Intense Blue Black Hues

Black with blue undertones! Now we’re delving into the unexplored territories, aren’t we? This one’s going to take your breath away. Get ready because we are about to accent your life (and hair) with this offbeat shade of black!

Marvel at how the sturdy black intertwines beautifully with the deep blue undertones, producing a unique hue that shines through every strand. You might think it’s black until the sunlight hits your hair- and voila! Suddenly, you’re flaunting a deep, blue-black mane that is nothing short of a head-turner. Talk about adding some subtle drama to your appearance!

And for those of you with cool skin tones, don’t think we’ve forgotten about you.

Does the phrase ‘blue-black hair’ sound like music to your ears? Yes? Well, rejoice, my frosty-skinned friends, you’ve found your match in hair-color heaven. The blue undertones in the hair color unite with your natural cool skin tone to create the perfect blend of midnight magic. Now, add a dash of pale pink blush on those cheeks, and tell me you’re not feeling like a blue-blooded frost queen!

But we have an even bolder version for the rebels, who have a flair for the dramatic and intense. On this rare occasion, we advise you to think blue, live blue, be blue! Express that uncontainable intensity with the boldest version of blue-black hair. Let me tell you; it will make every head turn, not just for its striking appeal but also for the audacious statement it effortlessly makes. Trust me; there won’t be another ‘you’ in the crowd.

And that, my friends, completes our radical journey down the blue hair spectrum! From reflective to intense and stylishly cool, we have covered them all. I’d suggest you take a selfie and frame it because hair this fabulous doesn’t come around daily! Onward and upward in our color journey, we go!

Auburn and Icy Platinum Black Hair Colors

We have the Auburn Black hair color next to our illustrious palette. Don’t you love the sound of it? Auburn black. It’s like a sexy Morse code. To put it paint by numbers for you, this is essentially an amalgamation of soft black hair color and warm, reflective red tones. It’s a darling for those with medium to dark skin tones. With this shade, the warmth in your skin complexion will step out in a tango. Go for dark brows and maybe even a rosy pink or a daring purple lip. It’s a match made in hair color heaven, I tell you!

But how about a shot of hard liquor after that warm cup of cocoa? Icy Platinum Black says, “Hold my beer.” This isn’t your everyday black. Nay, it’s sprinkled with icy cool reflections for an intensely… wait for it… COOL hue. I mean, even Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat would probably high-five you. Do you want to look like you’ve stepped out of your own Sci-fi movie? This is your passport.

Though we’re done here, let’s linger a bit longer, shall we? Because this delectable shade of black isn’t just “cool.” Oh, no, no, no. It isn’t just otherworldly either (because we’re now throwing around ‘otherworldly’ with casual indifference). It’s oomph made visible. The subtle shimmer will impart a glow you never signed up for, but who’s complaining? Besides, when metallic makeup is littering beauty shelves everywhere, you might as well go all out and pair your look with a bold iridescent highlighter. Why not?

Remember, folks, this season, it’s all about moving away from the mundane and making a splash with color that shouts, “I’m here and fabulous; deal with it!”+

black hair color shades
black hair color shades

The Luxurious Violet Black Hair Color

Welcome, dear readers, to the emporium of extraordinary hair colors – the grand spectacle that is the Violet Black! This shade is a fine wine, a mysterious enigma carefully crafted by intertwining the sultry black with a tinge of royal purple. Enchanting. It sure makes you look like you’ve walked straight out of a Gothic novel, our own ‘Twilight’ queen – minus the sparkly vampire, thankfully.

An ideal candidate for this classy transformation? Well, if you exude confidence and panache, and are audacious enough to stand out from the crowd, then bingo, my friend – this is your jackpot. It’s for someone who carries their eccentricity like a badge of honor.

And styling tips, you ask? Think bold and audacious. Pair your exquisite Violet Black with a cat eye that would put Cleopatra’s make-up artist to shame and a pair of vampy lipstick that could make Morticia Addams blush. And voila, not only are you a walking, talking gothic fantasy but also the conversation starter at every get-together. Remember, this color demands confidence and dramatic flair – it’s not for the faint-hearted, but who wants to be a wallflower, right?

Violet Black, ladies and gentlemen – turning daily into an enchanting masquerade one strand at a time. After all, why should unicorns have all the fun?

Brown, Jet, and Metallic Black Hair Colors

Look at us, romping about in the spectrum of black hair shades like a Goth on a midnight romp. Aren’t you having a snigger? No? Well, suit yourself. Let’s paddle further into the melee with rich, decidedly mocha-ish flavors- the brown-black hybrid. Picture it – you’re bristling between black and brown, your hair a sumptuous mix of the two. Think of your favorite dark mocha latte, only you’re wearing it, not drinking it.

Next in line, get ready for the ‘Mona Lisa of Blacks’ – the oh-so-deep-and-inscrutable, cool-toned Jet Black. It’s like midnight. I took a swim in the Arctic and forgot to dry off. It’s the perfect contrast to your ‘Snow White’s paler cousin’ complexion—bonus: It pairs well with a timeless red lip for that ‘noir film star’ vibe.

If Jet Black is ‘Mona Lisa,’ Metallic Black is her starlet granddaughter. It’s a brave dive into the deep end of the black pool, topped with glitter. Because, hey, why not give off vibes of ‘I am cool, sophisticated, and also potentially an alien species’? Remember, matching it with your metallic makeup transforms you from mere mortal to ‘Galactic Glamour Goddess’, so tread responsibly.

Caring for Your Black Hair Color

Now, I know you’ve probably been dying to hear about how to care for your fantastic black hair color. Fear not, my friend! I’ve got the golden nuggets right here. So, here’s the deal: to maintain your gorgeous shade, wash your hair less frequently and use color-safe shampoos. You know what they say: too much of anything can be bad, even shampoo! Conditioning your black hair is a must, too – the power of hydration can work wonders, trust me. Last but not least, avoid over-styling and heating tools: less hair damage, more hair fabulousness.


So, my fellow hair color enthusiasts, we’ve explored the mesmerizing palette of black hair color shades, from the softest whispers of black to the striking violet black. If you haven’t already updated your hair color Pinterest board, I’m sure these captivating shades have inspired you. Remember, the key to finding that perfect black hair color is to experiment, stay true to your personality, and always consult your hair colorist because nobody wants a hair color horror story, do they? Keep shining, and let your black hair be the crowning glory of your personal style statement. *hair flip*