Summer Swim Guide: Top Tips for Protecting Color-Treated Hair in the Pool

April 25, 2024by admin

Protecting Color-treated Hair While Swimming

Protecting color-treated hair while swimming
Protecting Color-treated Hair While Swimming

Oh, yay, it’s summertime! Protecting color-treated hair while swimming: we all have our checklists ready. Swanky bikini? Checked! Cool sunglasses? Checked! Instagram-worthy pool float? Neck, meet the checked box! Swimming in a chlorinated pool while you’re rocking color-treated hair? That’s a ticket straight to Dullsville, folks.

A luxurious dive into the pool with that stunning chocolate brown color or radiant red hair might blind the poolside spectators with its sheer gorgeousness. However, it’ll be crying out for an SOS from Chlorine City and UV-Ville. Who wants to be a damsel in distress in the sweltering heat? If you’re vacationing in Denial Timeshare, here’s the ugly truth: Bridges, buildings, and locks aren’t the only things rusty water wreaks havoc on. Say “Hi” to two major summer bummers – chlorinated pool water and color-treated hair, a combo that’s to hair what Godzilla is to unsuspecting skyscrapers. And, oh, did we mention the UV rays? They’re the silent assassins, hiding behind the oh-so-welcome summer sun, seeking out colored hair to fade and desiccate. So, arm yourselves with knowledge, and let’s splash into the color-preserving pool party with style. Trust us; your hair will thank you later!

Chlorine and its effects on colored hair

Ah, the scent of chlorine in the morning – it’s the perfume of summer pools, but for your fabulous color-treated hair, it’s more like the Grim Reaper waiting to strike. When your hair gets ravished by chlorine, it can turn more colors than a mood ring, leaving your vibrant locks drier than a martini at an AA meeting.

Chlorine is a chemical piranha, always hungry for some juicy hair dye to snack on, which often results in your color fading faster than a tourist’s tan. So, how do you keep your hair color from becoming as washed-out as a dad joke? First, before taking the plunge, douse your mane with fresh water—it’s a thirsty beast that’ll soak up less pool water if it’s already wet.

Next, consider slathering on a protective oil like a Thanksgiving turkey. Picture it: a glaze of coconut or argan oil can give chlorine the slip, not allowing it to cling onto your hair with its grubby little paws. And a friendly reminder—oiling up is not exclusive to beach babes trying to perfect their tan; your hair needs some shiny armor, too.

If you’re one of those poolside readers thinking, “Chlorine damage? Not in my backyard,” please remember that just because you’re lounging like a Hollywood starlet doesn’t mean your hair’s not staging a color strike under that water. So, smarten up, protect those locks, and keep your hair as sassy as your poolside selfie game.

Protecting color-treated hair while swimming
Protecting color-treated hair while swimming

UV Rays: The silent hair color assassin

Slathering your beach body in sunscreen isn’t the only sign of being a seasoned sun worshipper; your crowning glory also requires its fair share of sun protection. Picture this: you’ve just splurged a small fortune on a new hair color and decided to unleash this beach goddess look at your local swimming pool. You emerge from the pool, feeling like a mermaid, only to be knocked back to reality: the beautiful hair color you paid for is now fading faster than your holiday tan.

No, the sun isn’t throwing any shade; it’s pumping out rays that can be real party poopers for your hair color. Good old UV rays are sneakier than a cat on a hot tin roof, silently sizzling your hair and causing the color to fade. Think of them as uninvited guests at your pool party who have a terrible habit of overstaying their welcome and ruining your décor.

But fear not, fellow sunbather.

You don’t have to swear off sunlight to maintain your hair color. Bring on the UV-blocking haircare resolute. You heard it right. Sunscreen isn’t just for your skin; even your hair needs a shot. Products with UVA and UVB filters are your knights in shining SPF armor, warding off those pesky sun rays and keeping your color intact.

Try the Sun Bum 3 in 1 Leave-In Treatment. It fends off harsh rays and chemical damage while playing the peacekeeper between your split ends and frizzy hair. And let’s add a cherry on top: It smells like a beach in a bottle! Now, who wouldn’t want to open that Christmas present in the middle of July?

So, the next time you head to the beach or pool, remember to put on your favorite swimsuit, grab an umbrella drink, and don’t forget to pack your warrior – the UV hair protection. After all, every warrior princess needs her armor.

Pre-swim prep

Ah, summer! It’s time to swap hot coffee for an iced latte and jeans for floral skirts, all while blasting the AC because you didn’t sign up for this kind of heat! But hold on, have you spared a thought for your gorgeous color-treated hair before you plunge into the pool? It’s time for some pre-swim prep, my friends!

Swim caps might make you look like an alien from a B-grade Sci-Fi movie, but your hair secretly craves natural protectors, something like… Coconut oil! Yes, you heard it right! Before you dive into aquatic adventures, lather up your hair with this tropical goodness or its Mediterranean cousin, olive oil. It locks moisture in and gives chlorine a slip-and-slide to slide away from your strands. If you’re tired of our humble kitchen solutions, numerous luxurious tropical oil-infused products await a place in your toiletry bag.

Let’s admit there’s no such thing as ‘just one dip.

Here’s a pro tip: before you perform your best imitation of a mermaid, do a pre-soak routine in clean water. It’s like reverse psychology of your hair, tricking it into absorbing less chlorine or salt water. If you’re a “travel light: forget half the things” person like me, just grab a bottle of Evian or any readily available purified water for this hack.

Time to move on to sunscreen, my dear sunseekers! While you lavishly slather SPF on your skin, remember, your hair needs some lovin’, too! It’s a harsh world out there, full of UV rays ready to sneakily suck the liveliness out of your dyed hair. So, drizzle some sunscreen on your crown to shield it from sun damage and avoid alarming changes (imagine walking out as a brunette and coming back blonde- attractive, but no thanks!). Products with UV filters offer protection and amp up your hair health by preventing the split ends and frizz accompanying sun tan. So, ladies and gents, prep up, pre-soak, and soak up the sun (well, not your hair!).

Swimming hairstyles to protect color and prevent damage

So you’ve oiled up, pre-soaked, and slathered your hair with sunscreen. Let’s talk about some pretty and practical hair-dos that’ll give your color-treated tresses a fighting chance while frolicking poolside.

First up, the ever-so-trendy secure bun or topknot. Now, this isn’t your run-of-the-mill, carelessly thrown-up, messy bun. Oh no, this is a bun that means business! Take the plunge, knowing that your hair is safely tucked away and safe from the chlorinated monster lurking beneath the water.

Protecting color-treated hair while swimming
Protecting color-treated hair while swimming

Next on our list of survival techniques is braiding your hair. Braids are a fabulous summer hairstyle and a secret agent in the battle against color-fading. With your hair neatly intertwined, the chances of chlorine getting past their stylish defense are practically slim to none. Plus, you get the bonus of stunning wavy hair when you unravel it after the swim. Talk about multi-functional!

Lastly, we introduce you to the quick-paced and trendy low ponytail. Whether slicked back or slightly tousled, a low pony can keep your hair in check and minimize exposure to harmful pool elements. Add an extra layer of security by wrapping it up in a tight knot. Speed is not always better when securing your ponytail, so go for quality over speed.

Well, we’ve given you the hair armor you need; now go forth and conquer the pool (color-treated hair and all)! Happy swimming, folks!

Post-swim habits

After you’ve splashed the day away looking like a mermaid with your fab color-treated locks, it’s time to talk about what happens when you emerge from the watery depths. You know, when your hair is screaming SOS because it just went from goddess to ‘help me, I’ve been dunked in chlorine’.

First, you have a shampoo that manes right after you swim. And I don’t mean three hours later when you’ve had fun in the sun. No salon-sacrificed dollars are going down the drain on your watch! Get those suds in and lift away the chlorine like a pro. Picture it as giving your hair a tall glass of detox water after a wild night out.

Now, let’s gab about the secret agents in your hair care arsenal: color-friendly products. They’re like the bouncers at the club of your hair. They won’t let the nasty stuff in and help keep that vibrant color locked down tight. Invest in the right shampoo and conditioner that speak your hair language—no cheap knockoffs that’ll ghost you faster than a wrong Tinder date.

And behold, the hero of the hour: a hydrating conditioner. This lousy boy rolls up like your hair’s BFF and says, “Don’t worry, I got you!” Slather on a generous dollop of this miracle worker, and it’s like a rejuvenating spa day for your strands. It’s not just about being silky-smooth; it’s about keeping that color beaming brighter than a diamond in a loot box.

Remember, folks, the aftercare keeps the hair flair alive. We’re trying to look like technicolor dreamboats, not tangled threads on an old bathmat. So shampoo like you mean it, choose that haircare squad wisely, and condition like it’s the fountain of youth. Because honey, your hair’s epic summer saga has only just begun.

Alternatives to traditional swimming pools

Ah, alternatives to traditional swimming pools – because who doesn’t love an upgrade? Saltwater pools are a fun choice for those tired of smelling like chlorine after every swim. Saltwater tends to be less harsh on your hair color – it’s an online dating profile-worthy match! And let’s not forget about our friend, the opaque outdoor swim cap. Forget what you think about swim caps, this stylish gem not only helps to protect your hair from the harmful elements but also doubles up as an avant-garde fashion statement. Trendy, colorful, and lightweight, different colors of the swim caps match your swimsuits and mood. Yes, please!


So, we’ve made it to the end of our Summer Swim Guide, and I must say, you’ve been swimming in wisdom, haven’t you? We should do a quick cannonball dive into our top tips, just for good measure. Oil up your hair (shiny like a seal), do the pre-soak dance (hydration station) and gear up with UV-blocking haircare products (take that, sun!).

And don’t forget those chic and functional hairstyles – buns, braids, and ponytails – Oh my! Then slip into the ever-so-crucial post-swim haircare routine (shampoo, conditioner, your colored-hair BFFs). As a bonus, consider saltwater pools and opaque swim caps as alternatives.

Now, you’re all set to dive headfirst into a summer of epic pool parties and beach vacations! Remember, nobody wants to be the person with fading hair that looks like a sad sunflower left out in the heat – so don’t skimp on haircare this summer because your fabulous color-treated locks deserve the very best! Happy swimming!