Unlocking the Secrets: How to Choose the Perfect Hair Color to Make Hair Look Thicker

December 29, 2023by admin

Hair Color To Make Hair Look Thicker

hair color to make hair look thicker
Hair Color To Make Hair Look Thicker

Alright, dear reader. Buckle up and put your hair up in a scrunchie because we’re about to embark on a life-changing hair color to make hair look thicker. The struggle for voluminous, dramatic locks is as old as the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra herself. And just like her, we’re ready to try everything from milk baths to snake venom (Okay, maybe not venom) in our desperate quest for lushness. But what if I told you there’s a not-so-course-altering secret weapon we’ve overlooked? Enter Hair color!

Indeed! Your new best friend isn’t the blow dryer or the wide-tooth comb; it’s the humble box of hair dye! Yes, the one you’ve feared since you saw Aunt Betsy come out looking like a neon watermelon after her DIY experiment. But don’t worry, we’re here to ensure no watermelon incidents. After all, friends don’t let friends dye hair without guidance. So grab your gloves and cape; it’s time for the transformation to begin!

Understanding Hair Structure: The Foundation of it All

As we adventure further into the mysterious follicle jungle that crowns your head, you have to understand what we’re dealing with here. Hair! Nature’s shiny gift, our very own organic ‘Chia Pet.’ But what exactly makes up your mane? Witches’ brew? Fairy dust? No! Your hair is primarily made of a protein hair called keratin, the same stuff that makes your nails look so fabulous… or horrifying, depending on your nail care regimen.

Keepin’ it in the family, each tiny hair strand features three layers, much like your favorite triple chocolate cake. The outer layer called the cuticle, miraculously reflects light, giving your hair its ‘advert-worthy’ glossiness. This is where Mr. Color swoops in like a superhero, adding more zap, pow, and visual interest!

You see, coloring adds an extra layer of pigment, making the hair shaft swell up a bit (don’t we all after too much pizza?). This mini fitness-free ‘pump sesh’ equals more hair volume illusion. Voila! Instant thickness, no push-ups required!

So stick around, gorgeous! Next, we are taking a wild ride through the color theory jungle. Picking the right hue for you ‘might be akin to finding the Holy Grail… or at least a non-dud lottery ticket.

The Color Wheel of Power: Choosing Shades that Speak Volumes

Well, darlings, let’s take a whirl at the color wheel. Picture it: a rainbow of hair choices at your fingertips. No, we’re not at the end of some leprechaun’s rainbow but rather confronting a variety of dye options as wide as an Italian nonna’s pasta selection at Sunday lunch. Maneuvering this maze could become as knotty as a broken hairbrush if you aren’t prepared.

But don’t you worry your pretty, soon-to-be thicker-looking head about it! We’ve got the scoop. Choosing the right shade is like selecting the perfect Instagram filter – it’s all about the lighting and contrast.

Now, let’s dive into the argument as old as the Kardashians’ fame, shall we? Light vs. dark – which gives a fuller look? Put dark colors hair, whether it’s your mood, your coffee, or your partner’s sense of humor, and make everything seem, well… ‘full-bodied’. With hair, the principle is the same (because of science, sweetie!). Dark shades can provide an illusion of density, helping your hair appear lush.

But here’s the plot twist. You don’t have to swear an oath of allegiance to Team Brunette yet! Lighter shades, with their reflection-catching qualities, do not sit quietly in the corner either. Combined with some strategic techniques (spoiler alert: coming in the next section!), they can be a wild card in this densifying game.

So, in this grand debate, either side can triumph. But remember, choosing your warrior (ahem, color) should depend on your natural hue and existing hair health. Proving once again, hair care – not unlike your love life – is more complicated than a telenovela plotline!

hair color to make hair look thicker
hair color to make hair look thicker

Playing with Light: The Magic of Highlights and Lowlights

Well, well! We’ve sailed through the stormy seas of hair structure circumnavigating the color wheel’s treacherous terrain, and we’re still in one piece (and with most of our sanity intact!). High five, you brave beauty warrior! But have a seat because we still have a couple of fantastic tricks up our sleeve.

Brace yourself, for here arrives the magic duo: Highlights and lowlights. Like peanut butter and jelly, these two go hand in hand in the quest for voluminous hair. No, highlights are not solely reserved for the “blondes-have-more-fun” crowd, nor lowlights just for moody rockers. Intrigued? Well, allow me to spill the tea.

Highlights, my dearies, are not solely focused on making you look like you’ve just returned from a tropical vacation (though that’s a perk). Clock this in: By strategically placing lighter strands, your hair achieves the well-needed depth, convincing everyone that your hair is thicker than a mystery novel.

Now, for the less celebrated half of this dynamic duo—lowlights. A touch of darkness in your hair can ignite a visual contrast, creating an illusion of a lion’s mane. Yes, you read that right! Your hair will be the talk of the town, all thanks to the illusion of dimension created by lowlights.

So, should you start scribbling down notes, hoping the perfect highlight/lowlights strategy appears like Newton’s law of gravity? Save that energy for the next dramatic aura shampoo ad because we’re not entirely done yet. Stay tuned for common hair color missteps because who doesn’t love a good blooper reel?
Phew, dare I say, with excellent color comes great responsibility. Remember, not all that glitters (or gleams in the sun, in this case) is gold (or glossy hair!).

Color Techniques to Avoid Unless You Like the ‘Bald Eagle’ Look

No hair coloring session is complete without a few disastrous tales to chuckle over, and let’s face it, we’ve all had those “Bald Eagle” days. You know, the ones where we look in the mirror and feel the irresistible urge to salute? Let’s take a moment of silence for all the brave strands that fought the good fight. But fret not; we can avoid these “out-of-toupee” experiences with some wisdom.

First off, the rookie mistake—over-lightening. We’re all hungry for the sun-kissed look, but when our hunger transforms into gluttony, we’re left with transparent hair—a beacon, shedding the way to a world of inappropriate bald elephant jokes. Choose a shade, dear friend, not an invisibility cloak.

Secondly, incorrect application, like where the roots take it all (literally). Achieving that hip “ombre” look doesn’t mean dumping the dye on your scalp and calling it a day. Spread the love evenly, or risk looking like a rejected backup dancer from the ’80s pop scene.

Lastly, the double whammy – bleach and dye. It’s like taking a jackhammer to your hair and then inviting termites. If your aim is hosting a bald eagle convention on your head, be my guest!

Remember, folks, the road to follicle greatness is paved with good intentions, but ignoring the red lights is no excuse. Let’s say this together, “NO more bald eagle days!” Next up, maintaining the ‘illusion of volume.’ Get ready to adapt the ‘mane-tenancy’ routine (patent pending) of your dreams!

hair color to make hair look thicker
hair color to make hair look thicker

Maintaining Your Mane: Aftercare to Keep the Illusion Alive

Now that you’re flaunting your fabulously thick-looking mane don’t get complacent, lover of locks! Believe it or not, the fight against Flat Hair Syndrome is over. Here comes the crucial mission: Keeping the illusion alive. Drumroll, please…

“Operation Haircare.”

Looking after your new hue could be as slippery as a bar of soap in a jailhouse shower if you don’t play your cards right. Your new best friends? A color-protecting shampoo and conditioner. Yes, both! No, it’s not a capitalist conspiracy aimed at draining your pockets! Color-protecting products prevent your new shade from running faster than a fugitive in a high-speed chase. Throw in a weekly hair mask, too, for good measure.

Now for thickness, the cherry on your beautiful hair cake. Are expensive hair-thickening potions promising miracles? No, ditch that. Bid adieu to your precious heat-styling tools. Flat irons, curlers, and hair dryers are as good for your hair as microwaving a salad. Shocking, but true. Your new mantras are gentle brushing, avoiding tight hairstyles, and praising the almighty hair god for overnight oil treatments!

After all, in the majestic kingdom of hair-thickening, the ruler is the one who embraces patience and consistency. So get thee to the nearest hair care aisle, and remember: “Maintenance is thy name!”

Real Talk: Consulting the Pros vs DIY Disaster

Alright, class, buckle up! We’re diving into the wild, unpredictable, sometimes disastrous world of DIY hair dyeing versus the sanctuary that we call “salon.”

Behold, salon visits! Yes, I understand; it’s like willingly signing up for someone to count your split ends. But it’s more than that, folks! With a professionally trained eye and expert handling, a salon visit properly color-matches your skin tone and hair, sparing you from looking like a cheetah in a paintball fight.

But then there’s the rebellious route – the one paved with box dyes, fundamentally flawed YouTube tutorials, and a devil-may-care attitude. Occasionally, there’s a glimmer of hope. You’re thinking, “Maybe this is my calling. Perhaps a hairstylist was hidden inside me all along!” And boom! You might surprise yourself or call in ‘sick’ for the week because — Surprise! Green isn’t your color.

So, in this high-stakes gamble of follicle roulette, know when to go pro or rogue wisely, friend.


I applaud your tenacity and desperation for those who’ve journeyed thus far with me in this excellent follicle expedition. Say no to bald eagles (unless they’re soaring in the sky)! We’ve combed (pun intended) through the dense jungle of hair science, navigated the treacherous tides of the color wheel, and braved the storms of highlights and lowlights. We’ve learned what not to do unless Uncle Fester is our style icon and how to preserve the illusion once we’ve created it. So, here’s the crux, folks: if your hair resembles a worn-out toothbrush, recruit a pro. If your hair is Hollywood-ready, rip open that box dye but put on goggles; it will be a wild ride. And no, the lift won’t end in baldness. This is the secret playbook, my friends. May your hair forever play the voluminous symphony!