Sunshine and Tresses: Summer Hair Care Tips for Maintaining Vibrant Colored and Bleached Hair

April 30, 2024by admin

Summer Hair Care Tips

summer hair care tips
Summer Hair Care Tips

Chasing the sun while looking like a golden goddess sounds like a dream. summer hair care tips  But if that ‘sun’ means hair bleach and your ‘golden’ is the dream shade you’ve finally achieved, well, darling, let’s say you’ve signed up for a bit of a summer workout. Who knew #bleachedlife comes with a catch (or two or ten)?

Bleached hair being more maintenance than a Tinder relationship is the understated fact of the century. Your hair becomes as porous as a politician’s promises, just waiting for a chance to act out and misbehave. Add to that the ravages of summer sun and sea, and you may as well kiss your perfect golden hue goodbye. Indeed, each sea dip is equivalent to throwing a ‘pool party’ (literally) for your hair at your own expense.

But with excellent hair color comes great responsibility, beginning with understanding the high-maintenance relationship you’ve just stepped into. It’s almost comparable to dating – you know it’s not always going to be pretty, sometimes it’s a royal pain, and yet you just can’t quit. So now that you’ve swiped right on your favorite hair shade, let’s arm you with some summer care tips to maintain that pricey rainbow on your head — because we all know once you go bleach, you never…um, peach? Okay, we’re still working on that ending. Onwards, we move!

Embrace the Purple Potion: Purple Shampoo Madness

Well, my sunshine-kissed friends, pull up a chair, and let’s talk about the magic elixir every bleached bombshell swears by – we’re talking about purple shampoo! Now, I hear you asking, “But why, oh wise one, is it purple?” Sit tight, and prepare for a little color wheel 101.

Picture this: you’re staring at a color wheel. You see purple chilling opposite yellow. They couldn’t be further apart if they tried. That’s because they’re “complementary colors” in the hair world; they’re frenemies. Yellow tones in your hair can be as stubborn as a stain on your favorite white tee, but wham! Purple shampoo swoops in like a superhero, muting those brassy vibes and bringing out your inner ice queen.

summer hair care tips
summer hair care tips

So, now you’re probably wondering which brand will transform you into the Golden Goddess you truly are. Look no further than the aisle of brightly colored bottles promising you the blonde life. But use your inner savvy Goldilocks and seek out reputable crusaders like Kerastase’s Blond Absolu.

While embracing purple’s power, let’s talk about porosity and durability. Bleaching your hair is like giving it a VIP pass to the thirsty club. Your hair is dehydrated, grabbing onto anything – including unwanted colors. Enter stage right, use purple shampoo, touch up your color, and boost your strand’s resilience like armor against the elements.

Remember, moderation is key. You don’t want to overdo it and end up with lavender locks – unless that’s your jam, then you do you, boo! Keep it quirky and vibrant, and let that purple reign supreme!

The Cold Shower Appeal

Did your mamma tell you, “Cold showers are good for you, darling”? I bet you rolled your eyes like the sassy teenager you were! Well, brace yourself because she was right in “shocking” news!

Before you start protesting, let’s get this straight! We are not advocating you turn yourself into an ice cube. Merely switching from hot to tepid water would do the trick. Wondering why? Because of science, my friend! Hot water might feel relaxing, but it brazenly swags in, flings open your hair’s cuticles, and, like a bad romance, lets your color fade away with the steam.

Remember those cuticles we just mentioned? Well, they’re like the personal bodyguards for your precious color. Using cool water is like giving them a pin code for the lock on the ladies’ toilet—it seals them up tight, keeping your color safe. I told you, it was all about science!

So, how do you maintain that enviable hair color and ensure it doesn’t go down the drain? Literally! Turn down the heat, baby! Look, it’s a tough love that your hair needs. You may shiver slightly under that tepid spray, but tell yourself, “I’m doing it for you, blonde ambition. We can handle this!”

Is that a whiff of skepticism I smell? Please don’t be shy; try it out. You might discover that it’s not only your hair that loves the cold; your skin might join in on the cooling rendezvous, too. That’s the kind of two two-for-one deal we love.

Chlorine Charm: Sabotaging Your Hair’s Health

Dive into your pool-booked vacation this summer. Beware! Chlorine, the sneaky little devil, has a thing for your freshly painted goldilocks. It seizes the opportunity under the disguise of pool water to strip your prince charming of its lustrous glory faster than Cinderella’s midnight debacle.

For those hair-conscious mermaids among us, prepare your tresses for an underwater expedition with a trusty shield – a good dollop of leave-in conditioner. Think of it as your hair’s armor, defending against the nefarious chlorine so that you can swim to your heart’s content, knowing that your hair isn’t turning into the Loch Ness Monster.

“Stylish swimming cap,” you say? Pssht. That’s last season, darling. Who needs silicone when you can sport the “Slick-back chignon Aquatica” with a liberal layer of conditioner – all the glam, none of the damage? From the retro large-flower-bobby-pin look to neon hues screaming summer, transform this humble swim accessory into a trendsetter. Fashion police approved!

So, the next time you prepare for a splash, skip the awkward moonwalk back to the hotel to preserve your hair color. Instead, slather that conditioner, tie up that top knot, adjust that chic cap to merit a red carpet, and give a sassy hair flip, echoing, “Watch out, chlorine! I’m swimming, but I ain’t sinking my hair color!”

Heat’s Hidden Harm: Your Hair Straighteners’ Dark Secret

Hold on to your tongs because we’re diving headfirst into the controversial debate around heated hair tools. Brace for impact!

So, you’ve survived the chlorine sting, purple shampoo saturation, and the tepid shower debacle, but it gets more challenging. Prepare for an exposé on the beast lurking in every woman’s bathroom. The hair straightener. Or curling iron. Or blow-dryer. You thought they were your friends? Better think again, Goldilocks!

Just picture it, you sauntering, colored tresses bouncing along, all gorgeous and gleaming when wham! Reality strikes. Every time you apply heat using styling tools, it’s like the Sahara desert hosting a bonfire party in your hair. Hello, dehydration! The party guests get a fantastic view of the split ends as they pop into view, thanks to the ruthless heat! It’s a sight no one particularly enjoys, I’m guessing.

summer hair care tips
summer hair care tips

Now, fellow divas, disposing of your favorite heating tools isn’t what we’re aiming for (I know the thought of parting with your straightener gave you heart palpitations). Instead, arm yourself in this hair tussle with a trusty heat treatment spray or conditioning mist. Think of them as your hair’s bodyguard against the looming threat of over-styling. To quote the mighty Elle Woods, “Whoever said over-styling is the end of fabulousness was seriously disturbed.”

Before we move on, let’s have a moment of silence for friend-zoned heating tools.

Right, I am moving on!

For those who can’t go a day without morphing into the hairstyling version of Picasso, we’ve got a secret weapon for you – lightweight hair oil. Pour a few drops of this magic potion on your hair; your bleached locks transform into liquid gold. Yeah, all high-shine, sleek, and no signs of past ‘crimes’!

So, in this whirlpool of life entire of heated tools and hair stress, remember this mantra – Hydrate, protect, and pamper your colored glory.

Stay Sharp: Regular Trims and Your Hair’s Health

Meet Split Ends, our arch nemesis in the hair world. If left untreated, these party-poopers crash our shiny, vibrant hair parade faster than summer rain ruins a BBQ. Annoyingly, these drama queens have zero chills when sabotaging color and potentially throwing the entire growth routine into a colorless abyss. Picture this: sitting by the sea, sipping champagne, minding your business, and BAM! Downer of the day – your split ends hogging the spotlight.

Let me introduce you to the Marie Kondo of our story – Regular Trimming. Your mane’s secret weapon against split ends. By bidding goodbye to split ends every six to eight weeks, you ensure your vibrant, sun-kissed tresses hold their color AND grow with flair. No more gate-crashing split ends!

But hey! Maybe a trek to the salon doesn’t fit into your Netflix binge-watch schedule? No worries! DIY trimming has your back in this hair care saga. With a decent pair of hair scissors and a gazillion YouTube tutorials, voila! You’ve got your very own hair spa.

Remember, hair care isn’t a mere once-in-a-blue-moon affair but a routine. Infuse it with occasional hair trims, and ooh la la! You have yourself a happy-hair-day calendar.

This isn’t rocket science, ladies and gents—just a secret to color retention and growth. You’re welcome!


In a world where golden-haired goddesses must battle the treacherous trio of sun, sea, and styling tools, it’s a wonder our braids don’t just give up and run off screaming (but, oh, the mess that would leave!). Fear not, for with our blend of traditional wisdom and innovative hair care secrets, your precious locks can survive and thrive in such adversity. So go on, dear reader – armed with this knowledge, transform your mane into a dazzling display of healthy, bleached hair glory, standing as living proof that, yes, Virginia, it most certainly is possible. And remember, sometimes the most significant innovations in hair care come from revisiting the cherished tips grandma used to dish out with a splash of modern magic.