Issa Rae Hair Color: A Deep Dive into the Red-Hot Auburn Trend at Paris Fashion Week

November 6, 2023by admin

Issa Rae Hair Color

issa rae hair color
issa rae hair color

Put your binoculars down; we’re talking about issa rae hair color, the lady who’d make the Devil wear auburn, not Prada. Donning a fiery dark red hair color, she was more challenging to ignore than a Parisian mime on the street.

In the land where Chanel handbags, Dior gowns, and Louis Vuitton luggage fly off shelves like hot croissants, a new sensation buzzed this Paris Fashion Week. A sight as delicious, if not more. All eyes were on one woman, no, not the runway model gliding down in some fancy tulle number.

And here lies the crux of our hair-raising, I mean engaging, a tale about why we’re all hot and bothered about this. Why does it feel like Issa Rae’s hair has its fan club? If it does, where do I sign up? Not every day, a shade of auburn at the base of a ponytail provokes the same awe as Mona Lisa’s smile.

Issa’s red hair was as magnetic as a baguette is to a chunk of Camembert. Wondering why we’re obsessing over this? Well, dear reader, as they say in France, “L’obsession est le piment de la vie.” Or, in English, “Obsession is the spice of life.” Did I make that up? Possibly.

Does it sound catchy in French? Absolutely! This is just the entrée, feast on more details about the ‘Rae-giant’ locks as we venture ahead.

Caught Red Handed: The Lure of the Auburn Trend

Caught Red Handed: The Lure of the Auburn Trend

You know you’re doing something right when the ever-evolving Paris Fashion Week is awash with an array of red shades. If red hair were like reality TV, it’d be “Keeping up with the Auburns,” we’re all front-row spectators with shameless enthusiasm.

Auburn hair has gained its entourage, shadowing the globe-trotting fashion week calendar from New York to Milan and now to Paris — because, honestly, why wouldn’t it? After all, this trend has seduced everyone from silver-screen megastars to our everyday girl next door.

Decoding the universal obsession with all things auburn can be attributed to three simple letters: F-O-M-O. That’s right, folks; it’s the Fear of Missing Out on the fiery allure of a captivating color that screams fierceness.

With its dramatic flair, auburn hair has found its place in beauty arsenals worldwide, leading many to question their lifelong commitment to the natural look. Can you blame them, though? Auburn shades inject fun and life into one’s appearance; who doesn’t want a piece of that pie?

In its final act, the red trend tapped the glamorous shoulders of Issa Rae at Paris Fashion Week, inviting her to join the ranks of red-hot royalty. And let’s be honest, darling — once you go auburn, there’s no turning back.

issa rae hair color
issa rae hair color

Issa Rae: Shining in the Limelight with Red and Copper Shades

Oh, how we’ve seen Issa Rae’s hair evolve, like the finest of Pokémon. From her natural brown hue to the fiery auburn that has us all shaken, this Insecure creator never fails to be a head-turner.

As we join her on her hair journey, we’ve got to ask ourselves – to auburn or not to auburn? The answer is a resounding yes.

The first week of fall has come upon us, and this is the time to take notes from Issa Rae’s astonishing red and copper shades that she calls her crowning glory.

Witnessing her locks transition from brown roots to deep auburn in that taut ponytail at Paris Fashion Week is nothing short of visual gold. I mean, metaphorically speaking, who wouldn’t want hair that seems on fire?

But let’s not stop there, people. Let’s dissect the perfect fall look that turns mortals into hair goddesses. Rae’s outfit was a stunning black and white Chloé maxi dress, giving her red hair a dazzling stage all to its own.

Add to that heavenly vision some pearl chain earrings, simple cat-eye makeup, and a deep burgundy lip – they don’t call it a touch of glamour for nothing. And thus, we bear witness to the rise of the hair chameleon Issa Rae, blazing the fashion world with her red-hot auburn trend.

Paired to Perfection: The Art of Pairing Hair and Makeup

Oh, darlings, let’s talk about the art of pairing hair and makeup. But don’t worry, we aren’t going to turn philosophical here – so hold onto your makeup brushes, and let’s unravel the mystery behind Issa Rae’s neutral-toned makeup palette.

It seems like Issa Rae has conjured some makeup magic to become the belle of the ball at Paris Fashion Week. She opted for a matte skin finish to make a porcelain doll weep with envy. If you can’t have skin as flawless as hers, at least you can pretend, right? Issa’s not-so-secret weapon was a divine touch of highlighter, blessing her cheekbones, nose, and Cupid’s bow.

Ah, highlighter—the fairy dust that makes us all believe, just for a moment, that we’re not mere mortals but magical creatures who shimmer and shine in all the right places. Who wouldn’t want a little sprinkle of that on their face?

So, Issa Rae nailed the perfect makeup to complement her red-hot auburn hair. With her neutral-toned makeup and that caress of celestial highlighter, she could give some ethereal goddess a run for their money. If only we could snatch that fairy dust right out of her hands and slather it all over our faces, too, right? Dream on, folks!

issa rae hair color
issa rae hair color

The Dazzlers: Perfect Accents to the Red Head Look

As the trendsetter she is, Issa Rae added a literal touch of sparkle to her fiery look – flaunting pearl chain earrings that were as glamorous as they come. With a twinkle here and a sparkle there, these earrings complemented the red-hot aura that her hair emanated.

Quite frankly, her choice of earrings was like an Oscar-winning performance in a hit movie: it did not hog all the attention but was instrumental in making the overall story a resounding success.

Naturally, having caught your attention with the flaming hair and captivating earrings, our fashionista on fire decided it was time to hypnotize with her lips.

Picture this: lips painted in a deep burgundy color that eerily matches the hair. Add a patent leather gloss finish to that imagery, and what do we have? The perfect sizzle to the steak, the best dessert after a fabulous meal – an all-rounded look of seduction and class I couldn’t fault even if I tried.

If that’s not doing the work and clocking in some overtime to look phenomenal, then I don’t know what is. Let’s be honest; her luscious lips could start a trend all over Instagram!

So, this fall, don’t just strive to make a fashion statement. Like our girl Issa, strive to be the statement! Can we all make a pact to applaud her for serving this effortless style as a casual meal?

She carefully assembled it like the perfect burrito. A bit of spice, a squeeze of elegance, and a lot of awesome sauce wrapped in style.

From Chloé Runway to Your Salon: Getting the Rae Look

Ah, the red and fiery field of color transition! The journey from bland brunette to an arousing auburn is worth venturing into. Let’s discuss how to bring about this titillating tonal tranche without getting snoozy!

Take a chill pill, and invest in a quality colorist, preferably someone with as many color swap stories as Rae’s outstanding script lines. These chroma wizards can guide you towards transforming into the ‘auburn enchantress,’ ensuring an enchanting expedition from brown base to mesmerizing merlot. Guaranteed they will not leave you high and dry (quite literally), and your hair shall thank you for the royal treatment!

Let’s talk about tresses tangled up in the top “Ponytail.” A ponytail? Really? Ah yes, my friends, remember that this isn’t your I-woke-up-like-this ponytail. This one sits atop your head like a queen on her throne.

Start by taming the mane into a high yet soothing slick back (no baby hairs allowed!). Next, tease the ponytail into a waterfall of waves that will make Ariel green with envy. These steps might seem like a recipe for Rapunzel, but remember to pump the brakes if your wrist starts to hurt. Hair should be fun, not a workout!

And that, my darlings, is how you get the Issa Rae radiant red devoid of drama. If you find yourself in a pool of hair products, channel your inner Insecure and be patient! Trust me; it gets better – kind of like her HBO series. Show-stopping looks don’t pop up overnight unless you’re Cinderella!


So, there you have it, folks! Issa Rae managed to turn heads and set hair color standards ablaze at Paris Fashion Week with her fiery red locks. We can’t help but bow down to the queen of the red-hot auburn trend, who singlehandedly captivated the world, one cascading ponytail at a time. Because who doesn’t crave a bit of fire in their hair and life in general, correct?

Wink, wink. Or should I say…*hair flip*?