Summer Haircare: Ultimate Guide to Managing Oily Scalp and Hair in Hot Weather

May 19, 2024by admin

Oily Scalp

oily scalp
Oily Scalp

Hold on to your summer hats, ladies and gents! oily scalp, I’m about to pop your bubble with a shocker—the sizzling sunshine and balmy breezes maybe your hair’s worst enemy. Oh no, not our beloved summer, right? Ironically, the same season that inspires us to let loose and frolic outdoors is the one trying to sous-chef your luscious locks into an oily omelet. Get the egg, anyone?

Now, imagining your hair as an overcooked breakfast dish may be the least glamorous thing you could do this summer. And it’s ten times less fabulous when your hair decides to go from “beach waves” to “oily sea monster.” Thankfully, we’re all in the same boat, navigating the wavy trenches of greasy scalp and hair.

So, if you’ve been wondering why your otherwise ace hair has turned into a slick, shiny mess, let’s blame it on our beloved Mr. Sunshine. Yes, the glorious golden boy we worship all summer may be the dramatic diva behind the extra sparkle on your ‘do.’ Summer tends to turn your scalp into a little oil factory, having you produce sebum like it’s aiming for a world record.

The season of sunshine, sandals, and sunburns suddenly seems a little less appealing, no? But don’t sweat it; there’s hope yet! Let’s take charge and show our scalp who’s the boss.

Ready to debut this season’s hair trend? ‘Oiled-Free, Summer Breeze. Get set. Go!

The ‘Greasy’ Science

Alright, folks, buckle up. It’s time to play Sherlock Holmes with our hair and get down and dirty with the ‘greasy’ science of oily scalps and hair. Ever wonder why your hair feels like a bag of French fries in summer? Let’s dive right into the sebum saga.

The mastermind behind the oil fest on our heads is the big, bad, but equally essential “Sebum.” This oily substance is produced by the sebaceous glands in our scalp and distributed over the hair shaft. While we might resent the sebum party in the summer, it’s probably just doing its job—moisturizing our hair and protecting it from drying out. But yes, it does get a little over-enthusiastic during hot weather.

oily scalp
oily scalp

Now, add the sweat mix to the oil pool. It’s summer, and we sweat, and unfortunately, our scalp does, too. So, all the sweat and sebum come together in a criminal collaboration, turning our hair into a greasy mess faster than a Speedy Gonzalez race. And you thought your hair was trying to be ‘slick and trendy.’ Silly you!

When the humidity hits, it only adds more fuel to this ‘oily’ fire. Think of it as that annoying neighbor who barges into every party uninvited. The humidity helps distribute this sebum-sweat mix nicely along the shaft, making your hair feel even oilier.

So, next time you look at your greasy hair in the mirror, just remember: It’s not your hair’s fault. It’s just a sebum party with a sweat and humidity booster. Now that we’ve unravelled the oily hair conspiracy, let’s explore how to crash this party in the ‘Basic Haircare Habits’. Get ready; your oily hair is about to meet its ‘shampoo and conditioner’ doom.

Basic Haircare Habits

Oh, summer, that beautiful golden child of the seasons—sunny beaches, flip-flops, and, of course, an oily scalp and hair to go with it. A trip down the “Basic care habits” lane is exactly what you need to keep those not-so-fun side effects of summer at bay. So buckle up, and let’s get this oily mess sorted out!

Now, ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce the show’s star, the problem you never thought existed: Shampoo 101. The secret formula to oil-free, fabulous hair all summer long? It’s simple – don’t overdo it! You heard that right; shampooing too often can backfire and trigger even more oil production. So, find that sweet spot – every other day or every two days. The neighborhood oily-scalp gossip isn’t true – shampooing is NOT the enemy, but overdoing it surely is.

Our cardinal rule is: “Say ‘No’ to Heat Styling!” I know that picture-perfect hair sans blow dryers and straighteners sound impossible.

But hear me out—there’s new summer hair in town. Embrace those natural waves and curls and enjoy the frizz-free glory of your God-given mane because guess what? The scorching sun does enough heat damage already, so give your hair a break!

Finally, we have arrived at our last summer haircare commandment: “The Holy Trinity: Clean, cool, and covered.” Stay loyal to your hats, bandanas, and scarves, for they can protect your tresses from the relentless sun. But hold up! Don’t get too clingy with your snazzy headgear – make sure there’s enough breathing room for your scalp – it’s all about that ventilation, baby! Staying cool on the outside can help your scalp stay cool on the inside, and remember to keep it clean to combat that pesky grease.

Phew! What a glorious journey down haircare lane that was! Congratulations! Now, you are armed with the power of Basic care habits, ready to face the hot summer days and say adios to oily hair woes!

Add-ons from Kitchen

Here we go, diving into the culinary world of your kitchen cabinets. Don’t worry—we’re not Gordon Ramsay throwing at you fancy ingredients; rather, we’re good ole Mary Poppins, voila —magical remedies straight out of your larder!

Behold the magic potion of Apple cider vinegar! Yes, the same dressing that jazzes up your summer salads can show your oily hair on the exit door. It turns out it’s a pH-balancing wizard, slicing through your scalp grease like a hot knife through butter. And voilà, you have a clean, itch-free head. Who knew, right? It’s a miracle in a bottle.

oily scalp
oily scalp

Next up on our chef specials is Lemon, the oil control wizard. Picture this—it’s the Evil Queen’s mirror, a mirror on the wall moment, but instead of a vanity fix, it’s fixing your frizz hair. A quick squeeze and your scalp says adios to oiliness. Plus, an added perk: you smell citrusy fresh, ready for that surprise post-lockdown summer date!

Lastly, does anyone here fancy a spray? No, not Chanel, but the erstwhile lifesaver, the oil-demolishing dry shampoo, the trusty Avengers of the hair world. Please don’t roll your eyes; it won’t steal your soul or turn your hair into a wig. But it’ll vamp your limp hair into bouncy, happy locks instantly, gifting you Instagram-worthy hair days.

And who said good hair days were elusive? They didn’t rummage through their kitchen cabinets!

Lifestyle Spells

Roll out the yoga mat and dust off those weights, folks, because getting your heart rate up does more than earn you bragging rights on your fitness tracker. Exercising, my dear sweaty comrades is a sly fox in controlling that slick, oily sheen on your scalp. As you channel your inner fitness guru, remember that keeping your weight in check keeps your body’s thermostat from turning into a sweat-and-oil-producing fiend. And let’s be honest, nobody’s got time for that greasy life.

If you think meditation is simply for those seeking zen and inner peace, think again. This mind-calming magic might be the tranquil trick to tame your tresses’ oil production. Meditating isn’t just about aligning your chakras or floating into bliss. It’s like convincing your scalp to take a chill pill, reducing those stress hormones that love to squeeze out more sebum than a fast-food joint that does fry oil.

Slide over to your fridge; it’s time to play the diet card. Wave goodbye to those cheeky cheat meals and say hello to a high-protein, vitamin B-rich banquet. Stocking up on leafy greens and vibrant fruits isn’t just a feast for your eyes and a boon for your barnet. Remember, what goes in must come out – and in this case, it’s the secret to unlocking that fresh, oil-free mane. So, channel your inner health nut because your hair’s about to thank you for it. Don’t forget, folks: greasy hair today, gone tomorrow, but only if you play your cards right!


Well, hello there, dear oily-haired folks! As we wrap up our fabulous journey through the steamy jungle of summer haircare, let’s do a quick recap of how to tame that greasy mane and reclaim our crowning glory, shall we?

So, remember the ‘Greasy’ Science lesson? Our oily scalps are courtesy of that over-enthusiastic sebum and our sweaty little glands partying it up in this sizzling heat. Humidity loves to crash this greasy gathering, too! But fear not, we’ve got your back (and head).

The Basic care habits we’ve discussed should become your BFFs this summer. Buddy up with the proper shampoo habits: not too little, not too much—like the Goldilocks of hair-washing. And we all agree that heat styling is so last season. Swap it with the ‘Clean, cool, and covered!’ mantra, and let your head breathe like a boss.

Now, who knew our kitchens had the potential to double as magical haircare wonderlands?

Apple cider vinegar, the almighty potion of divine deliciousness, lends a generous hand to your hair woes. Lemon, that zesty little delight, plays an excellent oil-controller role. And let’s not forget our BAE (Best aerosol ever), dry shampoo, an oily scalp’s worst enemy.

Moving on to Lifestyle Spells, we are all in for that ‘healthy body, healthy hair’ game. Get your ‘using on (exercise, in case your excellent slang dictionary needs an update) and meditate your way to less oily days. Don’t skimp on that healthy diet either – we trust you’ve realized by now that super greens are super.

We know you’ve been dreading summer, but now you’ve got the ultimate arsenal to keep your oily scalp and hair under control. So go on with your bad self and take on the warmer weather sans oily hair regrets. We wave goodbye with a (non-greasy) hair flip, confident that you’re ready to conquer the summer heat like a true hair hero!