Mastering the Art of Speaking with Your Stylist to Get the Haircut You Want

February 17, 2024by admin

How To Communicate with Your Stylist To Get The Haircut You Want

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How To Communicate with Your Stylist To Get The Haircut You Want

Welcome, hair adventurers! How to communicate with your stylist to get the haircut you want Buckle up, for we are about to embark on an emotional rollercoaster – the fantastic world of salon experiences. For some, it’s a sanctuary; for others, it’s like a visit to the dentist. Fret not! We’re stepping up our game, strapping on our seatbelts, and diving straight into “hairstylist slang.”

Let’s address the elephant in the room – communication. The futile attempts to explain what you want and your stylist nodding in agreement, only to end up with a cut that makes you rethink your life decisions. It’s like we all speak the same language but do not understand a word. C’est la vie! We’re about to give Las Vegas a run for its money because what’s discussed in the salon stays in the salon!

Oh, and don’t feel too shy to tip. I’m thinking of getting a tip jar for my hair exploits. Imagine, we’d be rich by now! Stay tuned, folks. It only gets better from here. Could you not say I didn’t warn you? Breaking the hairstylist code, one laugh at a time. Onward, my brave stylist ninjas!

Remember: what doesn’t kill your hair makes it stronger. Let’s do this!

Decoding Hairstylist Lingo

Ah, the mystical world of hairstylist lingo. If you’ve ever found yourself sitting in the salon chair and feeling like you accidentally walked into a foreign-language class, have no fear! We’re here to decode those intimidating hair terms and get you back on track to speak fluent stylists.

First off, let’s talk about the layers and texture of hair. These two hair maze walls may as well be synonymous with “witchcraft and wizardry” for all the confusion they cause. Fear not, our fellow salon adventurers, for the secret to unlocking the door to fabulous hair is simply knowing that layers are added to create depth and dimension, while texture refers to cutting techniques that can give your hair a rough, choppy, or soft appearance. So, next time your stylist mentions “adding some texture,” picture your hair transforming into a magical woodland creature… or maybe just a cool, tousled look.

Now, let’s talk weight. You may have heard your stylist mention “taking off some weight,” no, they’re not suggesting you hit the gym. In hair language, this means removing bulk and excess weight from your hair to make it more manageable and give it a fresh, lighter appearance. Henceforth, whenever you hear this phrase in the salon, you can silently thank your stylist for not commenting on last night’s pizza.

So there you have it, dear readers! We’ve just dipped our toes into the vast ocean of hairstylist lingo. Still, with these trusty nuggets of information, you’re well on your way to becoming a confident communicator with your stylist. Stay tuned as we delve further into the wild and wonderful world of hair talk and discover even more ways to achieve the haircut of your dreams!

Preparing for the Big Day

Ever thought that you could add ‘hair detective’ to your resume? Well, welcome to adulthood! Researching like a seasoned pro is what this hairstyling game is all about. You must bring your A-game, follow celebs, stalk their hairstylists, and know the hair trends like your favorite coffee order. Remember, a little (or a lot) creepiness is allowed if you do it for THE PERFECT HAIRCUT.

What? You thought hairstyles just “happened” with a sprinkle of hair dust from your stylist and a swipe of their magic scissors. Dear sweet, innocent you, it’s time for a reality check. So, throw on your detective cloak, arm yourself with a magnifying glass, and get down to some serious hair business. Stalk Instagram like a heartbroken ex, screenshot hair inspiration, and then guard these images like your life depends on it – because, let’s be frank, your social life does.

And speaking of life-changing, let’s talk about CONSULTATION DAYS

. Yes, the caps lock was necessary because this is a big deal. This is when you meet with your stylist – your hair wizard who will transform all your hair fantasies into reality.

Think of it as the red carpet before the grand Oscars ceremony, but you know, without the paparazzi flashes and ridiculously high heels. You’re there to discuss everything from “I want my hair to flow like I just shot for a shampoo commercial” to “No, I don’t want my bangs sharp enough to do geometry.” Be brutally honest here, even if it’s scarier than watching a horror movie alone. And remember, if they don’t listen to you, leave—it’s as simple as that. It’s not you, it’s them.

If the intro was this spicy, can you imagine what the actual haircut day would be like? Little nervous, are we? Grab a cup of tea—or something more substantial—we still have a long way to go.

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The Power of Visual Aids

Let’s venture into the Land of Visuals – Instagram being the capital city here, folks!

Did you know that a picture of a hairdo could be our personal TIME MACHINE? Just staring at that picture, standing in front of the evil (read: hot and skilled) witch with her scissors poised – you’re telling her, in 1000 tower high hairstyles – EXACTLY what you want! Can verbal communication claim to do this magic trick? NOT.

Next comes Instagram – Our glossy, lil’ best friend of a stylist. You know, Instagram is THAT friend in high school who knew everyone and everything. A vast, endless pool of haircut ideas – pixies, buzz, layers, feathers, and, oh, unicorns, if that’s your thing 😉 Forget artists or poets; Instagram is a stylist’s muse, quite literally! With millions of hair transformation videos and images, you can never run out of “hairspiration.”

Didn’t we walk into a salon and thank God for Instagram? Talk about a plot twist!

Remember, the POWER is in your phone. So, by the time you read this, you better start screenshotting hairdos, or so help me, God!

Next, we’re heading into the feedback loop. And I promise you, it won’t be as complex as your high school physics ever was.

Feedback, Feedback, and More Feedback

Ah, the art of feedback. It’s a skill. Now, it’s time to don your assertive yet gentle persona. Picture it this way: you’re Captain of the good ship ‘Fabulous Hair,’ and your stylist is your trusty First Mate. Sure, they might be the wo/manhandling the scissors, but let’s not forget who is steering the ship (or chair, in this case).

An integral part of this voyage? Communication. It’s necessary and non-negotiable. So, if things start sailing south, don’t start screaming, “Man overboard,” instead, tactfully navigate those choppy waters. Replay “More layers here, please,” or “That length isn’t doing me any favors.” Be friendly but firm. Trust me, your stylist will appreciate the guidance. After all, they can’t read minds…yet!

Now, about that ‘hidden’ salon mirror. Every hair salon seems to be equipped with these. They flatter, coax, delight, and then…lo and behold, you get home, and it’s like you’re living in a parallel universe where your hair does not look the same! Oh, salon mirror, you are an incredible, lying piece of glass! You can’t say we don’t enjoy the momentary deception, right?

Next, we’re delving into the exciting world of…wait for it…Stylist Lingo! I bet you’re buzzing with anticipation. Tune in for a fun session of ‘What on earth does that mean?’ But until then, happy sailing, my Captain Fabulous! And remember, there’s no discovery without a little adventurous communication.

Mastering the Art of Speaking Stylist

Into the rabbit hole we go! Mastering salon-speak isn’t as convoluted as mastering quantum physics, though it may seem just as mind-boggling.

Unleashing my hair wisdom, rule number one: Be specific, like particular. Saying you want “a little off the top” is as vague as trying to find the Lost City of Atlantis. What’s “little” to you? An inch? Two? Let your stylist know the specifics. “Chop off exactly 1.7382 inches from my bangs, please!” – Okay, maybe not THAT specific, but you get the drift.

The devil’s in the details.

Everything from your preferred hair part to how your hair curves around your ear matter in the grand symphony of your perfect haircut. Guide your stylist with clear instructions. “I part my hair to the left, under a crescent moon, when Mercury is in retrograde” might be overkill, but your stylists aren’t mind-readers, you know?

Now, unto the magical land of hair-speak, where the words are as elusive as a unicorn at a disco! Does the word ‘bob’ only remind you of your neighbor who throws bizarre barbeque parties? Relax! Hair terminology can be tricky, but it’s your stylist’s mother tongue. Learn a few keywords; let’s start with basics – lob (long bob), pixie, undercut, etc. Save yourself from bobbed hair trauma if what you wanted was a ‘shag.’ Stylists have scissor wizardry but aren’t wizards at deciphering vague descriptions.

But wait, don’t start mumbling jargon like a robot on steroids. Converse in human language with a sprinkle of hair terminology. Saying something like, “I wish for a pixie cut but want it less Rihanna and more Audrey Hepburn with slight-layered fluff to honor my puffy cheeks” isn’t only specific, it’s plain gorgeous!

Remember, grooming your salon language isn’t about reciting a chapter from a hairstyling textbook. It’s about effective communication and forging a bond with your stylist – a tango that results in fabulous hair. And hey, isn’t every day a good hair day once you know how to speak the stylist lingo? Pssst, your secret weapon for those “la-ti-da, I’m strutting on a red carpet” moments!

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How To Communicate with Your Stylist To Get The Haircut You Want


When It Just Isn’t Right

Alright, welcome to the “Oops-land”. Happens, folks! Even the grand masters like Picasso had their hiccups. But will you wear a hat for eternity or confront the beast? Breathe. Yes. Breathe! Because there are damage control strategies, too. Maybe a quick-fix pixie cut, a little hair extension for volume, or just an average wig(it’s not that bad, you see!)

Sometimes, detouring is more prudent than mending potholes. If you lift your spirits and call it quits with your stylist, the world does not end. It’s always a trial-and-error process. Kiss a few toads before you find your hair bliss! Psst..Yelp reviews, more consultation days, or just trusting your good old friend’s recommendation can give you some respite. Ultimately, great hair doesn’t happen by chance but by appointment!


Alright, savvy salon-goer — you’ve navigated the enigmatic world of stylist-speak, armed yourself with a glamorous gallery of #hairinspo, and eloquently communicated your mane ambitions like a pro. It’s time to take your tresses from “meh” to “marvelous!”

Stamped with the seal of stylist approval, your hair is practically strutting off your scalp. Embrace the bounce, the blend, or the bold new you. If your reflection isn’t sparking joy, remember that hair grows back, and stylists are plentiful. But chances are, with the haircut that perfectly frames your smug, ‘I-told-you-so’ smile, you’re too busy rocking your fresh locks to fret. Go forth and flaunt it – after all, life’s way too fleeting for a bad hair day.