Unveiling the Artistry: Understanding the Different Types of Hair Coloring Techniques

October 27, 2023by admin

Types Of Hair Coloring Techniques

types of hair coloring techniques
Types Of Hair Coloring Techniques

Unveiling the artistry and understanding the different types of hair coloring techniques is no easy feat, but hey, we’re in this together, right? So strap on your salon cape, grab your developer and brush (or just sit back while a pro does it), and let’s color our way to hair glory!

Ah, hair color, the ultimate fashion statement, the cherry on top of your personality sundae, and the bane of hair stylists everywhere. What better way to showcase your inner artist than by turning your tresses into a canvas? After all, they do say that your hair is an extension of your personality.

Are you a fiery redhead, a cool and collected brunette, or a sassy and spontaneous blonde? We’ve got you covered.

In this blog, we’re painting the town red…or blue…or any other hue your heart desires as we dive deep into the world of hair coloring.

Exploring the term ‘Ombre’

So, you’ve caught wind of the kaleidoscopic world of hair coloring whispers; ‘Ombre,’ they say. If “ombre” feels like a foreign language, you’re not alone. Chill out, folks! Ombre is basically the cool kid in your class who has not one, but two colors in his hair.

They hang out together, party in your hair, and pull off a stunning graduation from dark to light color, like from a black night to a white day, starting from the middle and going all the way down the hair strand. Oh, did I mention they go well with pretty much every hair type, long or short? Bummer for the bald, though!

Now, I ain’t no magician, but here’s a secret on how to nail the Ombre look like a pro: Spare 3 or 4 hours of your precious sitcom time, open the door for the right stylist who carries the wand (quite literally) to create magic on your hair. Have faith and sit back, let the magic unfold.

But hey, don’t forget the maintenance! ‘High-maintenance’ you might say, but not so when it comes to Ombre. It’s like having a low-maintenance boyfriend who only gets more charming with time. Yeah, you heard it right – the Ombre effect gets better with time, like wine aging in a cellar. Now, isn’t that hair-raisingly gorgeous? So, what are you waiting for… Ombre away!

types of hair coloring techniques
types of hair coloring techniques

Going semi – ‘Sombre’

So, you’ve resisted the Ombre trend and are ready to wade into the shallow end of hair coloring’s radiant pool – welcome to the world of Sombre! Sombre, or subtle Ombre (see what they did there?), is like your quiet, refined aunt who only slightly raises eyebrows at parties.

She’s still fun, but won’t land you in the police blotter like her wilder sister, Ombre.

Now, dabbling in the Sombre isn’t as easy as it sounds, and trust me, it sounds like someone coined it while ‘sipping’ champagne.

Choosing the perfect shade close to your natural hair color is crucial, because the secret to a successful Sombre isn’t just about whispering, it’s about whispering in just the right tone. So, unless you want to be the centerpiece of your salon’s “Beware of Bad Sombre job” poster, stick close to your roots – literally.

Our favorite Sombre flaunter is the ever stylish Jennifer Lawrence. But come on, even a bowl cut would look cool on her.

Can us mere mortals pull it off? Well, what’s life without a bit of a gamble, albeit a small one, like adding an extra pump of caramel to your macchiato, or going Sombre. So go ahead, join the ranks of subtly exciting hair color warriors – Sombre awaits!

Dive into Dip-dyed Hair

Ready to take your hair game up a notch? One word – Dip-dye! Now, this isn’t for the run-of-the-mill folks. It requires some guts and a whole lot of attitude! Imagine strutting around like a rainbow-themed unicorn, with hues that make absolutely no sense together but are still oddly mesmerizing. Wow, right?

But before you’re all gung-ho and taking a dive into the dye (pun totally intended!), remember, dear readers, each hue could vary based on your original hair color. Also, this technique is like a needy, high maintenance boyfriend. Once you’re in, it’s a commitment. Break-ups aren’t easy, and neither is getting rid of dip-colors. Your hair will demand attention – frequent moisturizing, deep conditioners, and love. Lots of love!

So, give it a swing. Make the world your runway with Dip-dye and remember to handle with care. After all, a good hairstyle is the best revenge!

Lighten up with Highlights

Alright folks, let’s talk highlights! Pop quiz: when you hear the word ‘highlights’, do your brain cells immediately picture those over-ambitious students who highlight entire textbooks leaving no word unscathed? Well, you’re not alone. But here, we’re going to talk about a different type of highlighting – the hair kind, none of your textbook nightmares.

If you thought it was as easy as slathering up some dye and leaving it on while you catch the latest gossip on social media, you’ve got a tough reality check coming.

There’s foil highlights where the stylist behaves like a magician performing an elaborate trick with a sheet of foil (only to reveal a glorious shade on your mane), hair painting (not to be confused with some Picasso-style work on your scalp), frosting, and– drumroll– chunking.

Don’t let that word scare you, it’s not some horror-movie but a technique involving a liberal application of bold colors for the wild and adventurous ones on larger, thicker strands of hair, setting you apart in any crowd! You’d practically be a walking rainbow!

As for situations where you go for highlights, well, are you always searching for your hair amidst all the ground-zero chaos? Yup, that’s your cue. Highlights add some solid dimension to your hair and can seriously upgrade those curls – picture perfect! So, if you’re all set to turn those heads and grab the limelight, say hello to Highlights! And remember folks, a little humor never hurt anyone.

types of hair coloring techniques
types of hair coloring techniques

Unraveling the mystery of Bronde

Unravelling the enigma of “Bronde,” don’t we just love the mystery? It’s like a hair version of the Bermuda triangle, isn’t it? But worry not, dear readers, this is not something that is going to swallow you whole.

Bronde, my friends, is the magical blend of brown and blonde- them blondes went on a detour and crashed into brownsville. It’s like a cappuccino swirl – a little bit crisp, a little bit mellow, and a whole lot of head-turning.

Ladies, achieving Bronde is more art than science. It starts with a brown base color, then throw in some blonde highlights around the face and ends of the hair to lighten things up a touch (sorry folks, by ‘throwing in’ I meant applying with an expert’s precision – not so spiffy sounding but let’s stick to the facts).

For an extra oomph, we’d suggest a sprinkle of toasted coconut hair, because who wouldn’t like to carry around the beachy vibes?

And, if you’re into the whole ‘I want a hair color that’s favorite with celebs’ thing (because who isn’t right?), then darling, Bronde is your golden ticket. J-Lo, the queen herself, has often been spotted flaunting the Bronde look.

So, why trek down the humdrum route of vanilla blondes or plain-jane browns when you can ride the Bronde wagon all the way to stardom – or at least, a compliment-laden party.


So, here we are, ready to pick a side in this epic follicular battle royale. Picking the right hair color technique, I dare say, is just as crucial as picking the right browser for your laptop. One bad choice and you’d be stuck in the wash, rinse, and repeat rut!

Ever heard the saying, ‘behind every great hairstyle, there’s an underestimated hairstylist?’ Okay, maybe I just made it up, but the pivotal role of a professional stylist? Yeah, that part’s true.

They finesse your mane with the precision of a brain surgeon and the artistic flair of Picasso—minus dropping the vulture, of course. Remember the time you tried DIY bangs, hoping to look like Cleopatra but ended up resembling a luggage rack? Right.

The best part about personalizing hair color techniques? It’s like having a burger—you can stack ’em up as per your heart’s delight, minus the calories. Go crazy with colors or stick with the natural shades, it’s like having your chameleon and changing it too.

Alright, gal pals, the hair coloring train stops here. With all these hair-raising revelations, even Rapunzel would be running to the salon. Happy coloring!