Beat the Heat: Essential Summer Hair Care for Blonde Hair to Prevent Brassiness

May 5, 2024by admin

Summer Hair Care For Blonde Hair

summer hair care for blonde hair
Summer Hair Care For Blonde Hair

Ah, summer! summer hair care for blonde hair  The season of sun, sand, and…brassiness? That’s right, my blonde friends. As lovely as the warm months can be, those pesky, warmer days can wreak havoc on your luscious locks. Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of brassiness and explore why summer seems to have a personal vendetta against your gorgeous blonde hair. But worry not, dearest reader, for I shall also arm you with the secrets to prevent that dreaded summer hair damage. So grab your sunglasses, make yourself comfortable, and let us embark on a journey to protect those golden tresses. Remember, knowledge is power; in this case, knowledge is the key to a fabulous, frizz-free, and brassless summer!

UV Protection for Blonde Hair

Ah, the sun – a blonde’s best friend and worst enemy. Sunshine brings out the best in your golden locks, but too much exposure? Hello, Disney villain hair. Sun is to hair what Kryptonite is to Superman! So, my blonde comrades, if you don’t want to resemble a washed-out Broccoli, SPF for your hair is a must-have. It’s like sunscreen for your hair, keeping those harmful UV rays in check and still picturing yourself with broccoli hair.

Next up on our summer essentials – the best hair care products with SPF. There are a bazillion of them out on the market, but dearest to my heart are “Christophe Robin’s Moisturizing Hair Oil with Lavender” and “Redken’s Blonde Idol”. They’re like the Avengers for your hair, shielding it from sun, wind, and the evil that is brassiness. Their superpower? SPF 6 and non-sulphate formula. What’s more, the Lavender Oil smells divine and treats you to a spa-like experience right at home. As for the Blonde Idol, let’s say it does justice to its name!

Applying SPF on your hair, you ask? It’s just as easy as applying ketchup on a hotdog. Apply a generous phalanx-size amount of oil to your hair before gallivanting under the sun or diving into the pool. If your hair tends to hold a grudge and goes green with chlorine influence, dampen it with tap water prior. It’s the aquatic equivalent of “Stitch it before you ditch it…”.

Light and sun-drenched locks can be your summer’s highlight (pun intended), but only if you remember to send out those UV shields before stepping out. Now go forth, my blonde sunflowers, and soak up that Vitamin D! Handle your hair like you would a new smartphone – protected.

Keeping Your Hair Hydrated and Nourished

News flash for all the blondies out there! While your sun-kissed locks can give even the summer sun a fierce competition, maintaining that color and vibrance is no day at the beach! The ocean isn’t the only thing sucking up hydration this summer; your blonde crowning glory might be feeling a bit thirsty too.

summer hair care for blonde hair
summer hair care for blonde hair

If you think popping open a cold one is the only way to hydrate this summer, then you’ve been living under a palm tree, my friend! Your blonde hair needs its share of hydration, too, especially if it’s color-treated. Now don’t get your sunhat in a twist, we have got you covered with a star studded hair care schedule!

Monday through Sunday, rain or shine (nope, we don’t care if it’s Margarita Monday, Taco Tuesday or even cocktail-filled-/I-forgot-what-day-it-is-Saturday), this summer hair care schedule isn’t taking any day-offs! No siree! It’s a mix of hydrating conditioner treatments, skip days (we are not barbarians), and the celebrity of the summer haircare – the beloved purple shampoo! Yeah, we sneaked that one in one of the days because who doesn’t love a surprise hero?

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to spot a parched haystack of blonde hair hiding under that trendy floppy sunhat.

So, let’s arm you with the top hydrating products right off the shelves. Consider sulfate-free shampoos; trust us when we say this: your blonde hair will thank you! Don’t forget the conditioners that scream hydration from their labels. A pro tip? Look for something that is specifically formulated for color-treated hair.

As we like to say around here, “Hydrate or dehydrate!” So, there you have it, folks. Cheat the summer heat with some TLC and hydration for your golden locks! Don’t worry, your secret’s safe with us. Now, go and make the sun a little jealous! Don’t forget to thank us when you’re swishing around your healthy, hydrated hair in slow-motion – Baywatch style. On to you, next paragraph, chum!

Toning Down the Brassiness

Toning Down the Brassiness

Beating the brassiness is more accessible than finding a needle in a haystack, all thanks to our knight in shining armor: purple-toning shampoos. The magic trick? They contain purple pigments that work like a temporary color correction, neutralizing those evil yellow or orange tones. Your blonde hair will be happier than a puppy playing in a field of sunflowers.

Now, let’s learn how to use this miraculous creation. First, put up those victory horns and do the happy dance (This step is optional, but why not make it fun?). Make sure you use a suitable purple toning shampoo – we’re discussing a product that will make a cat give up its curiosity. You can try the Fanola No Yellow Shampoo, Clairol Shimmer Lights, or the Joico Blonde Life Violet Shampoo (go on, applaud their fancy names). Next, wet your hair, apply the purple potion according to the instructions, and dream of unicorns until it’s time to rinse (usually around 3-5 minutes). Please don’t leave it on for too long unless you want to rock some lavender hair (which could be pretty fabulous).

Voilà! Now you know to keep your blonde hair Icy Queen level, even during those scorching summer months. Just remember to use the purple toning shampoo once a week or whenever you feel like your hair is starting to audition for “The Yellow Submarine.” With these phenomenal elixirs in your beauty arsenal, your blonde locks will stay shiny and vibrant, ready to flaunt at the beach, barbecue, or wherever summer takes you.

Swimming Pool Precautions

Oh, the dreaded green hair after a lovely swim. Those sweet, crystal clear waters that are all too inviting can sometimes wield a horrifying tint on our pretty blonde locks. Remember the Wicked Witch of the West? You don’t want to look like her less successful cousin, do you? This green shade comes courtesy of copper sulfate, a charming ingredient in pool treats. Fear not; we’ve got strategies to combat this.

In a world where “prevention is better than cure,” let’s set you up with a few pre-swim hair care tips. Right, you know how you slather sunscreen on your skin before hitting the beach? Likewise, your hair needs SPF love, too. Apply some SPF-infused hair products before making your best Michael Phelps impression. And if al fresco swimming isn’t your thing, at least wet your hair with tap water before entering a swimming pool.

Chlorine and your blonde hair after a dip are just like a breakup – it’s complicated. Hair after swimming resembles the Sahara desert- dry and begging for hydration. Like a man down from the pub, attending to your hair ASAP after swimming with a good rinse is crucial. Also, your hair battled the harsh elements of pool chemicals; it’s time to treat it with some TLC with a hydrating mask or conditioner.

summer hair care for blonde hair
summer hair care for blonde hair

Remember, no blonde wants to look like they have a terrible ’90s punk dye job. So swim, protect, rinse, and condition to keep your blonde hair from turning green as your neighbors envy your stunning beach-ready blonde tresses. So, unleash your inner mermaid, but don’t forget to follow these essential precautions, folks.

Reducing Heat Styling Damage

Lights, camera, SIZZLE! Enter the villain of the summer hair story – heat styling tools. They may promise you scene-stealing glossy curls or a red-carpet sleek look, but in the harsh reality of summer sunlight, they’re more likely to leave your blonde locks looking as crispy as overcooked bacon. Delicious for breakfast, but not our hair goal, right?

So, what’s a style diva supposed to do? Here’s where our hero steps in to welcome cool-styling alternatives. The overnight braid for beachy waves or the humble bun for a chic up-do – reduce the risk of thermal trauma by exploring these no-heat styles. They’re healthier for your hair and your best bet to avoid looking like you got into a fight with a waffle iron and lost.

If surrendering your beloved styling tool feels like quitting coffee (i.e., plain terrifying), take a chill pill. We’re not asking you to throw your straightener out; bestow upon it the summer vacation it deserves! Use it on the lowest heat setting in styling emergencies, and always use a heat protectant. You wouldn’t dip into a hot tub without testing the water, right?

And there you have it – how to avoid playing ‘hair fryer’ in this summer bonfire. You’re welcome.

Healthy Summer Hair Habits

When maintaining those beautiful blonde locks during summer, remember the phrase: “You are what you eat.” So, munch on fruits, veggies, and proteins to give your hair the proper nutrients it needs. I mean, who doesn’t love a good avocado toast, right?

Now let’s talk trims – snip, snip! Visiting your hairdresser regularly for touch-ups is crucial to keep the ends healthy and brassiness at bay. Nobody wants to look like a scarecrow in the summer, do they?

As for outdoor activities, be strategic and a little sneaky. Use shades or hats to protect your hair while pretending you want to flaunt your unique style. Win-win!


Don’t let the fear of brassiness mess with your beachy blonde vibes this summer. Remember those oh-so-important hair care tips we’ve discussed: UV protection is your hair’s BFF, and hydration and nourishment are the ultimate power couple. We can’t forget about our beloved purple toning shampoo for keeping your blonde looking fresh.

Ah yes, that refreshing moment when you embrace the beach with the confidence that that sun-loving SPF shields your blonde locks. All you need to do is follow these pro tips, throw in a little humor, and – BAM! – you’re ready to enjoy the sandy oasis with healthy, shiny, traffic-stopping hair. And if that isn’t the true meaning of summer, then we don’t know what it is!

So, grab your sunnies, floppy hat, and newfound hair care knowledge, and seize the summer season without worrying about becoming a brassy nightmare. Cheers to a sunny, fabulous, and brass-free blonde summer!