Color Ideas for Medium Length Hair

September 5, 2023by Best Hair Salon NYC

Color Ideas For Medium Length Hair

color ideas for medium length hair
Color Ideas For Medium Length Hair

Explore inspiring color ideas for color ideas for medium length hair to transform your look with creativity and style. Are you ready to transform your medium-length hair with a burst of color? Finding the perfect hair color can be perplexing, but it’s also an exciting opportunity to express your style and personality. In this article, we’ll explore many color ideas for medium length hair, taking you on a journey from classic hues to bold and trendy shades. Along the way, we’ll emphasize the importance of expert guidance and subtly weave how The Salon Project Hair Salon By Joel Warren NYC can make your hair color dreams come true.

The Versatility of Medium Length Hair

Medium length hair has been a go-to choice for many, offering the perfect balance between short and long. Its versatility makes it an ideal canvas for experimenting with hair color. The Salon Project Hair Salon By Joel Warren NYC recognizes this and excels at enhancing the beauty of medium length hair through expert color techniques.

Classic Hair Colors for Medium Length Hair

Classic hair colors for medium length hair typically refer to timeless and universally flattering shades that suit a wide range of skin tones and styles. These colors are popular because they offer versatility and can be adapted to various looks and occasions. Here are some classic hair colors for medium length hair:

  1. Brunette

Shades of brown, from light caramel to deep chocolate, are always in style. Brunette hair complements various skin tones and can be personalized with highlights or lowlights to add dimension.

  1. Blonde

Blonde hair is a classic choice that ranges from icy platinum to warm honey. For a natural, sun-kissed effect, medium-length blonde hair can be enhanced with balayage or ombre techniques.

  1. Black

Jet-black hair is a bold and timeless choice. It contrasts sharply against fair skin and can be kept sleek and shiny for a polished look.


Shades of red, from fiery red to rich auburn, can add a vibrant and passionate touch to medium-length hair. Red hair often requires maintenance to keep its intensity.


Chestnut hair, a warm and medium brown shade, is versatile and suits many skin tones. It’s a classic choice that can be customized with highlights or lowlights.


While not a specific color, balayage is a coloring technique that involves hand-painting highlights onto the hair for a natural, sun-kissed appearance. It works well with various base colors.


Ombre is another technique rather than a single color. It gradually transitions from one color to another, often starting darker at the roots and fading to a lighter shade towards the ends.


Adding highlights in shades like caramel, honey, or platinum can brighten up medium-length hair and create dimension, regardless of the base color.

Lowlights are darker strands woven into the hair to add depth and dimension. They can be used to enhance any base color.

Natural Colors

Embracing your natural hair color, whether it’s a shade of brown, black, or any other, can also be a classic and elegant choice for medium-length hair.

Remember that the best hair color for you depends on your skin tone, personal style, and maintenance preferences. It’s often a good idea to consult a professional colorist to find the right classic hair color that complements your features and lifestyle. Additionally, consider the health of your hair and use appropriate hair care products to maintain your chosen color and keep your medium-length hair looking its best.

color ideas for medium length hair
color ideas for medium length hair

Bold and Trendy Hair Colors

For those who crave excitement and uniqueness, bold and trendy hair colors are the way to go. Think pastel pinks, vibrant blues, neon greens, and bold highlights. The Salon Project Hair Salon By Joel Warren NYC specializes in these eye-catching transformations, ensuring you stand out in any crowd.

Considerations for Skin Tone

Your skin tone is an important factor to consider when choosing a hair color. The right hair color can enhance your complexion and make you look radiant, while the wrong one can clash with your skin tone and create an unflattering effect. Here are some considerations for matching hair colors with different skin tones:

  1. Warm Skin Tones:
    • If your skin has warm undertones, you may notice hints of yellow, peach, or golden hues in your complexion.
    • Hair colors that tend to complement warm skin tones include shades of red (copper, auburn), warm blondes (honey, golden), and warm browns (chestnut, caramel).
    • Avoid hair colors that are too cool or ashy, as they can make your skin appear sallow.
  2. Cool Skin Tones:
    • Cool undertones in your skin may manifest as pink, blue, or purple.
    • Hair colors that work well with cool skin tones include cool-toned blondes (platinum, ash blonde), cool browns (chocolate, ash brown), and shades of black.
    • Steer clear of overly warm or brassy hair colors, which can clash with cool skin tones.
  3. Neutral Skin Tones:
    • Some individuals have neutral undertones, which means their skin tone is neither strongly warm nor cool.
    • People with neutral skin tones have more flexibility in choosing hair colors, as they can often pull off a wide range of warm and cool shades.
    • Experiment with different colors to find the shades that make you feel most confident and complement your features.

Maintenance and Upkeep

Maintaining your hair color’s brilliance is crucial for a long-lasting, stunning appearance. The Salon Project offers valuable tips and services to help you preserve the vibrancy of your medium length hair color.

Professional vs. DIY

While DIY hair coloring kits are readily available, weighing the pros and cons is important. The expertise of professional colorists at The Salon Project Hair Salon ensures that your hair color transformation is a success, without the risks associated with DIY efforts gone wrong.

color ideas for medium length hair
color ideas for medium length hair

Celebrities and Hair Color Trends

Celebrities often set the tone for hair color trends. Their medium-length hair transformations regularly grace magazine covers and social media feeds. From subtle changes to dramatic shifts, celebrity hair color choices inspire many. The Salon Project By Joel has worked with notable celebrities, contributing to their stunning looks.

Customized Color Consultation

A customized color consultation at The Salon Project is a specialized service for individuals seeking a personalized and expertly crafted hair color experience. Here’s a more detailed explanation of what you can expect from such a consultation:

1. Personalized Experience: The primary objective of a customized color consultation is to create a hair color that is uniquely suited to you. This means taking into account your individual preferences, features, and lifestyle.

2. Expert Guidance: You can discuss your hair color goals with a professional colorist during the consultation. They will offer expert guidance and recommendations based on their knowledge of the latest trends, techniques, and the science of hair color.

3. Skin Tone Analysis: The colorist will assess your skin tone to determine whether you have warm, cool, neutral, or olive undertones. This analysis is crucial in selecting a hair color that complements your complexion and enhances your natural beauty.

Client Success Stories

Still unsure about your hair color journey? Let success stories from The Salon Project Hair Salon’s satisfied clients inspire you. Real-life transformations and glowing reviews showcase the salon’s commitment to delivering exceptional hair color results.


Choosing the right hair color for your medium-length hair can be a transformative experience. From classic elegance to bold and trendy options, the possibilities are endless. Remember, expert guidance is invaluable in achieving the perfect look. The Salon Project, with its wealth of experience and celebrity endorsements, is your trusted partner in this journey.


  1. How do I know which hair color suits me best?
  2. Is it better to dye my hair at home or visit a salon?
    • While DIY is an option, professional colorists at The Salon Project By Joel can ensure a flawless transformation with fewer risks.
  3. What hair color trends are currently popular for medium length hair?
    • Trendy options include pastel shades, neon colors, and bold highlights, all of which The Salon Project NYC excels at.
  4. How often should I touch up my hair color?
    • Maintenance frequency varies by individual and chosen color. The Salon Project offers guidance on proper upkeep.
  5. Can The Salon Project Hair Salon By Joel Warren NYC replicate celebrity hair colors?
    • Absolutely! The salon has a track record of working with celebrities to achieve stunning hair color transformations, making them a top choice for such requests.