Summer Splendor: Unveiling Chic Hairdos for Outdoor Weddings and Parties

April 29, 2024by admin

Summer Hairdos For Outdoor Weddings

Summer hairdos for outdoor weddings
Summer Hairdos For Outdoor Weddings

Alrighty then! Who’s ready for some summer fun? Summer hairdos for outdoor weddings, Wedding bells and pool parties, suntan and sandy toes – Ah, the sweet symphony of summertime. But hold up! Let’s have a severe chinwag about hair before you scamper off to show off that new sundress or hop in your wedding gown. Choose right; you’re the shimmering diva turning heads. Choose wrong, and well, let’s say there’s a reason why cousin Morticia is still single (Hint: It has nothing to do with her pet tarantulas).

Hair is like the crown jewel that completes your summer look. The sun may be sizzling, but with the right hairdo, you can keep your cool and look fabulous! Whether it’s a wedding, a pool party, or just a chill ‘let’s-burn-some-hotdogs-in-the-backyard’ BBQ, getting your hairstyle right is half the battle won. Be smart, be quirky, be you, and your summer will be nothing but sunshine, lollipops, and…great hair days!

Beachy Waves

Ah, the whimsical charm of beachy waves. Now, that’s a spectacle to roost for at a summer wedding. It’s that wiggle in your hair spelling freedom, echoing the sweet whispers of an oceanic rendezvous. Enough with the poetry; let’s get down to conjuring this magical hairdo!

First, bid farewell to those overbearing, crunchy curls, ladies. This isn’t the 80s prom! Our aim is crafting soft, lazy waves whispering tales of a day spent lounging by the ocean (perhaps sipping pina coladas). A few spritzes of sea salt spray post-shower, gentle scrunching, and voila! Possibly add a diffuser in the mix for extra volume. Is it just me, or can you already hear the faint applause from the seagulls?

Accessorizing, now that’s the icing on your sun-kissed, wavy cake. Keep it fresh, keep it summer-y! A few strategically placed fresh flowers huddle brilliantly with beachy waves. Aligning your accessory with the theme, might I suggest seashell hair clips? Oh, the charm they add! If I were a seagull, I’d be intensely jealous right now. Or consider headbands, sparkly or beaded ones. They scream glam yet hold those sly flyaways at bay, perfect!

Remember, this isn’t a convention of the Association of Perfectionists; it’s a little mess and never hurts anyone! So, let’s bring the beach to the party and let your hair do the summer talking.

Summer hairdos for outdoor weddings
Summer hairdos for outdoor weddings

Braids and Plaits

Braids and Plaits are the best friends of brides and partygoers who have a soft spot for outdoor events – but enough about them, let’s talk about you. You clicked on this article to get the rundown on these artful hair-taming methods, so let’s dive right into it.

Crown braids are the Audrey Hepburn of hairstyles – elegant, practical, and never going out of fashion. It’s perfect for those who secretly desire to don a tiara yet don’t want to look too much like their five-year-old selves at a princess-themed birthday party. This versatility does work wonders on long hair, but who are we to discriminate? Even if you have medium-length hair, add some extensions, and voila! Regality achieved.

For those stunning brides and partygoers craving a hairstyle that whispers the subtle tones of romance, a waterfall braid is the secret ingredient to unlock the heart(y) gates. Perfect if you enjoy the captivating gentle rustle of leaves as you twirl around the dance floor or sway in the arms of your beloved, this braided dream adds a touch of modern poetry to your unforgettable presence.

Embracing the rustic charm of an outdoor picturesque event requires nothing more than Bohemian side braids.

With your hair effortlessly cascading in the warm embrace of Mother Nature, you can confidently strut among trees, flowers, and other boho enthusiasts, immersed in a fairytale of your own making. A sprig of lavender or baby’s breath can be your magical finishing touch, ensuring that your hair game remains breathtakingly enchanting.

These three braided creations are designed not only to fashionably escort you through the wonders of an outdoor wedding or party, but they’re also here to do the heavy lifting – steal envious gazes, survive even the wildest dance-off, and leave your hair looking fabulously intact even under the wrath of Thor himself. Okay, maybe not the last one, but you get the idea. Braids are seriously trustworthy, aren’t they?

Updos and Chignons

Welcome to the royal court of hairstyles, where the queen of styles is the classic chignon. I saw you trying Google to learn how to pronounce chignon. Alright, I won’t play around with you, it’s pronounced as ‘sheen-yon’, saved you a Google search there! Now, picture this – a sleek chignon, timeless like your grandma’s Wassily chair, and as elegant as Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. With a few strategic hairspray blasts, you can keep those naughty flyaway hairs in check. Trust me; this look will have everyone swarming around you, exclaiming, “Darling, you are straight out of Vogue!”

But if you are feeling more like ‘Cinderella pre-fairy godmother,’ then mess around with a casual yet chic, messy low ‘do. Let’s play the game of ‘perfectly done yet undone’. Maybe you’re aiming for a relaxed version of a traditional chignon, a few face-framing rebellious strands? Like the hairstyle version of your favorite Netflix rom-coms – playful, unpredictable, yet heart-warmingly appealing!

Now, let’s turn up the volume, shall we?

Forget everything about the ‘less is more’ philosophy because when it comes to voluminous updos, we go the Marie Antoinette way, ‘the bigger, the better, darling’! Channel your inner princess with a puffy, royalty-inspired updo perched on your head like a crown of glory. Tease your hair like a 90s sitcom, add extensions, or embrace your natural texture to achieve that whole, oversized bun. Crown or tiara is optional, but remember, never let your tiara fall, metaphorically and literally!

Summer parties and weddings are all about letting your hair down or up, half-up, braided, or… okay, you get the point. It’s your story, darling! Just make sure you turn heads, or at the very least, elicit a few ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs.’ And remember, hair flips are an apt response to ‘I love your hair.’ Happy styling!

Half-up, Half-down Styles

Picture this: You’re sashaying down the grassy aisle, betwixt the rows of adoring guests, and sporting the most fabulously flirtatious half-up, half-down hairstyle this side of Pinterest. Why choose between the breezy freedom of flowing locks and the polished poise of an updo when you can revel in both? It’s the mullet of wedding hairdos – business up top, party in the back – but a million times more chic and sans regrettable ’80s flashbacks.

Summer hairdos for outdoor weddings
Summer hairdos for outdoor weddings

Twining flowers into your luscious locks or clipping in a glittering accessory adds just the right amount of “Oops, I’m naturally this enchanting” to your ensemble. It’s like telling Cupid, “I’ve got this, thanks,” as you dole out the exact dose of whimsy and sophistication.

And let’s talk about achieving that summer-ready look that won’t wilt faster than your Aunt Edna after her fifth glass of rosé. This style is your ticket to a frizz-free fairy tale ending, minus the fear of a Rapunzel-esque unraveling before the “I dos.” So, swish that floral-laden mane with confidence, my queen. You are the epitome of summer breeziness, with a side of “I woke up like this” glamour.

Short Hair, Don’t Care

Hit the bookmark, ladies. Embarking upon our short hair adventure, here’s an ode to a hairdo as swoon-worthy as the face that carries it – a flower behind the ear. Think simple yet stunning, and you’re thinking of aloha weddings in Hawaii with a dazzling hibiscus tucked behind your ear—no lengthy tussle with hairpins, no stints under the hotter-than-the-sun hairdryer. And, bonus, your lovely ear gets its fair share of the limelight!

Now, what’s a queen without her crown? For the cases where a tiara is not quite your style, let’s introduce the real deal-breaker – the beaded headband. Skip the tiara and go for Bohemia – chunky, bedazzled headbands that’ll make folks wonder if they’re at a wedding or a Vogue photoshoot. Just think Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, updated in 2021 chic. And don’t worry, they come in all shapes, sizes, and bling levels, like your exes!

Are you all ready for the cherry on top? Or, textured top in this context. With short hair, you can play mad scientist with all those fancy shampoos, mousses, and conditioners. Want to channel your inner Marilyn Monroe with some vintage curls? A dab of mousse has got your back. Or perhaps a slicked-back do for that minimalist bride? The gel is your spirit guide through this maze of hairstyles.

Although, don’t go stirring up potions, the actual scientists have done the legwork. Just get the styling product; you bring the attitude and the moves! So, here’s to short hair because size is not everything.

Hair Color Considerations

Alright, ladies, let’s dive into the kaleidoscope of hair color ecstasy, perfect for frolicking at outdoor weddings and whimsical garden parties and going for golden. Summer is ideal for sprinkling sun-kissed highlights or indulging in a complete balayage escapade. Imagine those golden streaks mingling with the sunset, giving you a divine glow; Aphrodite herself might throw a fit of jealousy.

But maybe you’re more of a pastel pixie, dreaming in soft lavenders and pinks. These whimsical hues breathe a sigh of freshness into your locks, making you the ethereal centerpiece in a field of mere mortals.

Hovering between the desire to keep that color vibrant and the harsh reality of summer’s unforgiving rays? Fear not. Arm yourself with color-protecting shampoos, don’t skimp on the conditioner, and treat heat protectants as your new best friends. This sacred trinity will shield your hair from the dreaded fade-out. After all, you’re the artwork, darling, not your sun hat.


And there you have it, folks! We’ve unveiled some of the chicest summer hairdos to rock at outdoor weddings and parties. So, go on and embrace your signature summer style, and confidently enjoy those celebrations while turning heads. Who knew mastering fabulous hair in the heat could be so breezy? Now, say “I do” to the perfect ‘do and party on, darlings!