Can You Color Your Hair with Scalp Psoriasis? Tips for a Safe and Vibrant Transformation

January 19, 2024by admin

Can You Color Your Hair If You Have Scalp Psoriasis

can you color your hair if you have scalp psoriasis
Can You Color Your Hair If You Have Scalp Psoriasis

Ah, Scalp Psoriasis! can you color your hair if you have scalp psoriasis? Some may see it as the Grinch that stole the glitz of hair dyeing from us (forget the Christmas quip; I still haven’t gotten over my grudge against it). Does that mean we can’t enjoy the rainbow hues or cover up those pesky grays? Spoiler Alert: No, it doesn’t!

I know scalp psoriasis can be a tricky little monster, messing with your Samuel L. Jackson ‘Pulp Fiction’ movie look aspirations – well, a less violent statistic to put it in perspective, is that around half of those who live with psoriasis have scalps that are on the agenda of this unwanted guest. But what if I told you that it was possible to both have your hair colored and not set your scalp ablaze? (Metaphorically, we’re not starting any fire festivals here, folks!)

Dyeing and scalp psoriasis are like oil and water, frenemies, Tom and Jerry; they don’t seem compatible.

And yet, just like those classic TV sitcoms, there’s always a workaround. But here’s the kicker: those stunning hair dyes that promise the allure of Ariel’s locks might be the Trojan Horse our pesky psoriasis was waiting for. The chemicals in the dyes can irritate the skin even more, leading to an inflammation party that nobody’s scalp wants an invite to.

Nevertheless, and how sweet this “nevertheless” is, not all psoriasis-inflicted scalps take a vindictive stance towards hair dyes. Many have been known to walk across the aisle, embracing the transformation with a simple extra step before journeying toward their color-soaked dreams. So, who’s ready to dive into the technicolor world? Remember, psoriasis might be an uninvited guest, but that doesn’t mean we forget our manners. Or vivid hair colors. Or, in my case, my treasured puns.

The Complex Relationship between Psoriasis and Hair Dye

So, you’ve got scalp psoriasis and love changing your hair color as often as Taylor Swift changes her tunes. However, between dreams of fiery reds and cool blues dances, the panic of, “Am I going to set my head ablaze using hair dye?” Fret not, fellow color enthusiasts! Let’s delve into the complex, passionate tango between scalp psoriasis and hair dye.

Now, picture hair dye as that unpredictable date you swiped right for on Tinder – charming at first but lurking with harmful chemicals. Like your surprising date, hair dyes may irritate your sensitive scalp, inflamed by your not-so-kind skin partner, psoriasis. There’s good news! You don’t have to swear off coloring your hair as if it’s an ex. Contrary to the doom and gloom narrative, not everyone with psoriasis will sob into their pillow after dyeing their hair.

Many people can still flaunt their fabulous unicorn hair without turning their scalp into a disaster zone! What is the secret ingredient to a beautiful relationship between your hair colors and psoriasis? (drumroll, please!) Communication, research, and adaptation. You see, not all hair dye chemicals have to be your scalp’s nemesis. It’s all about finding the right match – much like your perfect romantic partner – but with fewer cheesy pickup lines.

When you finally embrace that vibrant hue you’ve longed for, you must ask yourself, “Am I ready for this commitment?” Or better yet, “How irritated will irritants in hair dye make me?” Create your action plan, experiment, and show the world that psoriasis doesn’t have to be a roadblock for your hair color fantasies. Remember, adventure – and a full scalp of color – awaits!

can you color your hair if you have scalp psoriasis
can you color your hair if you have scalp psoriasis

Coloring Safely With Psoriasis: Pre-Dye Steps

So, you’ve decided to jazz up your mane, but psoriasis is giving you pause. Damaging your delicate scalp further is not on your color-tastic to-do list, right? Before buying that box of tantalizing auburn hair dye, here’s what you need to consider.

First off. If your scalp is already resembling a volcanic eruption site, it’s not playtime in the Valley of Vivid Colors. Patience, my friend! Dermatologists recommend waiting for your skin to get its act together before introducing it to the wild world of hair dyes. I mean, would you attend Pilates the day after a sprained ankle? Exactly!

Let’s face it: patch tests are a bummer, but they are mighty allies in the hair dye war zone. Dermatologists suggest slapping a bit of dye onto your skin (Your forearm is typically the guinea pig of choice) and waiting to see if you morph into a red, itchy mess. If all’s quiet on the allergic front, you’re unmistakable for color ahead.

Don’t forget to play the part of a self-loving scientist and try the dye on a tiny section of your scalp too. Irritation after a few hours? Shoot! You’d better change your ammo to something milder and gentler. I swear it’s worth playing a bronzed Einstein on this one; your scalp will thank you later.

And, of course, while we’re all for DIY, don’t try to be a hair-dye Hulk. Stick to the recommended time on the box and rinse till your hair squeaks cleaner than a toddler’s conscience. Also, I love your hands! Slap on some gloves (Yes, even if those hands aren’t psoriasis-stricken). Remember, sacrificing clean skin for an extra laundry day is not intelligent. It’s just lazy.

Making the Experience Less Painful: During the Coloring Process

So, you find yourself standing in the store, nail-biting, eyeballs darting back and forth, as you scrutinize the shelves stocked sky-high with boxes of hair dye. It’s not the mind-boggling variety of colors racing your pulse. It’s your best frenemy, Scalp Psoriasis, whispering sweet threats in your ear – “Go on, color your hair! Let’s see how that goes!”

Now, let’s set a few things straight. Yes, hair dyeing with psoriasis can be a challenge. It could feel like being in a real-life edition of ‘Fear Factor.’ But hang on. It’s not all gloom and doom.

Ready for some dyeing dos and don’ts? Buckle up, then. Your Psoriasis Hair Dye Survival Guide starts now!

DO test before you transform. Patch tests help determine if your scalp plans to roll out the itchy red carpet for the chemicals in the dye. Dab some dye (rhyme, yay!) on your inner forearm, slap a bandage, wait two days, and watch out for any “Hey, you! Get off my lawn” reactions from your skin. If your skin throws a fit, ditch the dye.

DO NOT let the dye overstay its welcome. Timing is key.

Please think of the dye as that annoying guest who gets funnier the less time he stays. Leave it on for the recommended time, not more. Or you could end up with the world’s itchiest souvenir.

Also, no dyeing during a flare-up. It’s like throwing a party when your house is on fire. The dyes can lead your already cranky scalp right onto the warpath. So, wait for your scalp to play nice before you shake things up in the color department.

So, it’s crucial to get the timing right, like a well-cooked steak or the punch line of a good joke. Once you have that mastered, you’re all set to go from boring to bold, psoriasis be damned!

Alternative Dyeing Options for Those with Psoriasis

It’s time for a plot twist! Forget chemical hair dyes oozing with compounds I can’t even pronounce. Natural, botanical-based hair dyes are about to steal the limelight. Quite literally.

These nature-pandering hair dyes are an exciting alternative to outsmart your scalp psoriasis. They bring their troop of plant-based color agents and mineral colors, always ready to give you a vibrant hair makeover without the drama of scalp irritation. Believe it or not, they’re friendlier towards your scalp than those chemical-loaded counterparts.

Are you talking about friendly dyes? Let me drop the H-word here. Henna. The world’s possibly most misunderstood redhead. It’s plant-based (cue the applause), giving your hair a lovely red or reddish-brown shade. And guess what? It’s so mild it might as well be the Gandhi of hair dyes. Yeah, it’s that non-violent.

But, here’s the clincher – black henna. Introducing itself as henna’s bolder cousin, black henna is as deceiving as that Tinder date who said they’re 6 feet tall. Packed with unwanted PPD (paraphenylenediamine), black henna often leads to severe allergic reactions. So, you might steer clear from this chameleon undercover and stick to the real, unadulterated henna.

Thus, ladies and gents bid adieu to the constant fretting over scalp psoriasis and welcome the era of hair coloring in style. After all, why should psoriasis stop you from flaunting that sassy burgundy or classic chestnut hair color? Unveil the world of botanical-based dyes and henna, and get ready to paint the town, or at least your hair, your favorite color. Trust me, your scalp (and style quotient) will thank you!

can you color your hair if you have scalp psoriasis
can you color your hair if you have scalp psoriasis

Effective Aftercare For Dyed and Psoriasis-Prone Hair

So, you’ve made it through the coloring process with your scalp still intact, and now, you’re back home, admiring your vibrant locks in the mirror. But hang on, just like a bad sequel to a cheesy rom-com movie; psoriasis might come back uninvited to rekindle its love affair with your scalp. So, what’s a gal or guy has to do?

The first rule of Psoriasis Club: Never underestimate the power of a color-savvy hairstylist. It’s like the Gandalf to your Frodo, guiding you through the perilous journey of hair dyeing. So always ensure to share your scalp saga with your stylist – they CANNOT mind-read your scalp, no matter how magical their hair coloring skills are. Bring your soft-bristle hairbrush to the salon, avoiding the scalp equivalent of a medieval torture instrument: the pointy metal comb.

Post-dying care, however, demands a more focused strategy sent from the dermatological heavens above. It’s about listening to your scalp, keeping an eye on any reddening, itchiness, or unhappy scales looking for a rebellion. Regular moisturizing is your best comrade in combat. And don’t forget to send hate mail to paraphenylenediamine (PPD) – it’s like the Voldemort of hair dye chemicals.

This psoriasis management gig might seem like a full-time job, but hey, at least you’re rocking Instagrammable hair while doing it, right?


In a world where color is everything, you, my friend, are not alone in your vibrant journey with scalp psoriasis. So, grab your cape, embrace your inner hair superhero, and dive into these brilliant tips for choosing color safely. After all, who said psoriasis has to dim your dazzling hair aspirations? Wink wink, nudge, nudge, and unleash your inner colorist!