Sensitive Skin? No Worries: Perfect Guide to Hair Color for Sensitive Skin

November 18, 2023by admin

Hair Color For Sensitive Skin

hair color for sensitive skin
Hair Color For Sensitive Skin

This post is about hair color for sensitive skin. If you are here, you might own the rare gem called sensitive skin! Now now, don’t let a tiny blush give it all away. After all, it’s not your fault if your skin has a little more sense of touch than others. If it were ‘sensitivity,’ it would be that diva who always gets the backstage VIP pass while we, not-so-sensitive ones, struggle in line eating dust.

Let me take you down my memory lane – the first time I decided to color my hair. Oh, what an absolute disaster! Picture this – 16-year-old me, all starry-eyed, excited to bid goodbye to my ‘boring’ black hair for some dazzling chestnut brown. Only, I ended up with sneezes, itchy scalp, and red skin, more like I had a tête-à-tête with a bottle of hot sauce! Yeah, the tango with hair color was more strip-tease than salsa. Trust me; the sneezing and not the new hair color gave me an “unforgettable” entry in the high school reunion!

So, with that fiasco behind me, I embraced that my sensitive skin demands a little more than just an appealing hair color box; it needed what’s inside that box to be as gentle as a lullaby -feel me? Trust me, dear, when I say I feel that tingling pain, both on the skin and in the heart. So, buckle up as we dive deeper into the world of hair colors (no sneezing this time, promise!).

Backstage of Hair Coloring

Oh, the wonders of hair coloring! It’s a game of hide and seek – hiding grays, seeking compliments! But hold on, not everything that glitters is gold. Especially not when discussing the mystery elixir that turns your grays into glamorous ‘never seen before’ hair color. It’s time for some substance talk – the dark and not-so-pretty ingredients in your hair color.

Can you recall that ‘my eyeballs are on fire’ sensation you had last time you colored your hair? You can thank ammonia for that – the stink bomb in your glorious hair color. Why’s it there, you ask? Well, it helps the color to penetrate deep into your hair (and also, I think, our nostrils!).

But here’s the catch, it irritates the most talkative skin type – yes, you guessed it right, sensitive skin. It’s like inviting a havoc-wreaking barbarian for a tea party!

But there’s hope. And it’s ammonia-free. Like a gentle summer breeze after a storm, ammonia-free hair colors are here to save your nose and your scalp! Now, you can frolic in the hair color aisle without that faint taste of fear!

So, wave goodbye to skin-screaming, eyeball-exploding ammonia, and say hello to the dawn of a new era. Enter ammonia-free hair colors!

hair color for sensitive skin
hair color for sensitive skin

Plaster or disaster? Patch Test

Patch test, or what I prefer to call it, the “Find-If-I’m-Allergic-To-The-Dye-Without-Turning-Into-A-Bald-Chia-Pet” test. It’s crucial for your health if you’ve sensitive skin. Picture this, it’s like a movie trailer – it gives you a sneak peek of what epic disaster (or perhaps triumph – we’re optimists, remember?) you may unlock.

It’s as easy as Sunday morning, dab a bit of dye behind your ear. Nope, folks, we’re not trying to start a new fashion trend – it’s purely because that’s one of the most sensitive areas of your body. I bet I didn’t see that coming!

Give it 48 hours, yeah! Patience isn’t just a virtue; it’s a freaking savior. And then, behold! If your skin throws a tantrum with rash and itchiness, then fail, my dears. But if it’s calm as a cucumber, well… pass, darling! Color away, pour yourself a glass of bubbly and revel in your newly minted hair and irritation-free skin. Who’s the boss now? You, indeed!

Best Hair Colors for Sensitive Skin – Not A Myth!

Ah, “Natural is best.” The sweet lie that we love to believe, especially when picking hair colors. It’s a clever trap, ladies. It makes sense, right? Nature is good, chemicals bad. But wait, isn’t cyanide natural too? Well, that escalated quickly. Before you think I’m going to pitch cyanide hair dye, clarify that birth doesn’t always mean gentle or safe, especially when your skin takes sensitivity to an Oscar-winning level.

When it comes to hair colors for delicate skin, my advice is don’t play Russian roulette. Instead, go for products specially designed for your skin diva. You know, “Sensitive skin, meet sensitive hair color,” that sort of thing. Here are my top three picks of hair colors that won’t make your skin rebel.

First in line is “Of course, it’s ammonia-free” by Safe Dyes.

Touted as the angel from color heaven, it comes with a promise of zero scalp burns. The second one is the “Ouch-less brunette” by Gentle Shades. This salon-grade product will leave your hair looking like it was kissed by a chocolatey sun, minus the sensitivity drama. But if you’re a blonde babe stuck in a brunette’s body, “Gentle Bleach Babe” by Mild Bliss is your ticket to Blondville sans the fiery scalp.

Remember, the right product is one where quality meets sensitivity. They should be best friends, inseparable, like peanut butter and jelly, or like me and my ex – Nah, lousy

hair color for sensitive skin
hair color for sensitive skin

comparison. You get the point.

So, ladies, it’s time to break up with your ‘natural is best’ illusion and swoon over these caring knights in colorful armor. Because at the end of the day, when your scalp doesn’t feel like it’s auditioning for Dante’s Inferno, you know you’ve found the one! As they say, once you go gentle, you don’t go…um…never mind. On to the next point!


Application Boosters and Post-Color Care

Now, ladies, we all love the idea of a low-budget personal salon sipping some tea as we experiment with our hair color. Extra sugar, anyone? But this homemade salon experience will turn out much sweeter if you follow some tips to boost the applicability of your color.

First, don’t go blitzing in with Comando confidence, and apply the whole bottle of hair color at once! Patience, darling! Hair coloring is an art, not a race. Start from the roots and gradually move towards the ends. Remember, we are not squeezing the juice out of a lemon here, so gently massage the dye into your hair. And, my next tip might shock you – for God’s sake, ladies, wear gloves. As much as you love your color, your hands don’t need to join the party!

Now, you have beautifully colored hair! Congratulations! But wait, don’t start receiving award speeches in your head yet! You still need to follow post-color care.

Ah, you love shampoo! Unfortunately, darling, shampoo doesn’t love your color. So, restrict shampooing to twice a week, maximum. Get a good hair mask, and embrace the benefits of deep conditioning. Remember, your hair is not a cactus, so hydrate, hydrate! And try to avoid heating tools finally to avoid playing ‘Game of Tones’ with your hair color.

Remember, your hair is the crown you never take off. So, invest equal time and care for this crown just as you would for a diamond one (if you had one, poor souls!). Remember, your color needs care, darling! Don’t let it feel abandoned.

Frequently Asked Questions – FA(Skin)Qs

Frequently Asked Questions – FA(Skin)Qs

*sigh* Fine, we’ll answer (again) the burning questions we know you’ve been trying to get answers to.

“Can I color my hair with sensitive skin? Eh, Read again!” Haven’t we been over this? But the answer is YES for those who scrolled down too fast (we don’t blame you, life’s short). Follow the guide above, perform a Patch Test (no skipping, remember?), and choose suitable hair colors for sensitive skin. And voilà! Time to flaunt that gorgeous hair color without inflaming your sensitive skin!

“How frequently should I color my hair? It won’t damage, right?” Okay, sensitive skin warriors, let’s clear the air. Coloring your hair too frequently might cause damage regardless of your skin type. So, to be safe, give it a good 6-8 weeks between colorings. That’s about the time it takes to forget the pain of your last at-home hair color mishap!

Embrace the quirky hair color drama! Remember, sensitive skin isn’t a curse; it’s just picky. So treat it right and give it the hair color it deserves!

Conclusion – Dye Another Day!

So, we’ve taken a maiden voyage into the deep ocean of sensitive skin and hair coloring. Wasn’t that a drama-filled voyage? More drama than an episode of a reality talent show, right? And just like a suspenseful episode, we want the sequel. So, ladies, quit ‘dyeing’ from anticipation! This won’t be your last hair-raising adventure. Remember, sensitive skin divas, for every bad hair day (or dye), there is always another color, another day! Up and at them, ladies! Because hair’s to our next colorful adventure!