Summer Hair Care for Active Lifestyles: Tips and Tricks for Healthy Locks

May 2, 2024by admin

Summer Hair Care

summer hair care
Summer Hair Care

Who says summers are all about beach bodies? summer hair care  Truth be told, it’s also about managing the Rapunzel-like tresses, which somehow are more rebellious than a teenager. Call it ‘Hair Gone Wild,’ if you will! With rays hotter than your high school crush and chlorine playing havoc (well, we know chlorine’s existence isn’t just to cause us trouble, but bear with us), your hair starts impersonating a scarecrow. So, unless you plan to intentionally debut a new bird-nest-inspired hairstyle, let’s say it’s about time to take your hair care seriously! Remember to stay active amid all these hair-extraordinary adventures, only to wonder how those fitness influencers manage those thick, shiny manes? So grab your sun hats, folks! Summer is coming, and we’ve some luscious locks to protect!

Prevent Over-Exposure to Sun and Chlorine

Ah, the great outdoors! There’s nothing like soaking up the sunshine and splashing around in the water during the summer months. But before you dive head-first into your next pool party or beach day, let’s talk about our hair’s two favorite frienemies: the sun and chlorine.

You might be thinking, “I know, I know – wear a hat and rinse my hair.” But hold on to your wide-brimmed straw hat, my friend, because we’ve got more to discuss.

Let’s start with hats and head coverings – your trusty shield for sun protection. Donning a hat, especially during peak sun hours, is a no-brainer. But allow me to add a fancy twist – hunt for hats with built-in UPF protection. That’s like sunscreen for your scalp, just WAY cooler.

summer hair care
summer hair care

Moving on to chlorine, the star that proudly expresses its love for our hair by turning it green (really, how thoughtful). But we’ve got our version of a secret love letter to return the favor. Before swimming, let your hair drink up some fresh water. Chug, chug, chug! When hair is well-hydrated, it has less appetite for the pool water. So go ahead, outsmart chlorine in its own twisted game.

And don’t forget Mother Nature’s got your back with those caring natural sun protectants for hair. Look for products infused with ingredients like sesame seed, avocado, and coconut oil. These will keep your hair moisturized and radiant while fighting off those pesky UV rays.

There you have it, folks! Level up your summer hair protection game like a champ. Remember, the beach called, and your hair’s sworn enemies are waiting – but who says you can’t enjoy the sun without a bit of hair TLC?

Upgrade Your Hair Care Routine

Linking to our previous chat on the challenges of summer hair care for your actively vivacious lifestyle, let’s turn our attention to the all-important subject of fortifying your summertime hair care routine. For those who missed the memo, here, we will learn how not to let summer be the party pooper between you and your magnificent mane!

Let’s address the elephant in the room (or, shall we say, on your head!?) — dry and brittle hair. Not to be all gloom and doom, but your summer hair might resemble a bird’s nest if it doesn’t get the hydration it craves. It’s high time you surged through the cosmetic aisles and flirted with hydrating hair masks and natural conditioners. Give your hair the long-overdue spa day it’s been dreamily looking forward to since…forever! Throw in a dawn-to-dusk Netflix binge for good measure. It’s a difficult job, but someone has to keep the economy running.

Now, we’re all here for a good hair day, but let’s not overdo it with washing our hair every day, shall we?

Fun, unheard-of fact – washing your hair too frequently can strip it of natural oils. So unless your goal is to star in the following ad for hair oil, I suggest you skip a few hair wash days.

Moving on, split ends galore in the summer — the bane of our existence! Now, if you’ve been mooning over that Rapunzel-like hair, here’s your reality check: even Rapunzel needed a trim. So, get off your high tower and book an appointment with your hair salon already! Keep your hair’s health in check while getting a cute summer hairstyle. See, two birds with one stone!

And yes, we’re still not over the trauma of seeing that green hair in the pool. So, after your passionate affair with the swimming pool, rinse your hair thoroughly. Unless you’re secretly planning to start a trend with the green-hair mermaid look, that is.

So there you have it, folks! Embrace these tips like your beloved binge-watch shows. You’ll thank me later when your hair flows like a Pantene advert during summer jogs. Spoiler alert — we’re diving next into our favorite topic: hairstyles for your non-stop summer hustle! So, watch this space for some buzz-worthy tips. And remember, the healthier the hair, the harder they stare!

Style Your Hair Wisely for Active Days

Ah, summer! The season when our hair transforms into a salty, sun-bleached, and sometimes frazzled mess that speaks volumes of our adventurous spirits. You wouldn’t want to strangle those free-flowing locks with an iron grip, now would you? Of course not! Let’s talk about the art of “loosey-goosey” locks with wise-cracking style choices for those bustling, active days.

First, consider the humble hat your trusty sidekick, guarding your crown against the villainy of UV rays. But when the cap comes off, and it’s game on, it’s crucial to style wisely. Select hairstyles as relaxed as your summer vibe, like a beachy wave or a carefree braid that says, “I may have just surfed a wave, or maybe I rolled out of bed – you’ll never know.”

Steer clear, my friends, of the tight ponytails and buns, the notorious hair-breakage brutes. These coiffure constrictors can make even Rapunzel wince. Venture on the edge with a loose topknot that teeters just so, whispering to gravity, “Not today.”

summer hair care
summer hair care
Now, let’s gab about those hair accessories.

If you thought finding the right hair tie was as easy as snagging free sunscreen samples at the beach, think again! We’re looking for the gentle, snag-free kind that treats your locks with the tender love and care they deserve after a long, tough day of being fabulous.

We mustn’t tug, pull, or render our hairs distressed, for they are delicate strands merely trying to impress. Explore the world of spiral hairbands that don’t wage war on your scalp, or rock those all-purpose bands that fluently speak the language of hair love. Rest assured, your heroic tresses will thank you as they wave in the summer breeze, unburdened and bold, free of the villainous clutches of the elastic band’s stronghold.

And remember, the goal is healthy, happy locks flapping in that warm, salty air, not a hairdo resembling a deserted bird’s nest. Wink, wink.

Embrace Input from Mother Nature

Mother Nature, you sassy minx, with your unpredictable weather patterns and that wild side we see during the stormy seasons. You always have our back, especially when it comes to nurturing those luscious locks of ours.

When it comes to preserving your mane during those scorching summer days, who better to turn to than our very own earth mama? Natural hair care products are Mother Nature’s gifts to us. They are like those surprise brownies your neighbor leaves on your doorstep; you know it’s homemade, you trust it’s good, and you can bet your bottom dollar that it won’t come with harmful side effects (unless you overindulge). So, go au natural with hair care this summer (Psst! Your hair will thank you).

But hold on, don’t shuffle away yet! We’ve got some DIY homework for you.

While you’re concocting that summer cocktail, whip up some DIY solutions for your lovely tresses. Think avocado masks for dry hair; a little lemon juice can add those summer highlights, and apple cider vinegar is excellent for scalp troubles. It’s like a tropical spa day for your hair.

And the last ingredient in our summer hair care cocktail? Plain ol’ H2O. No fancy branding, no sparkling, no flavor shots. Just unadulterated, refreshing water. Glugging water throughout the day doesn’t just keep your parched throat at bay, but oh boy, it does wonders for your hair! You will be spiking your hair’s health meter with bonus points if you master the art of quenching your thirst frequently. So, embrace your inner aquaholic and keep sipping!

So there you go, naturally catered solutions for your active, sun-kissed, wind-blown summer hair. Your hair, just like you, deserves to bask in the joy of active, safe, and natural living without any hot, steamy struggles! Cheers to happy hair days!

Post-Workout Hair Care Tips

You’ve sweated up a storm, and your hearts are racing faster than a toddler on a sugar high. Time to consider your hair! Because, yes, that glorious mane has been through the wringer too.

For dabblers in the ‘Sweat,’ meet your new love interest – dry shampoo. Like a hardworking intern, it soaks up oil and sweat, giving your hair that ‘just-washed’ look. Resist the allure of tossing mountains of it in there; we don’t want dry, white-scalped zombies now, do we?

And hey, while you’re savoring your post-workout endorphin high, why not give your hair a little thrill, too? A quick breeze of cold water will keep your locks lively and energetic without the rampant ravages of over-washing. It was icy but incredibly refreshing! Add a feather-light conditioner, and your hair is on cloud nine.

So here we are, trying to look glamorous even while active—as easy as molding a six-pack from a beer belly! At least your hair can now stick to the landing after your workout. Now go, flaunt that fit and fabulous hair!

Equip Yourself with the Right Tools

Have you ever tried wrangling a pair of writhing squirrels into a bag using your mouth? No? Well, then, maybe you haven’t truly experienced the Herculean task of trying to take care of your hair during an active summer. Loading your hair arsenal with green-warrior-approved, eco-friendly hair ties is like hiring a wildlife conservationist for those squirrels (a.k.a your hair)—not just good for them, but for Mother Earth too. And trust me, squirrels, remember!

Are you going somewhere? Holidays don’t mean you skimp on haircare, darling. Don’t you fret! Your favorite products come in sizes cuddlier than a tree-hugger’s baby dolphin. They slip snugly into your bag like a perfectly toasted s’more into my gaping mouth!

And lastly, folks, get those accessories. A trendy bandana or chic headband is a selfie booster and a lifeguard for your luscious locks. Sun, sweat, and wind are like obnoxious party crashers—****ain’t nobody got time for that! So, pack smart, remember the squirrels, and hold that mane high!

Remember Cinderella went to the ball, AND she rocked that up-do! So, arm your haircare arsenal for an active summer, and no glass slippers are needed here! Own your summer look, Cinderella!


Summer hair care for active folks is all about shielding those lovely locks from Mr. Sun and Mrs. Chlorine, upgrading your routine with masks and trims, embracing Mother Nature’s gifts, and being workout-ready. Remember, one-size-fits-all is so last season – it’s all about tailoring your hair care to suit your active lifestyle. Here’s to all those sweaty yet fabulous hair days coming your way! Happy hair flipping, peeps!