Summer Matte Mastery: Men’s Hair Styling Secrets for a Sleek, Shine-Free Look

May 19, 2024by admin

Men’s Hair Styling

men's hair styling
Men’s Hair Styling

Oh, hello there, fellow Matte Maverick!  men’s hair styling Welcome to the one and only Matte Hair Dominance Zone, where glossy locks go to die, and frizz waves the white flag in defeat. You, my sly, natty friend, are in the right place if you want to bid farewell to that unwanted Highlander shine and say hello to a Sleek McQueen-style game. Let’s admit it: There can be only one (hair hero), and it’s matte this season, baby!

With this nifty guide, we will frolic through chiseled plains and master matte techniques like a Pompeiian demi-god. Let’s embark on this riveting, shine-free adventure! Comin’ in hot, we’ll explore the mystic corners of grooming and styling for the right sleekness. But first, let’s crack our knuckles and roll up our sleeves because this matte education train is out of the station, heading straight for Hair Paradise City. Choo-choo!

Why matte is the new sexy in town

Ah, matte is the new sexy in town! Wait, what? Yep, you heard it right. Matte hair, friends, is the sleek and sophisticated cousin of those pesky, glossy locks that used to rule our heads. But how? Here’s your personalized, borderline-sarcastic introduction to non-greasy grooming!

First up: Less greasy, more breezy! Welcome to a world where you can emerge from a day of styling without a hair out of place or a forelock dripping with oil. Isn’t it amazing how one leap in hair fashion allows you to sway and sashay without fearing that dreaded glossy sheen? We thought so, too!

men's hair styling
men’s hair styling

Now, onto the art of subtle grooming. Sometimes, less is more— and trust me, that’s never been more true than in the land of matte hair. Say goodbye to in-your-face shiny hair and hello to understated glam. Matte hair styling lets you play it down so you can attend a business meeting in the morning and then casually head to a cocktail party in the evening. Just. Like. That.

Finally, let’s chat about adding unexpected volume. Do you know how they say, “The bigger, the better”? We’re not entirely sure who “they” are, but matte hair allows you to sprout a veritable forest up there—in the most stylish ways, of course! When you think your hair has reached its full potential, matte pushes the volume button and Voila! New heights, both literally and figuratively.

Now that you’ve tasted the matte magic, read on to dive deeper into the world of sleek, subtle amazingness. Because, let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to hop on board this shiny, grease-free train? Next stop, Matteville!

Prep your mane for the matte extravaganza

Brace yourselves, gentlemen, we’re going diving. Not the deep-sea kind, but diving headfirst into the mystique ocean of hairstyling, where the water’s matte and the waves are your disobedient locks. The first obstacle is washing. Now I know we’re men. We huff and puff and bottle up our emotional shampoo-commercial desires. But what if I told you it’s time to turn those Bath & Body Works fantasies into reality? It’s simple: wash, rinse, and NO, do not repeat. That’s just a marketing gimmick shampoo companies pulled over our eyes.

Once you’ve wrangled your rebellious hair into submission, it’s time for the next hurdle – the delicate balance between dry and damp. Imagine your hair as a wet dog – not a pleasant image, I know! But as you wouldn’t let a soaking pooch loose on your leather couch, similarly, don’t let sopping-wet hair meet your precious hair product. Semi-dry is the sweet spot we’re aiming for. A light towel-drying will work; remember, no crazed rubbing unless you want to look like you got caught in a wind tunnel.

Now, drum roll, please! *Whoosh* (That’s a drum roll sound in text, okay…).

It’s time to address the elephant in the room: Choosing the right product. This isn’t a supermarket where you randomly pick the product with an attractive model. Your hair deserves better. Yes, this is a cry for going “au naturel” without applying Greek yogurt or avocado to your hair. Yup, we’re talking organic, paraben-free, non-greasy hair products. Let’s defy the age-old mantra – “The shinier, the better,” and embrace the sweltering matte reality this summer!

And voila! You’re now three steps closer to becoming the suave secret agent of your dreams, and your hair—well, it’s just about ready for the matte extravaganza. Stay tuned to find out what our next brilliant blog on hairstyling essentials has in store for you! But until then, good luck decluttering that bathroom shelf—you’re going to need some space for your new hair arsenal!

Tools of the trade: Essential styling gadgets

Look, we all have that one friend who’s an absolute rockstar, and for matte hair? It’s the one and only hairdryer! Our dear friend, the hairdryer is the ultimate game-changer. You can’t kick off a matte finish party without this guy. It’s all fiery and hot, yet it doesn’t set your hair on fire, at least not if you use it right—what an absolute pal, isn’t it?

Get this: the hairdryer is a jetpack for your hair. It jets air at your hair, making it fly sky-high while removing the shiny greasiness and leaving you with a matte look instead. Please hold your applause and let the hairdryer take its bow!

men's hair styling
men’s hair styling

Now onto the wild, untameable beast—your hair—let’s grab our next superhero gadget, the brush. They say don’t poke the bear, but let’s be daring for once. That unruly mane? It’s no match for our magic wand, the brush. A couple of swipes and swooshes, and your hair falls into place like troops before their general.

Remember when you were a kid and brushed your teddy bear’s synthetic hair with such enjoyment that it looked like a porcupine had a terrible day? Same idea, a less teddy-and-porcupine nightmare. You can achieve a sophisticated smoothness interspersed with occasional spikes to give our dear old Mr. Sun competition hats off to the humble brush!

So, fabulous folks, grab your armory, prepare your hair for battle against glossiness, and emerge victorious in the pursuit of the perfect matte! All hail the dryer, praise the brush and let’s venture forth into more matte madness.

What’s that? Have you heard a Wilhelm Scream? Oh, don’t mind. That’s just the glossiness shrieking in the face of victory.

Techniques to pull off that perfect matte look

So, you’re done prepping your mane and have the latest whizz-bang hair dryer and boar bristle brush in your arsenal. Now what? Well, now we get into the nuts and bolts, or should I say, the clippers and combs of the deal. It’s time to dive headfirst, or follicle-first, into the stylish world of matte hair mastery.

First up, apply your hair product. Hold your horses, Rambo! This isn’t war paint you’re smearing on! The key here is to take some matte paste and warm it up between your palms. In the rare chance your hands have developed superpowers to reach 1000 degrees, please refrain. We don’t want you to melt the product or singe those lovely locks. Then, evenly distribute the product throughout your hair. The look you’re going for isn’t “I dunked my head in a vat of glue,” it’s more along the lines of “I woke up like this” vibe.

Excuse me for ruffling your feathers, but let’s talk about combs.

I don’t mean those dinosaur teeth like combs your grandpa used to part his hair like Moses parting the Red Sea. No, I’m talking about redefining the “fine-tooth comb” term. These guys are your secret weapon in creating texture and getting those strands to follow your commands obediently. Also, they’re great if you need to pick a lock or scratch a hard-to-reach itch! Not that we endorse any such activities on record.

But remember, combing your hair is not the same as chopping onions. It’s a subtle and gentle art that requires patience and practice, not brute force. I know it might sound like I’m exaggerating, but trust me, you’ll understand what I mean once you see the results.

In the words of wise Master Oogway, “There are no accidents”—not in kung fu or hair-styling!

So, the question is, are you ready to take your follicle fate into your own hands? Then put on that styling cape, wield your products and tools like a true hair warrior, and let’s march towards matte excellence, one strand at a time!

Styling hacks for different hair lengths

Are you old school, short and snappy, trying to navigate the wild tundra of medium hair, or are you the untamed lion king of long-hair glory? Whatever your main(e) game, we’ve got the matte method for you.

Shorty in the house, listen up! Size isn’t everything; you can be small and wild. No, this isn’t a motivational speech; it’s a no-gloss glossary. A bit of styling cream and an artful tousle, and you’re part suave accountant, part rugged lumberjack. Who doesn’t want to be a lumber count? Account-jack? You get what I mean!

For the mid-length marauders, things are simple and complex, like Schroedinger’s hair. This isn’t your first hair rodeo. You know your hairdryer setting. Dolling out dollops from your fancy product jars, navigate those waves and curls. Welcome to the league of extraordinary hair-men.

Now our long-haired league, you’re in a different hair stratosphere: high five, Rapunzel’s brothers. Matte magic for you is about harnessing the majestic mane-ness. Wax, pomade, paste – whatever your poison, remember less is more—and embracing the messy look? Well, Shakespeare never mentioned Romeo’s hair gel now, did he?

Stay tuned for the post-matte madness. Oh boy, do we have tricks up our hair sleeves!

Beyond styling: Secrets for healthy matte hair

Now, honey, we’ve all heard of defying gravity (thanks, Wicked), but your hair can do it too. Oh yes! With the proper maintenance and a few tricks, making your matte locks look effortlessly upscale isn’t as impossible as finding a unicorn. You’ve got this!

Also, word to the wise: never, I repeat, NEVER sleep on your newly styled do! It’s like taking a Picasso painting and turning it into a Salvador Dali. Instead of succumbing to the call of your pillow, stand firm and embrace the matte and’ wild.


And there you have it, my good chaps! We’ve gone from the slick and shiny jailbird look to the free and breezy Matte Man, and what a ride it has been. Here’s to embracing the ‘Matte n’ Wild’, where grease is out and texture is in. Your head will no longer double as a mirror, reflecting the summer sun into innocent bystanders’ eyes.

It’s time to get ready, set, and style! As you strut down the streets, remember that your hair isn’t a challenge to be fought with but an adventure to be had. Just remember that in this journey, your hairdryer is your sword, your styling products are your magic, and the world…well, the world is about to be your very envious stage.

Ladies and gentlemen, the era of matte has arrived. So, buckle up and matte up; it’s time to master the matte. Happy non-shining!