Decoding Hair Color 1: The Comprehensive Guide to Shades and Tones

October 26, 2023by admin

Hair Color 1

hair color 1
Hair Color 1

Think of hair color levels like your latest Netflix binge. Season 1 (or hair color 1 for hair-color nerds like us) is your jet-black hair. Every level after that gradually involves moving to the blonde spectrum until Level 10, the grand finale -a.k .a, your platinum blonde.

Just like skipping seasons leaves you utterly confused about who killed whom and who is secretly somebody’s cousin, skipping out on understanding hair color levels will leave your hair looking like a failed DIY experiment. (And we all know how that last banana bread attempt turned out. Still got that fossilized lump in your kitchen?) So to avoid having hair that is sawnier than that rock-hard loaf, it’s crucial to understand each level and choose accordingly. Trust me, this is one rabbit hole you want to go down. And no, it has nothing to do with Alice or any shady Wonderland deals. Just plain old-fashioned hair wizardry!

The Basics of Hair Color Levels

Prepare for a joyride into the profound abyss of the hair color universe, where being a ‘blonde hair color‘ or a ‘brunette’ is too mainstream. I mean, look around. We have thousands of hair color shades, and everyone’s fixated on being a Bella or an Elsa! Here’s when ‘hair color levels’ sashay into the frame, making themselves comfortable between ‘I want to dye my hair’ and ‘OMG! Why is my hair green?’

We’re spilling the tea on ‘how hair color levels work.’ So, my color-virgin friends sit tight. You create hair color, not by just slapping some dye, oh no. It’s like brewing the perfect cup of tea, selecting the ideal leaves, and checking the water temperature. In hair-color-parlance, we call it the ‘Natural Underlying Pigment.’ Then that pigment gets a one-way ticket aboard the ‘shade train,’ toasting to new color levels, from 1 to 10.

Here’s your snack-sized bite of the ‘hair color levels 1-10’ overview. Level 1? That’s your Jet Black, which looks like a fortune teller’s cat slept on your head! On the flip side, level 10? *chef’s kiss* It’s platinum blonde a la Marilyn Monroe, goddess of the vanilla hair tribe.

Remember, folks, understanding these levels is your paint-by-numbers guide to hair coloring. You don’t want to end up in hair color purgatory. You might enjoy this complicated dance of hair, dye, and science. By the end of this, I promise you’ll dive into the hair color pool like a pro. So buckle up, buttercup! We’re just getting started on this fabulously colorful journey.

hair color 1
hair color 1

Breaking Down the Hair Color Levels

Let’s dive into the deep sea of hair color, shall we? Brace yourselves; we’re about to meet every cosmetologist’s BFF, the levels of hair color!

We kick things off at Level 1

commonly called Jet Black – like your high school emo phase, but way chicer! This is the deepest, darkest level of hair color, where your hair could potentially earn you a mistaken identity as a member of the Addams family.

Next on our colorful journey is Level 2

or Darkest Brown for our less-styled friends. Picture a bar of the most decadent dark chocolate – tempting, right? This level of brown is slightly threatening, a tad sulky and complex, and loaded with drama, just like your favorite TV series. It’s the brown that makes you feel like a total badass.

Now arriving at Level 3

we are still amidst the brooding phase, only a tad lighter. It’s still Dark Brown but has slightly leaned towards, dare I say, a smidge of warmth. It’s like Level 2’s younger, less moody cousin – still dark but willing to wave at the sun.

Level 4

or Medium Brown is where we get all friendly, with just the right amount of sunshine and shade. This is the average Joe of brown hair color, not too dark or light, just right! It’s the hair equivalent of a ‘fine-ish’ weather day, nothing remarkable, but you won’t complain.

Skipping ahead to Level 5

we meet Light Brown. This is the start of the flirtier end of our spectrum. It has brown hair and a sunny personality. Reminiscent of a toasty almond or maybe some sweet caramel – scrumptious, inviting, and surprisingly Instagrammable.

Enter Level 6

or Dark Blonde, where things get seriously light. It’s like Level 5 got sent to a spa for hair and came back all refreshed, sun-kissed, and carrying a ‘beach please’ tote.

Smack in the middle of our blonde parade, level 7, and we have Medium Blonde. The Goldilocks of blondes! It’s not too light or dark, just perfectly nestled in the blonde world’s comfort zone.

Level 8

the Light Blonde gracefully struts in. It’s like someone tagged Sunday Sunshine into the hair. This level radiates happiness, warmth, and the invincibility you feel after three cups of coffee.

Moving on to Level 9

we’re venturing into the land of unicorns with Very Light Blonde. Postcard-perfect beach hair makes us feel on holiday, even on a drab Monday.

Last but not least, we toast to the queen of the hair color mountain,

Level 10

the Platinum Blonde! It is the hair color nirvana, the ‘talk of the town,’ the platinum record of the hair world.

And voila! We’ve successfully navigated through our hair color spectrum. From brooding black to prancing platinum, there’s always the perfect shade for your tress distress. Remember, your hair is your crown, so wear it proudly at any level!

The Relationship Between Levels and Tones

Just when you thought we were done baffling you with the hair color levels and you can finally breathe easy, here come the tones, like a plot twist in a thriller movie. (Cue dramatic music!)

Hair color tones are those cheeky little devils that mingle with your preferred level to determine if you’ll end up with Meghan Markle’s elegant brunette allure or Ronald McDonald’s delightful, umm, boldness.

Now listen up because this could be the conspiracy theory of hair coloring. Every level of hair color has underlying tones lurking in the shadows, waiting to morph your desired hue into something…unexpected. What are these saboteurs? Oh, just the cool, neutral, and warm tones. They might appear harmless, but mixed up with your desired level, they could turn you into a diva or a disaster.

So, how do you choose the right tone? Well, my friend, you won’t get decisive answers from fortune cookies or magic 8-balls. The secret is understanding your skin’s undertones (cool, warm, or neutral). You might be on track if you think this sounds like finding your Hogwarts house.

Congratulations! You’re on your way to hair color wizardry. Finally, a skill more practical than making ‘Dalgona coffee.’

hair color 1
hair color 1

How to Choose the Perfect Hair Color

Ah, choosing the perfect hair color is the Holy Grail of cosmetics. You’d think it’d be as easy as picking bubbles for your bath, but no siree! To help you avoid a hair catastrophe, let’s discuss some crucial points in finding that elusive pot of chromatic gold.

You were first determining your starting level. You can’t just paint your hair willy-nilly; know the canvas you’re working with! Whip out that hair color level chart and find where your current hair shade stands. Also, embrace your inner Sherlock and deduce your natural undertones – are you an incredible, neutral, or warm-toned being?

Next up: porosity. You’ve probably heard of it before, but do you understand its importance? Picture a bouncer at a nightclub; the party inside represents your hair dye. The higher your hair’s porosity, the more exclusive the guest list, making it harder for the dye to crash the party. Have you got it?

Lastly, let’s talk about sticking to your desired level range. We know you’re ambitious, and change is significant, but avoid jumping more than two or three levels at once – unless you want your hair to go from zero to hero in minutes (spoiler alert: you don’t). Slow and steady wins the race, remember?

So, there you have it, folks – the four magical elements to help you achieve the hair color of your dreams. But always remember, you’re perfect just the way you are. Cheers!

Working with a Professional Stylist

Ah, professional stylists – the hair wizards who save us from DIY bleach disasters and botched at-home dye jobs. Consulting with a stylist can be our saving grace, as they have all the knowledge of hair color levels and tones under their spell-casting fingertips. Plus, they’re experts in understanding your hair’s unique traits like temperament and porosity. Now, the real challenge is the game of hair color charades. Communicating your desired color level and tone with your stylist is crucial. So, take a deep breath and practice that fancy lingo you’ve learned. Fear not; with mutual understanding and a sprinkle of magic, your hair will transform into your dream color. And hey, at least there are no flying monkeys involved!

Common Hair Color Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Hold onto your hairbrushes, folks, because we’re about to dive into the world of common hair color mistakes and how to avoid them. We’ve all been there, staring in terror at our bathroom mirror. But fear not! Let’s unravel this tangled mess together.

Firstly, the classic blunder of choosing the wrong level or tone: one minute, you’re practically a hair color Picasso, and the next, you look like a rogue box of Crayolas has attacked you. To avoid this pitfall, arm yourself with knowledge on levels and tones, and always do a strand test before diving all in.

Next up, apply too much or too little color: drown your delicate strands under a tidal wave of dye or play hide-and-seek with patches of missed color. Be like Goldilocks and find that “just right” amount.

Overlapping color is when you end up with zebra-esque stripes along your hair because you colored the same area multiple times. Combat this by working systematically and following a plan of attack (like an actual hair color ninja). And last, not maintaining your hair color properly is the equivalent of putting a dollar in a shredder. Invest in color-safe shampoos and conditioners, and treat your hair like the sassy-colored queen it is.

And there you have it, hair heroes! Avoid these common traps; together, we’ll conquer the hair-coloring world.


Indeed we’ve now turned that color wheel spin into a casual jaunt, right? We started at Level 1, dangling by our metaphorical hair color bootstraps, just hanging out with ‘jet black.’ We mustered the confidence to climb to Level 10, ‘platinum blonde,’ like those Instagram models we secretly envy. We’ve even discovered the world of tones; we can all run for the ‘Miss Universe’ crown with our cool, neutral, or warm tones. Now you’re equipped with the knowledge to chase the unicorn of hair colors: your perfect shade. Remember, it’s not rocket science; it’s just an unforeseen color adventure to your version of Rapunzel. Happy color hunting!