Embracing Elegance: Hair Color Ideas optimized for Women Over 70

November 3, 2023by admin

Hair Color For Women Over 70

hair color for women over 70
Hair Color For Women Over 70

We will rock hair colors that speak volumes of our journey, unapologetically loud! So, ladies, put that silk scarf around your shoulders, grab your gloves, and prepare to dive into the wild world of “Elegance”: hair color for women over 70.

Oh, well, hello there, my fellow silver-tressed vixens! I see you’ve decided to climb aboard the vibrant-hair-color bandwagon. What a robust ride it promises to be! They say after 70, the hair turns grey, and life dulls. But darling, that’s what hair color is for! Embrace the change, and make peace with those grey strands because now, they are your blank canvas to paint a million possibilities!

Are you thinking about your expectations versus reality? Bah! Will those chestnut tresses look the same as when you were 20? Probably not. But who cares? Change is the spice of life, or should I say, the dye of hair? Our 70s are an exciting prospect of growth, evolution, and tons of sassy experimentation. And remember, in our gracefully badass world, hair color brands promising “younger-looking hair” are irrelevant.

The Chemistry & Science Spend on Your Natural Color

Welcome, my celestial queens over 70! Now, let’s get down to the science of your silver streaks. The dynamics of your hair are like the plot of a Spanish soap opera – dramatic and mysterious. As we usher in the glorious 70th year, our follicles start to party less. Hello, grey hair!

Thanks to melanin, the life of the party, our hair has got that youthful cover band vibe going on. But like any good thing, melanin bails out as you age, leaving your luscious locks to party with transparent, colorless hair protein called keratin. But hey! No one said gray is drab!

So, ladies, switching gears to embracing your natural elegance – it’s all about working your new silver or white locks. Like a bottle of fine wine, your hair gets better with age. That platinum sheen you’re now sporting is the envy of every trendy young thing spraying ‘granny hair’ from a can. They wish they could get your look without dousing their scalps in bleach.

Remember, whether you’re a silver fox or golden sunshine, your unique shade is your strength. Be proud, and let the natural colors make you an instant head-turner. Take that, hair-dye industry!

Don’t worry, darlings; the Pantone Universe has nothing on our hues. So walk head high, toss your hair, and let each strand tell its unique story. Your hair is not just a crown; it’s also your lifetime achievement trophy.

Top 5 Hair Color Styles for a Regal Look

Welcome to the vibrant world of hair color, where age stands still at the door, raising an appreciative eyebrow. Now, please don’t panic, my silver-streaked sirens; we’ll breeze through this together.

Fancy a low-maintenance color idea? How about balayage? Who said it’s only for the spring chickens? This technique keeps your roots natural, meaning less frequent salon visits. I mean, who has the time between EastEnders and Bingo nights?

hair color for women over 70
hair color for women over 70

While we’re bursting bubbles of misconceptions, let’s shatter another one – color-friendly hair products that won’t cost you an arm or a leg. ORIBE Masque for Beautiful Color They’re nothing short of Zen masters of haircare with products that won’t make your wallet wince.

On the chessboard of hair care routines, let’s keep things simple. Start with an untouched queen – that’s your conditioner. Say, ‘checkmate!’ to harsh colors with a pH-balanced shampoo, and grace your crowning glory with a heat protection spray during styling. It’s simple, effective, and doesn’t require a degree in astrogeophysics!

With such a routine in place, who says style has an expiration date? The world is your hair salon; you’re just living in it!

Right, onwards we march, ladies! To gray or not to gray, that’s the next question…

Ditch the Gray: Why Not?

Are you tired of playing Fifty Shades of gray with your hair every morning? Mind you, we are NOT encouraging you to conceal your true self. You, magnificent golden girls, might think, “Oh gracious! They’ll now ask us to dip our heads in a tub of rainbow paint”. Well, we’re all for the “YOU DO YOU, BOO.” But if you’re someone ready to paint the town red or instead paint your hair burgundy, why should any social construct make you think otherwise? Variety is the spice of life.

Of course, deciding to DITCH THE GRAY is like walking on a tightrope. It’s not just choosing the right color but also learning to dance the tango with your hair type, skin tone, and, well, the personality your cats or grandchildren know you for. Be prepared for some trial and error as your hair might have a mind of its own, but so do toddlers, and we love them, don’t we?

Heavens to Betsy! Even if you’re all set to flag off this color voyage, there are factors yet to consider. Remember, your hair has graduated 70 rounds around the sun. It demands RESPECT! Hence, finding a color and process gentle enough for your hair is tantamount. Be it the permanent dye types or the semi-permanent ones, your choice should merely enhance the regal look you already rock.

So, ladies, whether you wish to keep it classy with a natural brunette or bold with sunflower yellow, it is essential to be beautiful. As they say, do whatever tickles your peach!

Keep the Gray: Why and How?

So, you’re thinking of cohabitation with gray hair, huh? Well, let’s start this candid conversation with this marvelously snarky line – embracing gray hair has its haute couture. It elevates you to a new level of the “I don’t care” kingdom, in which you proudly flaunt your silver strands and your seasoned charisma and wisdom.

Coffee chats over silver hair can turn into a WW3 of opinions. But let’s cut through the chatter. Want to capture the spotlight? Wispy gray bobs, curly silver pixie, or maybe the ‘dread’-ed gray dreadlocks. Trust me, nothing screams elegance louder than a silver-head confidently strutting their stuff.

And care for gray hair? Aah! Now we’ve embarked on divine territory. Gray hair is like that mature bourbon, refined over time, hence a tad bit trickier to handle and manage. Moisture! Moisture! And some more moisture! Dryness can turn your silver into a wiry mess faster than a rabbit on a skateboard. Pick sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners and a smidge of argan oil for that sparkling shine.

Remember, your silver hair is not a sign of you losing… instead, it’s a sign of you winning the marathon called life. Now, strut your silver, and let your gray hair wave like a victory flag!

hair color for women over 70
hair color for women over 70

Salon vs DIY: The Great Debates

Let’s dive into the battlefield, ladies! The hair dyeing salon and your very own kitchen or bathroom, who will emerge the victor in this grey-man combat? Now, I know quite a few of you love the hair salon ritual: the glossy magazines, the juicy gossip, and the utter joy of having someone else clean up the chemical warfare. Not to mention, there’s something oddly reassuring about having a professional do all the precision work.

But on the flip side, salon visits aren’t precisely as pocket-friendly as DIY options, and I know the price tag can sometimes make your hair stand on edge – quite literally! Plus, can we talk about that familiar and oddly uncomfortable tingle as they apply the chemicals? Gets me every time.

Meanwhile, DIY hair coloring does save us some serious coin, and there’s the added perk of not having to make small talk while looking in a mirror.

You can slop on your sweats and color those greys while binging on your favorite Netflix shows. However, God forbid you miss a spot or unintentionally create a two-toned hairdo (unless punky streaks are your game plan). Also, mandatory warning: Beware of hair dye stains on your bathroom tiles and the risk of turning your favorite towel into a tie-dye masterpiece.

Ultimately, it all boils down to what matters more to you: saving your pension or bragging to your friends about getting your hair done by a trendy professional – who knows the best way to hide that unexpected balding spot. No judgment here. We’re all about embracing our choices, as confused as they might be!

Just remember, ladies, whether it’s salon or DIY, the only mistake you can make here is forgetting to enjoy the experience and the fabulous hair transformation that follows. And yes, “fabulous” applies even if you somehow turn your hair green.



So, darlings, we’ve gallivanted through the vast spectrum of hair hues, debunked the gray myth, and stirred up the Salon vs DIY pot. But here’s the golden nugget: embracing the silver queen in you or reigniting the fiery redhead; the choice is yours to celebrate! And remember, the best thing to wear is confidence. It’s like a tiara for your personality; never let it slip. It’s your party, honey—color, gray, or rainbow, your incredible confidence makes you the most vibrant!