Unleash Your Inner Stylist: 23 Creative Hair Coloring Techniques to Try this Summer 2023

April 16, 2024by admin

Creative Hair Coloring Techniques

creative hair coloring techniques
Creative Hair Coloring Techniques

Well, hello, gorgeous! creative hair coloring techniques: Yes, I’m talking to you. You have your fabulous Instagram page filled with your culinary adventures, killer workout regimes, and that adorable cat. But let’s park Sir Whiskers at the moment (don’t worry, we’ll get back to him); it’s time we summoned your inner hairstylist and added a dash and splash of color to your luscious hair. Oh, stop it! I hear you gasping from here. But trust me, you’re just a brush stroke away from being a canvas of creativity that screams ‘hotness’ in the summer of 2023.

Ah! The allure of hair coloring. Akin to a revamp, a rerun of your identity, it’s transformative and honestly quite intoxicating. And 2023 summer hair color trends? Imagine “Fifty Shades of Red,” “The Incredible Huede,” or “The Good, the Bad, and the Brunette.” Let’s say it’s going to be a blockbuster year for coiffures. The hairpins bursting with bronze color, chilling with icy platinum, and sipping cherry coke reds whisper tales of a sizzling season ahead. So buckle up, buttercup; we’re about to dive deep into the technicolor rabbit hole of hair coloring. Hold onto your brush; things are about to get hair-raising!

The Art of Balayage

Ah, balayage! This technique is so artsy that even Picasso felt inspired by it. But what exactly is it? Well, dear readers, balayage is a French word that means “to sweep” or “to paint.” It’s a free-handed hair coloring technique that creates a soft, natural, sun-kissed look. Think of it as that summer fling for your hair that never ends. Romance, indeed!

Now, why would you opt for balayage instead of traditional highlights? For starters, it’s low-maintenance, and who doesn’t like a low-effort, high-reward situation? The grown-out effect complements your natural roots so you won’t suffer from that dreaded “stripey” look. Plus, it’s tailor-made for each client, which means each balayage is more unique than a snowflake. Très chic, non?

So, how can you achieve that balayage oozing with summer vibes? Great question! First, find a highly-skilled hairstylist – ideally, one who knows the difference between Monet and Manet (the artistry thing, remember?). They’ll paint soft, well-placed color onto your hair, creating depth and dimension. Et voilà! You’ll walk out of the salon with hair that looks like it’s seen countless days basking in the warm summer sun, with or without a VIP ticket to Saint-Tropez. Now go on and charm everyone with your balayage beauty!

creative hair coloring techniques
creative hair coloring techniques

Going Bold with Vivid Colors

Alright, here comes the adventure. Remember when you were a kid painting with colors everywhere, your mom’s wall becoming your impromptu canvas, and your mind bubbling with creativity? Well, it’s time to bring back the kid in you. But this time, we are painting our locks (Sorry, mom’s walls!).

Choosing the perfect shade is like standing in front of an ice cream truck (ugh!). There are too many flavors (colors in our case) to pick from, and yes, you feel like picking them all. Have you ever thought of deep-diving into the world of neon? Or maybe dipping your toes into the fiery reds? Whatever shade you like, make sure it’s bold enough to scare away the Monday morning blues.

Applying bold colors is an art, my friend. People regret coloring their hair like they regret their exes. But you, yes, you are not among those people. Paint every strand like you’re crafting a silk tapestry. Blend your hues with subtlety, finesse, and delicacy. Try balayage, pixel hair color technique, and other ancient secrets to make even Gustav Klimt proud of your masterpiece.

Wouldn’t it be heartbreak if that cheeky neon or fiery red fades off faster than your last relationship? Maintaining bold colors requires you to adopt a few healthy habits. Condition your hair like you mean it, avoid hot styling tools (your lover might not be toxic, but these tools are!), and most importantly, don’t wash your hair daily. All in all, bold hair shades are like rebellious teenagers demanding your attention (How dare they?). But isn’t that a sweet price to pay for creating your art? Your move, Picasso!

Playing with Pastels

Oh, pastel hair, the unicorn of hair trends, the stuff of cotton-candy-colored daydreams. Taking the plunge into pastel territory is like that first scoop of gelato on a sweltering summer day: utterly delightful and a smidge intimidating. Let’s channel our inner Monet and paint our tresses with a palette sweeter than a macaron shop display.

Dip your locks into lavender whispers, minty freshness, and peachy sunsets. Half the fun is in the naming. And remember, these colors aren’t just pretty – they’ve got more commitment issues than a wanderlust-stricken teenager, fading faster than a sunset on a Tinder date. But fear not! With the right approach, achieving that pastel perfection is a walk in the park (preferably during cherry blossom season).

First, you’ll need to pre-lighten your hair to the color of the inside of a banana – yup, that light. Consider it a blank canvas for your pastellian masterpiece. Don’t get overzealous with the bleach, or you might find yourself sporting the gossamer strands of a fragile dandelion ready to poof away with the wind.

Now, about maintenance – because with great color comes great responsibility. Those soft hues will require more TLC than a clingy pet. Use color-safe, sulfate-free shampoos unless you want your chic pastel shade to slide down the drain. Cold water rinses? They’re your new best friend. And heat styling? Keep the heat for your summer flings instead of your hair.

But who cares about a bit of extra care when you look like a walking dream? So strut your stuff with your new pastel locks and enjoy the summer vibes. Predictable? Never. Surreal? Always. Boring? Only if you’re doing it wrong.

Creative Color-Blocking

Hang onto your tint brushes, style mavens, because we’re diving into the kaleidoscopic abyss of color-blocking, and trust me, it’s the fashion-forward cousin your hair never knew it needed. What’s that, you ask? Imagine taking disparate hues—a shock of aqua here, a dash of purple there—and creating a hair masterpiece that even Picasso might double-tap on the ‘Gram.

Don’t confuse color-blocking with hiding in the bushes at your ex’s wedding. This is about intention, darling. The technique? It’s like playing Tetris on your head! Strategic placement is your best friend; think a bold cobalt nape under a veil of sleek black or hidden rainbow layers that play peekaboo with every flick of those luscious locks.

creative hair coloring techniques
creative hair coloring techniques

And honey, let’s not pretend you’re not already storyboarding ideas for Summer 2023. Just picture sipping that iced matcha latte with rose gold and sunset orange strands melding together into a sweet summer melody. Or maybe you’re cannonballing into the pool with hair that’s more color than the cocktails at the swim-up bar.

Get ready to screenshot and DM your stylist with an all-caps “THIS” because color-blocking is your one-way ticket to being the trendsetter in your friend group. And if anyone asks, tell them your head is an exclusive art gallery, and guess what, babe? Not everyone makes the guest list. 😉

Embracing Natural Roots

Moving meetings in your one-of-a-kind home salon to the next level, we’re turning to the authentic charm of embracing our roots … literally! By roots, of course, I mean your natural hair color. Dark roots paired with dyed hair ends have recently been celebrated, also known as the Instagram-licious “rooted” trend. By Madonna’s age-defying wisdom – “If you’ve got it, flaunt it” – it’s time to let your natural hair lead the style procession!

Why the uproar about grown-out roots, you ask? It adds dimension to your color, creating a lived-in, beachy look that says, “I have a life, but I also know how to prioritize.” The “I-woke-up-like-this” look is more appealing than you might think. But wait, there’s more! It’s super low maintenance (your wallet can start breathing again), seriously easy to grow out, and no more nerve-wracking root touch-ups!

But hold on! Just because nature’s taken the reins doesn’t mean we toss out our hair care thoroughly. Think Deep conditioning treatments, less heat styling, and more BRB-My-hair-needs-some-TLC moments. And yes, that includes smoothing a nourishing hair mask while binge-watching your favorite show, or as I like to call it, “multi-tasking at its core”.

So pour yourself a glass of something bubbly, embrace that rooty goodness, and let your hair down, metaphorically and literally! If mother nature can rock the ombre effortlessly, so can you, honey!

DIY Hair Coloring Tips

Ah, DIY Hair Coloring Tips – the section where we divulge all the secrets and strategies your neighborhood salon will hate us for! Let us dive into the magical world of at-home hair transformations.

Don’t expect miracles by using lemon juice and sunshine, my friends. Invest in a good hair color kit and the essential tools (gloves, brush, and bowl) to begin your self-expression journey. Trust me, your bathroom tiles will thank you for using proper equipment.

Alright, Picasso, let’s prep and color that canvas! First, perform a strand test to avoid turning your lovely locks into a shade that reminisces radioactive waste. Besides, cleaning up nuclear disasters in your hair isn’t a fashionable hobby. Then, carefully follow the instructions on the box, but don’t be afraid to experiment with the techniques you learned from our earlier sections. Just remember, color can be unforgiving – like that one aunt at family gatherings.

So, what if it all goes wrong? Panic? Cry? No, hair color mishaps can surprisingly lead to self-discovery and, you know, hats. Temporarily try some color-correcting shampoos, or, in extreme cases, seek the help of a professional. After all, we’re only human, and sometimes mistakes lead us to a better path – or hair color.


There’s no better time to embrace your inner hair color virtuoso in a world that’s more “go big or go home” than ever. So don’t be shy – dive headfirst into a summer of confetti hair, pastel dreams, and electrifying mermaid manes. After all, these vibrant locks aren’t just epic style statements — they’re a reminder to live in technicolor and celebrate self-expression. So, cheers to you, Picasso of the braids, for daring to scribble outside the lines and letting your true colors shine through in Summer of 2023. You’ve got this!