Acing Your Salon Visit: Essential Tips for Preparing Your Hair for Coloring Success

March 14, 2024by admin

Preparing Your Hair For Coloring

Preparing your hair for coloring
Preparing Your Hair For Coloring

Hello there, color-chasers! So, we hear you’re considering a trip to the magical, often mystifying land of hair dye. Preparing your hair for coloring  Well, buckle up, buttercup, because you’re in for a wild ride. Transforming hair color isn’t just an art; it’s a full-blown, technicolor, high-definition, 4 K-ready science (break out your lab coats!). And while changing your hair color might seem as simple as picking the boldest design on a tattoo artist’s wall, there’s much more to it!

Oh yes, my amigos, we’re walking into the jungle of preparation here! As the famous paint thrower (ahem, artist) Picasso once said, “Learn the rules like a pro so that you can break them like an artist.” So, lace up your boots and grab your machete of knowledge because this isn’t a scenic meandering walk; it’s about hacking through some complex preparation guidelines. Whether your hair’s more thirsty than a fish out of water or grease-slicked like classic Danny Zuko, pre-coloring prep is your best buddy, your partner in crime, the Watson to your Sherlock! Bottom line? Want to pull off that unicorn mane or brilliant balayage? Knowing your hair and planning is as crucial to your color appointment as the dye. Let’s dive in and uncover this world together! Just remember, hair today, color tomorrow!

The Myth Exposed – Clean Hair Colors Better

Ah, the age-old myth – does dirty hair grab color better? Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for some myth-busting! Spoiler alert: the answer is a resounding NO. Dirty hair does not hold color better, and arriving at your salon with an oily, unwashed mop on your head will only spell disaster for everyone involved. Your stylist is neither a miracle worker nor a fan of ‘au naturel’ hairstyles. So, let’s dive into the recommended hair-washing schedule before your salon appointment, shall we?

Ideally, you should wash your hair 1-2 days before your color appointment. This strikes the perfect balance between being too clean or dirty – think Goldilocks of hair prep! Doing this will give your scalp a natural protective oil layer, acting as a barrier against all those pesky chemicals lurking in the hair dye. Plus, it gives your hair some “give” when backcombing for balayage.

Preparing Your Hair For Coloring
Preparing Your Hair For Coloring

Now, while you shouldn’t sport a hairdo that could double as an oil slick, going to the other extreme is also not ideal. Washing your hair on the day of your appointment might deprive it of that perfect mix of cleanliness and natural oils. If your hair is super slippery, your stylist might need a PhD in hair wrangling – a skill not usually taught in the salon.

So, dear reader, remember this golden rule: wash your hair 1-2 days before your color appointment and achieve that sweet spot between the Sahara desert and an oil spill. Your stylist will thank you, and your hair will live to shine another day! And that, my friends, is how to debunk a long-standing myth with style and sass!

Decoding Your Hair Type

Oh, dear reader, have you ever reflected upon the whims and wonders of your very own strands? The tale they tell and the texture they flaunt? Therein lays the key to your colorful success. Understand your hair’s type – curly, wavy, straight, thick, thin, medium, dry, oily, or average. Note it down, maybe not with fancy old ink, but at least in your memory ledger.

Adapting to this hair autobiography, your color response tends to differ. For instance, take Curly Sue over there. Her hair is rebellious, much like her personality (rumor has it). Color tends to show lighter on those bouncy waves than on our straight-haired Samantha next door. So the eccentric purple Sue dreamt of might become a sublime burgundy. Who would’ve predicted? Well, we did. And that’s why you must be aware of your hair’s mysterious ways.

Now, over to knowing your hair’s needs. Think of your hair as a petulant toddler (stay with me here). The more TLC you provide, the more it cooperates. Identify your hair’s talk. Is it screaming for hydration before the dye washes ashore? Or is it craving some protein to stay robust amidst the chemical carnival? Believe me, friend, knowing this before dialing that salon number is half the war won. Yes, you got this! So, do you think we are good to proceed? Of course, we are on to the next adventure!

Don’t Fear The Scissors – Haircut First, Color Next

So you were thinking of getting a new hair color before a trim? Well, hang on, there’s a twist to the tale! Not to sound like your grandma, but trust me, getting that haircut before coloring is like dating before marriage – you want to know what you’re getting into.

Think of it this way – you don’t paint a wall before knocking it down while renovating. Similarly, color works best on freshly trimmed tresses. When you cut your hair first, your stylist can see the whole canvas clearer—no hidden split ends or unruly dry locks lurking in the depths. It’s like seeing Brigadoon out of the morning mists, a fabulous revelation! It’s all about ensuring that spunky color gets the VIP treatment, spreading joy evenly, and not playing hide and seek with your locks.

Oh, and for the love of Rapunzel, don’t mock your stylist about losing length to color. Your cut pre-coloring shouldn’t scare you. We’re not going all 2007 Britney on you! It’s a balancing act between length and color distribution. Aim for Picasso, not a Pollock splatter painting!

Preparing Your Hair For Coloring
Preparing Your Hair For Coloring

So, the big takeaway here- hair first, color next. Scissors are your friends – embrace them. But don’t worry, nobody’s recommending a major chop job. But hey, if you happen to be channeling your inner ‘Joan of Arc,’ who am I to stop you?

Pre-color pampering – The Power of Conditioning Masks

Alright, my chic chameleons, let’s dive into the lush world of hair masks – the unsung heroes in your hair-coloring jamboree. “What’s that?” you ask with an arched brow. These magical gloops can calorie-load your hair with all the good stuff. Why is this a big hairy deal, you ask? Let’s spell it out. A well-fed, appetizing mane is a dead ringer for better coloring. It becomes more compliant and enthusiastically latches onto every molecule of color to guarantee a vibrant finish. It’s like a well-prepped canvas for a Picasso; forgive my artistic toot.

Now, picking the suitable mask is akin to Goldilocks finding her perfect porridge, chair, and bed. Only this time, you’re looking for the right balance of hydration and repair. You don’t want to walk out resembling a grease-dipped cousin on a bad hair day. So always opt for something that will quench your thirsty locks yet not weigh it down like a ton of bricks. Look for that elusive “just right” – light but intensely moisturizing. Remember, you want to charmingly sway your colorist with your luscious hair and not knock it out with a heavy aura. Self-care, folks! It’s a tricky business, let’s admit. But who says you can’t have fun while at it, right? So, I say, mask on, ladies and gents, because your hair colors thrive on it!

The Wardrobe and Accessories Check – Be Color Ready

Ladies and Gents, buckle up for revelations that might hurt your fashionista sensibilities. You know that beautiful red blouse you reserve for special occasions? Yeah, could you keep it in the closet? That fetish for flamboyant flare jeans? Pack them away. This isn’t a fashion runway; it’s your stylist’s battlefield. Do them a favor; slip into the banalest, old, worn-out, collar-less, cuff-less, potentially disposable outfit you own.

Why, you ask? Let’s get real. Your lovely Cashmere and chic silk tunics aren’t really into hugging harsh hair colors; the feeling is mutual. The dye – it’s going places, and unfortunately, it’s NOT selective. We know your wardrobe is weeping already.

Now, about those glittery accessories you love – those shiny hoops or your treasured Tiffany’s pendant. You have to hit pause on those, too. Not because we don’t love them. They’re gorgeous, alright? But they could get into an undesirable tango with detangling brushes, combs, or even the color, leaving both parties worse for wear.

Remember, your stylist isn’t a ninja to maneuver around your extravagant attire. They are just regular civilians who color-bomb hairstyles into awesomeness. So, do the right thing, people. Dress down, bling down!

Customizing the Color Palette

Alright, my vibrant compadres, let’s discuss the dramatic realm of color-decision. Here we go!

Have you ever thought of handing over your favorite celeb’s picture to your stylist and saying, “I’ll have what she’s having”? Sure, I mean, who wouldn’t want Jennifer Aniston’s mesmerizing golden tones or Megan Fox’s majestic raven hue? But alas, the bitter truth bomb of the day – we’re not all Jennifer Aniston, *sigh* at least, not yet.

That being said, bringing in photo references is a genius move. What’s in your head might not exactly translate into your stylist’s mind (No, we’re not mind readers. Shocker, I know.) Hence, carry those visuals! They help us see eye-to-eye regarding what shades will make your hair pop like the 4th of July!

But now, hold on to your hairbrushes! Expectations need a reality check (I know, dreadful, but necessary). Just because Emma Stone rocked that fiery red doesn’t mean you can or should. Your enchanting espresso curls may not take to blonde highlights like her Celtic twists do.

Remember, your stylist knows best. We’ve got years of experience in what works and what looks like a DIY tie-dye disaster. Open to our reality-grounded advice, and you will walk out flaunting the best hue that complements your magnetism. Remember, we’re the Co-creators of all hair goodness, and your locks are our masterpiece! Let’s paint the town in the shade of your brilliance, shall we?


Alright, dye-hard fans, let’s do a quick color run! Shower your hair with a pre-date wash, no mousse, no fuss. Slice those split ends before showering your strands with color. Masque it up for a hair rave. Dress down, de-jewel for zero drama, and bring your hair-spiration. Because, remember, an ounce of prep is worth a pound of hair swag.