Summer Style Guide: 10 Dapper Men’s Haircuts for Curly and Wavy Hair

May 12, 2024by admin

Men’s Haircuts For Curly

men's haircuts for curly
Men’s Haircuts For Curly

Ah, summer! men’s haircuts for curly The season of sun-kissed skin, endless beaches, and…your increasingly unruly curly mane trying to live its own life on top of your head. Gentlemen, let’s face it: when the temperature rises, those curls can either be your ultimate style statement or a frizzy mess that makes you look like you’ve been wrestling with a cotton candy machine.

Now, before you resign yourself to a summer of wearing hats, consider this: your curls can elevate your cool factor by several notches. Why should you not let them roam free this summer, you ask? Because with great curls comes great responsibility. And while the heat makes you sweat buckets and contemplate a spontaneous buzz cut, hold that razor! Your curls need you to step up your game; we’re here to guide you through it.

Don’t worry; you won’t have to read through an encyclopedia of curl care, just enough to ensure you and your curls have a summer romance to remember, one where each curly strand falls perfectly into place—or at least as perfectly as natural curls allow. Trust us; the last thing you want is to look back at your summer photos and wonder if there was a hidden agenda behind your hair’s rebellion. So grab a cold drink and dive into the swirly, twirly world of curls.

Understanding Your Hair Texture

Ah, the mysterious universe of curly hair. Bewildering and mind-boggling, it’s that unbelievable force of nature that everyone adores but few truly understand. The curls, the waves, the ringlets—your soft, springy locks are a vast ocean of loops and spirals. What exactly is curly hair? Well, it’s simply hair that grows at an angle, taking a detour from the traditional straight path and forming intricate patterns.

Different levels of curliness, you ask? Of course, darling! Mother Nature, in her infinite wisdom, decided that one size doesn’t fit all. Some sport tight corkscrews; others display lavish waves. But remember, all curls, just like humans, have their uniqueness. Hence, knowing where you fall in curliness makes a massive difference in how you style and manage it.

But what’s this? Are you worried about how summer’s scorching heat affects these luscious curls?

Well, you should be! You see, summer is that party crasher who arrives way too early, messes with the decor, and leaves a path of destruction—or, in our case, frizz! The increased humidity in the summer expands hair curlicues, leading to an untamed, frizzy mane. But there’s no need for a midsummer’s night scream just yet!

Indeed, just like a Shakespearean play, the plot gets thicker as we glide into the summer sun. Wavy hair in summer feels like trying to understand cryptocurrency while riding a rollercoaster – chaotically tremendous. Who said looking spectacular was easy?

Embrace the captivating chaos of your curls in summer, my friend. As the great philosopher Sean Connery said, “Some age, others mature.” Let’s remember that amidst the summer’s heat, your curls don’t age; they mature into pure, unadulterated awesomeness. Stay tuned as we unravel the secrets to keeping your curls rocking their summer vibe in our next section. The summer hair adventure has just begun! Buckle up, folks!

Style #1: Short and Tidy

Ah, the Short and Tidy. Picture the most well-behaved curly locks on a man’s head, cropped close but still with a hint of that wild spirit. It’s the Clark Kent of haircuts, hiding the superpowers of your curls beneath a mild-mannered exterior. It’s ideal for summer because, let’s face it, no one wants a neck dripping with sweat as if you just wrestled a water fountain and lost.

men's haircuts for curly
men’s haircuts for curly

To snag this look, march right into your barber’s domain and demand a close cut on the sides, a trifle longer on top – enough to allow your curls to form a polite assembly without a full-blown protest. A dollop of lightweight product coerces the tiny rebellions into submission, and voila! You’re the gent with a plan, keeping it cool while the sun does its best to make you otherwise.

Remember, this style is like a particularly well-mixed mojito on a scorching day – refreshing, manageable, and oozing sophistication with just the right amount of zest.

Style #2: Tapered Beast

Welcome to the expensive world of the Tapered Beast style, where your hair invokes more awe than a pro wrestler entering the ring. Imagine a lion’s mane, only a touch neater, if you’ve read the Jungle Book. That’s your haircut, folks.

No, it’s not technically a mane, but isn’t it fun to picture? This style is off the charts with its blend of untamed curls on the top that gradually subside into neat tapered sides. It’s more bourgeois lion than Mowgli, right?

So, why is this Mr. Universe worthy? Simple. The tapered aspect keeps your neck cooler than a hipster’s playlist, making it the hot-weather hairstyle par excellence. Plus, the longer curls on top make a statement, just as they’re designed to do, without your whole head becoming a curly jungle.

Achieving the near-perfect taper haircut isn’t rocket science, although a hint of trial and error may enhance your trip down Hurricane Lane. In simple words: get a good barber, sit on a chair, request the Tapered Beast, then sit back and watch the magic happen in the mirror.

And remember gents – if your hairdresser doesn’t know what a Tapered Beast is, in the most sarcastic tone you can muster, tell them it’s like Mowgli’s but much better. And cooler. Literally.

Style #4: Wild Waves

Ah, Style #4: Wild Waves! This is for the carefree, adventurous dudes ready to unleash their wild side this summer. Picture your curly locks transformed into untamed, surfer-worthy waves that scream, “I’m ready to shred some gnar, bro!”

Now, let me tell you why curly hair and waves are a match made in heaven. Your hair’s curliness provides the perfect starting point for achieving that effortless, windswept look. It’s like your hair came preloaded with an ‘excellent waves’ setting—you just need to activate it!

You only need a few simple tips to maintain this untamed masterpiece. Invest in a good sea salt spray to give your curls that fresh-from-the-beach vibe (minus the sandy bits), scrunch them to your heart’s content, and give your waves a light, non-crunchy hold with some hair mousse. Voila! You now possess a headful of wild waves that’ll make even the most envious beach bums shed a tear.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your board (or not) and ride those waves, you curly-headed Casanova! But do remember to prep your hair before hitting the water, or your wild waves might become tangled nightmares.

Style #5: The Classic Fade

Ah, the Classic Fade! This haircut and curly hair are like two peas in a pod – a super stylish pod. The Fade haircut involves gradually tapering the hair length downwards, resulting in a smooth transition where the hair meets the skin. It’s a blessing for curly-haired men as it helps reduce bulk and adds a touch of dapper sophistication to your look.

Now, let’s discuss the love affair between curly hair and the Fade. While curly hair often has a mind of its own (the wild beast!), the Fade tames those rebellious locks and controls things. It’s like a leash for your curly mop with a lot more flair.

To achieve a suave Fade, visit your trusted hairstylist, who can skillfully guide your curls into a stylish new life. Discuss your desired Fade intensity – low, medium, or high. And voila! You’ll be strutting your summery curls with grace and confidence (while all the straight-haired peasants stare in envy). Now, isn’t that just… *chef’s kiss*, exquisite on a sizzlin’ summer day?

Pro-Tips to Maintain Your Summer Hair

Hold onto your hats, folks, because we’re diving deep into the riveting world of hair care. By the end of this, you might just have yourself in salon-worthy tresses. We’d make Rapunzel wish she’d stop fussing over her 70 feet of hair.

First things first—hair care essentials. But no, I don’t mean buying every glossy product on the shop shelf. It’s rather quite simple, actually. A good shampoo, a conditioner that promises (and delivers) moisture, and a hair cream or serum if you’re feeling fancy one weekend. Go easy on the heat styling, try not to wrestle too much with your hair, and you’ll have more good hair days than Gracie Lou in Miss Congeniality.

men's haircuts for curly
men’s haircuts for curly
Now, let’s talk about the enemy, your hair’s nemesis:

the summer heat. It’s like nature’s own hairdryer, aimed directly at your curls. How do you fight this hair villain, you ask? Whip out your hat, my friend. Not only is it a cool accessory, but it’s also a great sun blocker. Then, there’s always the good old hydrating leave-in conditioner. A little spritz here, a little spritz there—hydrated curls everywhere!

Choosing a style and realizing you have no clue how to maintain it is as disappointing as being in queue for ice cream, and the server just ran out of vanilla! So here are the regular trims! Yeah, it sounds counterproductive, but you are not alone in having to lie occasionally for the greater good. Trimming removes split ends and keeps your hair healthy, making your style look as fresh as Hulk Hogan’s mo after a fierce grooming session.

Lastly, don’t forget to show off! Rock that style like you just sauntered out of a Vogue photo shoot. When someone asks you how you do it, just flip your hair, wink at them, and say, “It’s all in a summer’s day work, honey!” Are you ready to step up your summer hair game? There’s no better time to start armoring up for the heat!


So, dear curl crusaders, we’ve reached the end of your summer hair-venture! It’s time to embrace your curly locks and conquer this scorching season with style. Remember, just because your hair has a mind of its own, it doesn’t mean it can’t scream, “I woke up like this – flawless!” all summer long. After all, the world needs more dapper men like you sporting envy-worthy curls. Now go forth, rock those haircuts, and make every strand count—because you are a curly-haired king in a straight-haired world. Wind in the hair, don’t care!