Essential Steps to Take When Preparing Your Hair for a Drastic Color Change

March 25, 2024by admin

Preparing Your Hair For a Drastic Color Change

Preparing your hair for a drastic color change
Preparing Your Hair For a Drastic Color Change

Let’s face it: Preparing your hair for a drastic color change matters. It’s a massive part of our identity, and changing it can be as thrilling as skydiving (okay, maybe not that extreme). But before diving into spontaneous drastic hair changes, let’s take a quick dose of reality. Spoiler alert: it’s bonkers.

Imagine yourself entering a candy shop—a hair salon—and you’re about to choose a hair color that could potentially have your BFF go, “Who are you, and what have you done with my friend?” All of a sudden, millions of colors are attacking your brain like strategic ninjas, and you’re quickly overwhelmed. “HELP!” you silently scream. Don’t worry; we’ve got your back.

But first, let’s hail the giant elephant in the room: hair conditioning. Because true strength comes from within—even for your hair, Karen. Good luck convincing those newly dyed hair cells to cooperate if they’re not sufficiently strengthened and moisturized.

The following sections cover many colorful topics, from the not-so-sweet bleaching process to the art of dyeing your hair without turning your bathroom into a crime scene. We’ll also explore the exciting realm of post-dye hair care. Cold shower lovers, unite! (Or prepare to shiver a lot.)

Choosing the Right Color and Despairing at the Options

Well, well, well, aren’t we feeling a bit daring today? It’s time to roll up our sleeves, takes a deep breath, and dive into the tumultuous and often confusing sea of ‘Choosing the Right Color’. Remember, you can’t just willy-nilly pick up a box off a shelf; that’s as reckless as grocery shopping on an empty stomach – we’ve all been there, and let me tell you, impulse shopping in the hair color aisle is just as disastrous as the Snickers binge that happened in aisle five.

What hair color matches your mood? Are you feeling fiery red, mysterious black, or perhaps sunshine yellow? Quick advice: If your mood is as unpredictable as British weather, a mood ring approach to hair color might not be the best bet.

Now, let’s touch the tip of the iceberg – the psychology of hair color. Brunettes are stable, blondes are fun, and redheads are different. It’s all stereotyped, but why feed into clichés and limit your spectrum?

Preparing your hair for a drastic color change
Preparing your hair for a drastic color change

Finally, enter the color wheel of confusion. Imagine Martha Stewart tackling Jackson Pollock in a paint store – that’s pretty much what this feels like. It’s a whirlwind of hues, shades, and tones. Prismatic unrest is part of the thrill.

Now, don’t just sit there! Run wild, dive deep, and find your perfect shade amidst the chaos. Be bold, be unapologetically you! Remember, hair color isn’t a tattoo; it won’t stick around forever (unless you tattoo your scalp… please don’t do that). So why not take a risk, shake up the dice, and live a little on the edge? Trust me, your hair will forgive you… eventually.

Operation Hair Mourning: Say Goodbye to Your Old Hair

Ah, the sweet sorrow of parting ways with your beloved hair color. It’s like saying goodbye to a dear friend clinging to your scalp for months or even years. Shed a single tear (or two) as you gaze at yourself in the mirror one last time, capturing the essence of your current hair hue. Snap a few “before” selfies to pay tribute the old you, perhaps with a dramatic caption: “RIP current hair color; you will be missed, but change comes for us all.”

Now, dry those tears and get emotionally prepared for the metamorphosis. Think of it like shedding your hair-color cocoon and emerging as an entirely fabulous new butterfly – scary but worth it. Brace yourself for the plethora of “OMG, you look so different!” and “I didn’t even recognize you!” comments that are about to swarm your way. Change is scary, and hair is no exception, but remember that fortune favors the bold (and so does this hair dye).

As we wave a solemn goodbye to our current tresses, it’s time to don our metaphorical armor and face the following steps with the courage of a thousand hair warriors. Onwards, to hair-color glory!

Strengthening Your Hair: A Sudden Love for Conditioning

So, you’ve decided on a color change to bid farewell to your old hair persona, and now, it’s about gearing up your hair for the big change. It’s like giving your hair a brief on what will happen. Our first point of discussion? Conditioning. More fun than a corporate PowerPoint, anyone?

Why condition, you ask? Well, imagine going into an aggressive MMA fight without any prior training. It wouldn’t be a good sight, would it? The same logic applies to your hair (Yes, even your hair can throw punches). Conditioning is your hair’s personal MMA training – it prepares and strengthens your hair for the upcoming color showdown. Sneaky, right?

Speaking of strength, meet your ultimate weapons for this battle – protein treatments, deep conditioners, and oil masks. Fun, I promise! They work like the Avengers to your hair, each having a unique power. Proteins rebuild hair structure, conditioners lock in moisture, and oils give your hair the ‘Eat right and workout’ shine.

Entering the conditioner showdown, we have some high-performing, reliable candidates. Think Olaplex, Wella, and Kerastase – conditioners that naughty hair dreams are made of! They might sound like the names of alien races, but trust me – they’re as friendly as it gets.

Remember to give your hair this pre-dye conditioning love. Not doing so would be like dwarves going to battle without Gandalf. Nobody wants that, trust me!

Remember, these steps are not just quintessential but compulsory. Because there’s a drastic fantastic hair color mission ahead, we want to nail it! Happy Conditioning!

Bleaching 101: An Unnecessary Evil

Oh, bleach! No color transformation’s arch-nemesis. But is it genuinely indispensable in our desire to reach hair Nirvana? Let’s find out together!

You might think bleaching is an absolute must, especially with all the hairdressers and stylists insisting on it. (*queue skeptical eyebrow raised*) Guess what? It’s not always the case! While bleaching is essential for turning those dark locks into lighter shades, you can skip this diabolic step if you’re going darker. (*collective hair aficionado gasp*) Yes, my dears, there is no need to slather your innocent tresses with chemicals for that.

Surviving the battle of the bleaching process may seem like a hair Mission: Impossible, but fear not, for I have some tips to ensure you come out victorious. First and foremost, never, I repeat, NEVER bleach your hair at home unless you want to look like a Dalmatian who lost a fight with a tub of Hansel & Gretel’s candy house paint. Always (please) seek professional help. Furthermore, it’s crucial to schedule the hair colors gradually. Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor will your perfect shade—unless you’re into the frazzled hair look.

Preparing your hair for a drastic color change
Preparing your hair for a drastic color change
So, you’ve decided to dive into the treacherous pool of bleaching.

It would be ideal if you knew how not to fry your hair in this volatile transformation, right? Well, buckle up, buttercup! For starters, avoid washing your hair 24-48 hours before bleaching; this allows your hair’s natural oils to act as a buffer. (*insert sparkly clean buffering sound effects for added dramatization*) In addition, invest in a moisturizing hair mask or treatments like Olaplex to give your hair a little TLC before and after bleaching. Sacrificing your hair to the bleach gods can be a daunting experience, but it shall be revived! Your hair lives to flaunt another day.

And that, my colorful comrades, was a brief incursion into a world where bleach is a necessary evil and a horror movie villain of the hair-changing quest. By following our advice, you’ll emerge with a fabulous head of hair that not even Cruella de Vil could tear her eyes away from.

The Big Reveal: Unveil the New You

We have finally arrived at the pinnacle of your hair color transformation; “The Big Reveal: Unveil the New You.” Strap on your seatbelt; it will be a hair-raising ride (see what I did there).

The first stop is mastering the art of dyeing. By now, you’ve probably developed an intimate relationship with your hair. The two of you have been through bleach wars and conditioner crusades. You’ve mourned the loss of your original hair color together and have, hopefully, emotionally prepared for this makeover. So, this step should be more thrilling than overwhelming.

Handy tips for this process include not rushing the dyeing process

(Patience is a virtue, folks, but a good hair dye job is the actual Holy Grail), applying Vaseline around your hairline (Vaseline: The unsung hero that no one talks about during a DIY dye job), and using gloves (Unless you’re fond of multi-colored hands, in which case, disregard this tip).

Second on the agenda is turning your bathroom into a salon. Don’t start knocking walls down or scouting for shampoo stations on eBay. All you need to do is set the mood; bring in some killer bathroom lighting (flattering, not harsh. We’re going for salon ambiance, not an interrogation room vibe) and a trusty hand-held mirror so you can monitor the back of your head. You don’t need surprises—a rogue patch of missed hair or an accidental dye on the cat.

Finally, we dive deep into the abyss of hair-color longevity. Dyeing your hair isn’t a one-and-done affair. No, ma’am! It is an ongoing commitment, much like being a fan of a sports team that never wins. My top secrets for conquering this battle? Avoid washing your hair for at least 48 hours post-dying, steer clear of heat-styling (I know, tough), and remind yourself to throw a mini party whenever you use color-safe products.

So there you go. You’ve dyed, you’ve conquered, and soon you’ll unveil. The transformation might not have been painless (especially if you accidentally got some dye in your eye), but boy, isn’t it worth it? Crack open that bathroom door and stride across your home—controlled lighting environment be damned—and showcase that brand-spanking new hair color!

Aftercare for Hues: Pamper Your Painted Tresses

Oh, the sacrifices we make for beauty! Now that you’re rocking your fabulous new hair color, it’s time for some tress TLC. Say hello to your new best friend(ish) – cold showers. I know, brrr! Cold water helps seal your hair’s cuticles, which locks in your brand-new hue. Sorry, steamy hot showers; it’s not you, it’s… the hair.

(Oh, and while we’re at it) It’s crucial to show some love for color-safe products. They’re *literally* designed to cleanse your mane without stripping out your fabulous new shade. Trust me, you’ll want to toss those old bottles you’ve been hoarding.

Lastly, pamper that freshly dyed hair like a fragile baby kitten. If there’s no time for cold showers, a simple leave-in conditioner will do wonders to maintain that vibrant hue. So, go ahead and shower your painted tresses with love and positivity because, after all, they deserve it!


So, here we are at the end of this emotional rollercoaster. You’ve survived the soul-searching and the potential bleach-induced breakdowns, and now a brand-new, drastically different you are staring back at you from the mirror. Is this the moment your life becomes a shampoo commercial? Or did you trade one hair color for another with no soul-enriching epiphanies involved? Honestly, who cares? You look fabulous!

Through this hair-changing journey, you’ve mastered the art of emotional preparation, confusing color wheels, and torturous cold showers. You’ve come to understand that sometimes you must burn (or bleach) a few bridges to create something new. And hey, if anything went awry, consider it a temporary souvenir of your bravery and fashion-forward attitude. Hold on to that lesson like a flyaway hair that won’t quit, dear reader.

Embrace this freshly colored you, you beautiful chameleon. Now, strut through life, leaving a trail of envious stares and sighs. Wear your new hair like a crown, radiating vibrancy and exuding beauty (the kind that emanates from the scalp). And remember, whether you’re thrilled or just sort of meh about your new hair, time passes, and so does hair dye. Until then, go forth and conquer with your technicolor tresses.