Unraveling the Secrets: The Intriguing History of AirTouch Hair Coloring

May 31, 2024by admin

The History of AirTouch Hair Coloring

the history of AirTouch hair coloring
The history of AirTouch Hair Coloring

Ahh, the horror of graying hair. the history of AirTouch hair coloring  Virgin roots that once gave you the ultimate ‘My-Hair-My-Pride’ moments –now scream as an ‘AGE ALERT!’ Every salon visit, of course, becomes a Goosebumps episode with that ‘Oops! Too dark!’ or ‘Did I ask for Golden, or did you mistake it with Rustic?’ With the traditional hair-coloring saga, you bet every mirror glance was an adventurous ride into the unknown! Just when things started seeming like a tragic hair tale, voila! Enter hair color! Imagine this – it’s like someone handing you an eraser when you were expecting a sledgehammer. A savior in disguise, turning the graying horror story glow into GLOW-up chronicles! The stunt that left your social circle going, ‘How’d you grow younger?’ was none other than our unmasked hero–Hair Color! Yes, folks, that’s right. Instead of lamenting gray strands, we bartered for a palette of colors. Life seemed beautifully technicolor until…But wait! We’re getting ahead of ourselves, aren’t we? Stay tuned, my fellow hair-color devotees. This saga is just growing roots. God bless the discovery of hair color!


A Touch of Air: The Advent of AirTouch

I don’t mean to brag, but let me unravel some color mysteries for you. Picture this: it’s 2015, you’ve got Taylor Swift’s “Style” set as your ringtone, and you’re still flipping through Cosmopolitan’s printed edition when *BAM*, this thing called AirTouch lands on our planet. I still remember it like it was yesterday…

In a world that was either too nonchalant about hair color or overdramatically obsessing about it (Yes, I’m looking at you, Denise, and your lavender-greyish-mauve color crisis of 2014), along comes AirTouch to bring balance to the… um…roots. Mankind had been playing with hair color for years – we’d come a long way from the poor quality boxed blonde disasters to salon-grade coloring, but something felt off. Something was missing, and that ‘something’ was the magical touch of air.

the history of AirTouch hair coloring
the history of AirTouch hair coloring

Enter AirTouch—the gentle wind of transformation, a breath of fresh… Hue? It was revolutionary, promising dimension, softness, and something new in our stale hair color routines. With AirTouch, you were no longer a belittled canvas for your stylist’s color experiment; you became a veritable Sistine Chapel for their nuanced artistry. The crème de la crème, the toast of the town, the… You get the picture.

Unveiling an era where subtleness was glorified, AirTouch turned out to be the much-needed social justice warrior, fighting against the oppressive regime of monochromatic blobs.

Overnight, the hair arena went from “Well, we do what we can” to “Hold my comb; you haven’t seen anything yet.” Who needs a time machine when a hair color technique can transport us straight to a modern era of innovative self-expression?

Let me tell you, my dear reader – that’s some fine wind. Like the dandelion seeds fluttering about, spreading beauty, AirTouch spread itself globally, and oh boy, it created a stir. But, as they say, that’s a tale for another time, or rather, another subheading.

To infinity and beyond! Or to the next part of our journey. Stay tuned; we’re just teasing the roots of this saga… Oh, the suspense!

The Man Behind the Magic: Vladimir Sarbashev

Ready to meet the Gandalf of the hair color world? Brace yourselves because we’re about to take a sneak peek into the life of an accurate color wizard, Vladimir Sarbashev. No, he doesn’t have a magic wand, but oh boy, does he have a hairdryer that could potentially be enchanted!

After years of watching hair enthusiasts come and go, bearing the brunt of those oh-not-so-gentle traditional dye jobs, Sarbashev had a lightbulb moment. Why not make things… lighter? Airier? And thus, armed with nothing but a dream and what must have been some secret hair styling spell book, he gave birth to AirTouch – a technique equivalent to giving your locks a first-class seat on the way to Colorville.

Vladimir’s brainchild isn’t just about splashing colors willy-nilly; it’s a new philosophy.

Imagine painting with air – it sounds magical. Well, it’s real. Each stroke of his technique is like a whisper of color as if your hair and the hues are in a tender love affair. You get the glam without the damage, the flair without the despair. Seriously, could this be any more enchanting?

So, before this starts to sound like we’re setting up a profile for a hairdresser on a dating app for underappreciated strands, let’s say: Vladimir Sarbashev, you’ve officially upgraded hair coloring from coach to first class, and our roots could not be happier!

AirTouch: A Revolution in the Hair Arena

Ah, the daunting world of hair coloring! We’ve all been there, haven’t we? Walking into the hair salon, pointing at some random celebrity’s photo, and begging our stylists, “Make me look like this!” Only to walk out looking more like a Picasso portrait. Woof! But then again, that’s what you sign up for when you say “balayage” at a salon without owning a French dictionary.

Balayage, loosely translated as “to sweep,” was the reigning queen of hair coloring for quite some time. But let’s be honest, the new diva in town has stolen her moment under the sunshine – AirTouch! AirTouch is now the buzzword in hair coloring from follicles to Instagram feeds. But how? Why? Patience, curly Sue, we’re getting there!

With AirTouch, say adios to sitting in that chair for five hours while your hair stylist paints every strand of your hair. Instead, imagine it as an avante-garde concert, and your hair is the orchestra. AirTouch techniques, my dear friends, are all about that symphony! A nifty tool that uses air to separate the hair, rather than painstakingly sessions of pulling and tugging. Leave that for your gym sessions, please!

the history of AirTouch hair coloring
the history of AirTouch hair coloring

Then comes the magic part: The separated hair strands are color-treated, ensuring you only color what needs to be colored. You know, instead of your entire head resembling a canvas dipped in paint blindly! So, no more color bleeding, patchy shades, or some random streaks that make you go, “Wait, did I pay for this?!”

The best part? It looks more natural than any hair dye job you’ve gotten. Yeah, you heard it right! It’s more natural than your all-time favorite balayage. Less damage, more sass, and an Instagram feed that screams ‘glam’!

So, really, what are you waiting for? Step into the salon and say the magical word – “AirTouch.” Be the diva you were meant to be, minus the Picasso resemblance!

AirTouch vs Traditional Hair Dye: The Showdown

We’ve all had the misfortune of partaking in the Olympic sport of traditional hair dye application, haven’t we? It’s all fun and laughs until Picasso sets up his easel in your bathroom, only to abandon the messy aftermath for you. This brings us to judging the application process. Ah, AirTouch, you made this a breeze! Quite literally like a soft breeze blowing through your tresses, feeling like a relaxing day on the beach and not an inevitable shootout in the Coliseum.

But let’s not jump to conclusions.

We tremble as we wait for the hair dye timer to chime, the fear of ghastly oranges and unnatural hues hanging over our heads (pun intended). *ding* *gasp* Lo and behold, the results are in. It’s like the hair gods themselves have kissed your hair! The traditional hair dye output has a blind date vibe – interesting, but an equal chance of “OMG!” and “Uh-oh!”

AirTouch rescues your hair from that awkward encounter and leaves you with a jaw-plummeting, paparazzi-dodging, red-carpet-worthy hair color. The knockout? Traditional Dye – 0, AirTouch – 1; or should we say 100?

In this cutthroat color canvas, I’d put my money on the one less likely to make me resemble a disgruntled parrot. Who am I to judge your flamboyant, feathery inclinations?

Au Naturel or AirTouch: What Does Your Hair Love

Well, well, a debate as old as time itself. Or at least as old as when someone saw their reflection in a puddle and wondered, “Is that a silver strand I see?” Sigh! So, shall we stick to au naturel or slap some AirTouch on our beloved tresses?

Oh, those chemicals—they are like that annoying uncle at family reunions. You can’t completely avoid them, but do we want them meddling with our precious locks? Traditional hair dyes often contain an entourage of chemicals like ammonia and peroxide that can be hair health’s worst nightmare. They may provide instant color gratification, but at what cost? The loss of glossy, healthy hair? Yeah, no thanks.

Enter AirTouch – your hair’s fairy godmother! Who knew hair could have its superhero, right? Guaranteeing you the magical transformation without the toil and trouble. No bubbling potions (read: harsh chemicals) but subtle, air-powered color magic. And get this: it doesn’t even have to touch your scalp. Now that’s a godmotherly love I can get used to!

To sum it up, it’s not just about the color but how that color treats your hair. Are you team ‘chemical bingo’ or team ‘fairy godmother’? The choice, dear friends, is entirely yours.

The AirTouch Phenomenon: Global Impact

Oh boy, did the AirTouch trend create a wave more significant than the Big Bang on social media! Everyone was suddenly a Picasso, with hair as their canvas. And on Instagram? Let’s say the #AirTouch hashtag wouldn’t dare go unnoticed if it were a person strolling in a neon suit at a funeral.

Now, don’t even get me started on Hairstylists. You’d think they held a decade-long vendetta against traditional hair dye. Overwhelmed with joy, their praises for AirTouch made it feel like a prodigal son who finally returned home. One even quoted, “AirTouch is like the MacGyver of hair styling – utterly versatile and spectacularly transformative!”

There it is, folks! The social media uproar that surrounded AirTouch and the sudden clan of hairstylist-turned-AirTouch groupies. It is intriguing how a puff of air brushed tradition aside. Let’s hope this does not provoke any chemical-laden hair dye to declare war. Because of that, my friend will have one messy conflict.

Conclusion: Coloring Your Tresses Artfully

So, you’ve weathered the storm of historical hair dye tragedies, survived the thrilling tale of Vladimir Sarbashev, the Color Wizard, and strolled through the revolution of AirTouch. Buckle up, buttercup, because it’s time for the fun part – deciding whether this fancy, hot-air-filled technique is worth it. Are you going to Au Naturel? Bah, humbug! Take your tresses on an artful adventure with AirTouch; it’s like having a fairy godmother but for your hair.