Mastering the Art of Choosing the Right Shades for AirTouch: A Comprehensive Guide for Stunning Results

May 24, 2024by admin

The Right Shades for AirTouch

the Right Shades for AirTouch
The Right Shades for AirTouch

Ah, sweet reader, the Right Shades for AirTouch, there came a day when our mighty hair ruled us, and we fell short of taming it. But lo and behold, a savior stepped in – AirTouch – a sorcery skill as alluring as the name. Born in the distant land of Russia, this knight in shining foil armed with a blow dryer came for one reason and one reason only: to impart the sun-kissed, naturally highlighted look that we have to have! Stay with me, dear reader.

But what is the story behind this glorious technique, you ask? Well, a brilliant mind pondered – ‘Why not use air to separate the hair?’. And Voila, AirTouch was born. A step into the future where hair strands trembled at the wave of a blow-dryer, willingly giving up their place for a perfect highlight. Born out of necessity or pure genius, this technique turned traditional highlighting methods into fashion’s primitive ancestors.

And that, my hair enthusiast friend, is AirTouch. It is a worthy ally in the seemingly never-ending process of hair coloring. It makes you want to rip out your old dye boxes, doesn’t it? Well, hold your horses—we’re just getting started!


Gearing up: Tools needed for AirTouch

Okay, so you’ve decided to be an AirTouch Hipster, huh? Well, get ready to stock your arsenal with some snazzy tools. My favorite is the Balayage board. Like a magic wand, it keeps everything in place, shielding your precious layers from the savage gusts of the air blow. Fun fact, “Balayage” is a fancy French term that translates to “sweeping.” Very poetic, right? It even sounds swanky when you say it.

Now, not to be a Debbie downer, but beware of chunky slices. If you grab a Hulk-sized section, your blow-dryer might morph into a Hulk itself, and wouldn’t that be a hair-raising situation? Remember! It’s called AirTouch, not AirSmack.

the Right Shades for AirTouch
the Right Shades for AirTouch

Since we are brand-dropping, I must shout out to my ever-dependable, the pin curl clips. Lightweight and loyal, these beauties keep the previous foil from flap-flap-flapping around. And here’s an insider tip for you: use a tremendous gush of air, not hot, and for God’s sake, keep the volume down near the hairline.

Now, talking about brands, “Foilmance” *chuckles* makes some pretty cool foils. Or you can opt for the elegant edition from “Silver Luxe.” And if you’ve got an abundant mane or are an aspiring Rapunzel, ensure your foils are long enough, or you’ll end up with noodle hair. Watch these steps, folks; don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Understanding Hair Science: Part and parcel of AirTouch

Ah, hair science is synonymous with walking barefoot on a Lego. When you thought only rocket science was puzzling, ta-da, we have a newcomer: hair science. But worry not, my dear readers, for I promise not to let the jargon and terminologies blindside you.

First, let’s discuss our hair’s anatomy: We’ve got the medulla, the cortex, and the cuticle. No, we are not describing an onion, but these layers play host to a tiny thing called Melanin thrones. Your hair color? Yep, these melanin guys call the shots.

Now we play some magic! To biologically vandalize your God-given hair color, we introduce bleach. This corrosive fellow swims into the hair shaft holds melanin by its collar, and, poof, it’s colorless. It’s like spilling bleach on your favorite black t-shirt, but you’re doing it on purpose this time.

Fear not; the bleach is as innocent as a lamb in small quantities. But let’s not be too friendly. Overly bleached hair can resemble uncooked ramen noodles. It’s hilarious on a plate but not on your head. The rule of the game is that the darker the hair is, the more elbow-greasing it is and potentially more bleach.

Remember, we are just politically incorrect hair chemists trying to turn your noggin into a masterpiece.

Step-by-step guide to selecting the right shade

Welcome to the swirling world of hair coloring! You might think that with a magical tool (a hair dryer, who’d have thought!) and some wizard-rich-mostly-white potion (the bleach!), you could wave your wand and ‘poof’! Your hair would transform into a golden magic carpet ride. However, there’s a bit more ‘abracadabra’ involved in this.

Choosing the right shade for AirTouch, ladies and gentlemen, isn’t as simple as saying “eeny, meeny, miny, moe.” Our first task in this daunting yet delightful ordeal is dividing the task according to hair zones. Treat your hair like the land it is. It needs zoning! Each zone requires its unique care and color choreography. Wouldn’t you color the fertile valleys of Zone One the same way as the desert plateaus of Zone Three?

Once that’s sorted out, it’s time to comprehend the mysterious melodies of tonal variances.

Look, we’ve all been there, adrift in the hairdresser’s chair, looking like a deer in headlights when queried, “What tone would you like your hair to be, Madam?” Honey-blonde? Ash-blonde? Golden? Silver? Friction-purple-helium-unicorn, some off-menu choice? Panic over, folks! Mastering tonal variances is as easy as banging a gong if you focus on their subtle differences. Remember, matching the tone with your skin type and desired style is how you become the Picasso of your tress-tapestry.’

the Right Shades for AirTouch
the Right Shades for AirTouch

Getting the color lift right is as vital as the wings of an eagle. If you lift too little, it will look like you rolled face-first into some half-cooked bread crumbs. Too much lift can make you resemble an atomic popcorn or, even worse, a boiled carrot. Soaring to the proper levels of lift is instrumental for acquiring that elite, eye-catching look while keeping your hair as healthy as a horse.

Pulling off the perfect AirTouch is not just about showing up and hoping for the best. It’s about arming yourself with knowledge, honing your skills, and trusting your stylist to launch your locks into sunny shades of gloriousness! So gear up with your gloves, ready your wands, and let the magic flow! Wishing you a ‘hair-raising’ adventure!

Care while using Bleach: Ensuring safety and health of hair

Fair warning, ladies and gentlemen, we are about to dive headfirst into the somewhat sticky—or bleachy—world of hair lightening. Yes, you got it. We’re entering the bleach-zone (cue dramatic music).

Now, let’s suppose you’re the rebellious kind. You’ve decided, ‘Hey, who needs experts? I will lay the rule book aside and be the pirate of my hair affairs. So, you snatch up your bleach bottle and generously slather it all over. After a few hours of binging your favorite Netflix show, you realize you’ve turned your luscious locks into a crispy piece of straw. Suddenly, you replay those few hours of unwary bleach application, feeling like Alice must’ve fallen down that rabbit hole. Rule #1: Be reasonable with bleach. But don’t drown your hair into oblivion!

But how do you end up making this wisely balanced bleach choice?

Here is where ‘know thy hair’ needs to be engraved in large golden letters somewhere in your mind-space. Always remember, every head of hair is like a unique piece of art, with its intricate textures and subtle tones, and thankfully, it is less prone to attracting art thieves. Some heads can bear the harsh beauty of a wintry 40-volume peroxide; others would melt to a Jackson Pollock mess under anything stronger than 20-volume. Hence, understanding your hair enables you to choose the suitable bleach, like a master sommelier uncorking a perfectly aged bottle of wine.

And speaking of uncorking, let’s not forget about remixing your bleach cocktail. Listen, when it would take you to watch an episode of Friends, your poor old bleach has already given up its ghost. The good news is – remixing is as easy as making instant noodles! And it comes with a bonus: making up an excuse to pause that Netflix show you’ve been entertaining yourself with.

So, brave hearts, let’s march on. Remember, bleach isn’t a villain, but like any other strong character, it needs to be wielded with wisdom. And if you ask me, that’s a bleachin’ good mantra to live by in the game of hair transformation. Onwards to the world of AirTouch, and may the shades be ever in your favor!

Dealing with different hair types in AirTouch

Ah, the fickle nature of hair makes AirTouch feel like a high-fiber diet – good in theory but a bit tricky in practice. When dealing with the Rapunzel-esque locks or the Tinkerbell trims, one must consider the hair’s texture and density as though you’re handling fine china or wrestling with a fluffy yet surprisingly resistant sheep.

With the thick and curly, it’s about as manageable as herding cats – patience is key, folks. Thin strands, however, require a light touch; if you are too heavy-handed, you risk going from chic to eek! And length? Let’s not even start. It’s like trying to find the perfect jeans – a delightful idea but often a journey through frustration and compromise. Keep your wits – and your brush – about you!

Common mistakes to avoid while choosing shades

Are you picking the perfect shade? Easy. Are you successfully applying it without morphing into a Picasso-reimagined version of the Joker? Now, that’s the real challenge.

Bless their hearts, old-school colorists often overestimate the chameleon-like abilities of their clients’ tresses. This leads to a cataclysmic plunge into the under-saturated abyss (read: color disaster).

Remember, subtlety is not bleach’s strong suit. It has the grace of a trapeze elephant. Therefore, exercise it judiciously, treating it like that frenemy you love to avoid but can’t really ignore—necessary for the job but blooming dangerous if given too much freedom.

And then there are those adventurous souls (Oh, you brave, brave warriors!) who pull a DIY on their hair. They come up with Pandora’s box of mistakes: over-deployment of bleach, underestimation of tones, and carefree negligence of the good ol’ color wheel. The color chaos that ensues could rival a 3-year-old’s finger painting.

The secret to recovery? Confessions of a hair sinner. Admit that you flubbed and then rectify like the wind, my color-dazed compadres: more saturation, more toner, less ego.

So, are you ready to go down the delightful rabbit hole of AirTouch, or do you still find solace in your streaky, patchy traditional mess? Heck, why not dive into the AirTouch revolution? After all, life is too short for dull hair.


So, you’ve waded through the technicalities, slogged through the science, tangoed with the bleach, and almost understand the enigma that is AirTouch. Way to go, love your former self! And as much as this may shatter the joy of your hard-earned victory, let me tell you, there’s always more. As decidedly daunting as AirTouch can be, masquerading as both art and science, its mastery can be distilled into some not-so-secret, secret sauce. The bottom line is never to skimp on product saturation, worship at the altar of the balayage board, and always remember that nothing worthwhile is easy (especially when it involves anything higher than a 10 volume on the hairline). Happy AirTouch-ing! And remember, you’ve got this!